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The United States should re-instate the ban on Elephant Trophies

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Started: 11/17/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The United States should not have legalized the importation of Elephant trophies, and should re-instate it as soon as possible.

First round: acceptance.

Note: please accept the debate only if you believe the united states was right to legalize the importation of elephant trophies. This is a response to a recent policy, not an abstract philosophical exercise.


I accept. Interesting topic, good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate con"s acceptance of this debate.

1. Elephants are great [1]
They play, cry, laugh, and they never forget. They are compassionate and altruistic, and even have greeting ceremonies when they see a friend who has been away for a long time. They are the only animal other than humans to snorkel underwater (they use their trunks). They can purr like cats, sense temperature through their trunks, hear sound through their feet. They stand in quiet reverence when they visit the bones of their dead. Human qualities are quite frequently elephant qualities.

2. The poaching industry is a destabilizing military & economic force
One of the ways Boko Haram funds itself and trains its kidnapped recruits is by poaching elephants. It's not just organized terrorism either - poaching provides a niche for rogue warriors to wander well-equipped and well-funded across Africa and bully entire villages at their whim.

3. Elephant poaching funds all poaching
The same poachers who kill elephants also kill Rhinos, Gorillas, Lions, and Zebras [3]. The more endangered a species is, the more the poacher expects to make from killing it. The more important a creature is to its own herd or pride, the more the poacher targets that specific one. Poaching contrasts from hunger-driven hunting and other forms of business by being more harmful ecologically, ethically, politically, and economically.

Lifting the ban on Elephant trophies increases the number of consumers available for Elephant poachers. It widens the economic niche, and signals to governments, rogue bullies, and terrorist groups that the laws of its allies and the ethics of life mean nothing to the United States. The ban should therefore be reinstated as soon as possible.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by brant.merrell 2 years ago
I'm guessing since I haven't had access to this debate for the last three days, my opponent also has not had access to this debate for the last three days, and he's about to forfeit the second round (5 more minutes).

I guess we'll have to repeat this debate. If I could shut off voting, I would. Since I can't, I urge voters to ignore this debate.
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