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The World will be overrun by fat plumpers aka Sumo Wrestlers

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Started: 11/14/2017 Category: People
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The world will be overrun by fat, plumper, sumo wrestler type obese people by 2050.

With the abundance of food, the buffets, the high sugar content in food and drinks plus the lack of exercise by most people due to the constant sitting in front of computers and on social media and the fact that children do not play outside anymore, just on their devices, the human bodies will turn into obese fat plumpers for the general population. The obesity rate in the USA is already at 56%, as we become more globalized and McDonalds with their grease ball burgers and KFC with their greasy buckets of chicken infiltrate all countries, those countries will get into the same habit of eating crappy food and sitting on social media all day until we will have a world of sumo wrestlers.

This is a global pandemic that will result in extinction of human kind through diabetes, heart disease, and other overweight problems.


The title of the debate is the world will be run by sumo wrestlers. While the title is amusing, and so were the pros arguments, I can safely say that the world would not be run by sumo wrestlers but instead political leaders of some kind.

(Sadly, we will probably be having celebrities run this world after Trump such as the Rock, maybe Kanye, but definitely not sumo wrestlers).

Humans will not go extinct from being overweight, if anything population would be thriving although no one would be in good health, but still, humans would not god extinct over it.

I think the pro has a tall mountain to climb if he wants to win this debate. He is going to have to do a better job of showing us how the world will be ran by sumo wrestlers. I expect to hear how sumo wrestlers from Japan will invade the USA and make Sumo wrestling the new USA tradition and how a sumo wrestler becomes the president, and somehow ceases control of all other countries while in power.

The pro is just attacking straw men here folks, but I will wait and see his arguments for the later rounds. Anyone want some Nachos?
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for taking up this debate. The term Sumo Wrestler is meant more as a metaphor for fat people with tooth floss in between their cheeks. It is strictly there to emphasize the fat obesity in our society.

The main point I'm making is that obesity will continue to rise and I'm not talking about a little stomach or an extra roll, I'm talking about gutt hanging out of your t-shirt, smelling like vinegar, legs rubbing together 350 lbs plumpers that you see stuffing their pie holes at the all you can eat trough called Golden Coral or Panderosa or Sizzler or whatever all you can eat buffet. I once saw an all you can eat pasta (how much pasta can someone eat). Do you know how many carbs are in pasta?

The obesity is out of control now, and with the current generation of millenials and future generations all spending their time on social media, nobody is exercising, sports enrollments are down and most young people do not do any form of physical activity or cardiovascular exercise required to keep the weight below obesity with the amount of calories consumed every day.

Todays society is already at a record high obesity rate and things will only get worse as humans continue to eat and not exercise and machines make our lives easier with work becoming more about desk jobs and less about physical manufacturing labor jobs.

By 2050 we will have all these 400lb people just pushing buttons to get a self driven car (less exercise to have a robot drive while you chow down on a bucket of KFC in the back seat) we will just be pressing buttons and robots will be doing everything for us, and we will just eat and socialize on our digital devices, food will also be delivered and a robot will cook anything you want at home. Therefore your fat azz will just be able to sit in one spot putting on the pounds while the robots will service your every need, including adult diaper changes as you will be too fat to get up to go to the bathroom. Nurse robot will just roll you over and change your diaper and give you that big ice cream cake you wanted for desert.

My whole point is that as a society we will look like Sumo wrestlers to any other civilization, alien form that will arrive on earth and see us in 2050.


The pro still has not explained how sumo wrestlers will take over the world, the title of the debate. Pro is trying to change the title of the debate to fat people overpopulating the world, when originally it was sumo wrestlers taking over the world.

However, since I knew that he was metaphorically speaking in the title, I will still disagree with my opponent that the world will be overpopulated by people who are heavy.

First of all, no one on these forums is a fortune teller, no one can predict the future as it is currently. How does my opponent know for certain that obesity would be all over the world? In fact, I think he might be wrong. A lot of people get obese and fat because they have no time to exercise. Most people on average work long hours, are slaves to society, and come back home and eat and sleep and repeat. Due to the stress of their jobs and their annoying wives, I can easily see why a lot of people in this world already are bigger than Oprah Winfrey.

So in my head, if most jobs were replaced by robots which is a possibility, it would give more people more time to hit the gym actually. My opponent is clearly thinking of a Wall E scenario, and my argument is that the world will not be overpopulated by sumo wrestlers, or obese people by 2050. We are already almost in 2020 as it is. A lot of countries in the world are not like the USA in terms of being Obese, a lot of them don't go to Mc Donalds each and every month. Lots of people from other countries actually laugh at the USA when it comes to obesity rates. So to me, their confidence, way of life tells me I can almost certainly say they will not end up like us by 2050.

Most of these hollywood models, adult stars will still be just as in good shape as they were in 2017 by 2050. In my opponents daydream, he is telling you the readers that all gyms will be replaced by fast foods, school time would just be lunch hour, can you guys picture this cartoony world? A world with fat people behind nukes, laughing with kfc buckets in their hands and their heads bobbling back and forth as they drive these huge cars, and have shirts of incredible sizes?

It's not practical. A lot of people, INCLUDING myself, love to exercise. My opponent is asserting by 2050, that the people who love exercising will instead join the dark side, and become the fat overlords that he preaches. The debate itself should be ended cause I doubt this will be here 2050 to see if my opponents prophecy has came true. I can make all these assertions like people will go to the gym once we all get replaced by robots, or people will notice the crisis of obesity and will eat more healthy.

Only in the USA has obesity went up a little every time, other countries have stayed the same for the most part, my opponent will have to explain how all these countries in the world is going to join the US in being obese when most are laughing at the US. depending on your sources and where you check (varies) this website here shows specifically that the obesity rate in the US is around 36% for adults. So my opponent currently is wrong. For my opponent to win, this number would have to increase to at least 51%.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent fails to recognize the signs and the facts which I will present showing how 1/3 of the world are already plumpers and the numbers keep raising.

This equates to one-third of the world's population carrying excess weight, fueled by urbanization, poor diets and reduced physical activity.

Global obesity numbers are included here

This should be enough evidence to show that over 2 billion people world wide are obese and the numbers keep rising

Point proven apology accepted, case close (mic drop)


My opponent still has failed to prove that the world would be overrun by heavier people. I hope you, the readers have realized that now by reading the debate. Further more, if you look at my opponents first link in the last round (3) HE ONLY PROVED MY POINT. Point which being is that currently one third of the world is only overweight. You know what that means? More people in decent shape, not overweight are still the majority. My opponent has not provided any solid argument all three rounds, his entire argument has been nothing more than just a prediction, an estimate of how the world might end up in 2050. He even went to find his sources cause he himself was unsure of the numbers and statistics.

It's worth noting, you'll get different statistics from different websites. Also worth noting CNN itself has been caught in the past providing wrong information in their articles.

Countries like Africa for example would still not be taken over by fat people by 2050. For my opponent to be right, and I stress this again, more than 50% of the world would have to be overweight, meaning the majority around the world would have to be bigger. As of right now, my opponent is wrong. I too can make the same prediction and say the world will not be overweight in 2050 and be more correct actually seeing that I am currently right as it is now. I can go further and say we might not even be here in 2050 as a species. I can then go on finding sources from websites and linking you guys these sources to look smart and have you guys think I am correct.

The wikipedia does a good job providing some knowledge on obesity.

"Overall, about 13% of the world"s adult population (11% of men and 15% of women) were obese in 2016." This statement from one of my links gives a better statistic and more believable statistic than my opponents first link in the third round.

So as it stands, my opponent only has made a prediction. I think we are all aware that obesity is growing, but it will not be world wide in every country, and will not be over 50% by 2050.

It's worth noting obesity is preventable through activity, and exercise.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
You truly are the debating expert on here. So thorough. I'm impressed
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
In your opening round you gave a statistic, but never provided a source to support that figure "USA is already at 56%".

Other than that, your sources were fine because the bloomberg one showed the world was getting fatter and your 1st and 4th source supported one another.

Adding more points would have helped, these are arguments I would have made,

1] Price of food: As the global population continues to grow, the price of fresh foods will increase. This means people with lower income will be less able to purchase healthy products. [A]

2] Stress: As people are now working longer hours and competition between companies is bigger than ever. Stress causes people to seek foods for comfort. One study has shown that there is a biological link between obesity and stress.

3] Sleep deprivation rising: There is a link between the growing sleep deprivation and obesity Bla Bla bla *source*.

4] Depression on the rise: Find a link, bla bla bla. *source*

Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Masterful should I have used more sources?
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago


Fanboy made a few points that were left unchallenged by WinBoat. WinBoat did not address, nor refute these points made,
-Children not getting out enough, sugary diets, globalization of fast foods and social media.-
This was important to the debate and I wanted it addressed.

Fanboy did not put "humans will go extinct by 2050" in the title of the debate, therefore I can't say that was the premise he was defending, I can only say he was defending the premise that "The World will be overrun by fat plumpers" By this i'm sure he means, "there will be more fat people than non-fat people."

Indeed, based on the sources provided FanBoy has sufficiently shown that the fat population is increasing. With his sourced based statistical evidence, combined with arguments made and the unaddressed by con(As said above) I will be awarding points to FanBoy
Arguments 3.
Sources 2.

The arguments were not overly strong on either side.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago

Con has an interesting source

It's funny how the number of obese people in the world is slowly ticking upwards, as though someone is there counting it.
It seems as though 1 person every half a second turns fat, like some kind of contagious zombie out break.

Ok so the title tells us fat people (plumpers) will overrun the world in some form. I personally think they might, but let's see what the debaters are saying.

Fanboy: Obesity rate is at 56% in USA. (No source to support) But makes good points regarding children not getting out enough, sugary diets, globalization of fast foods and social media.

WinBoat: Attacks the title, to no avail.
He attacks FanBoys claim that humans will go extinct because of fatties. While Fanboy fails to prove this, it's irreverent and off topic, thus attacking it is pointless.

These are what I take from his opening argument.

Fanboy: He points out sumo was just a metaphor.
Fanboy points out that machines are taking over manual jobs.
Brings up the way the world is going, regarding making our lives easier, uses self driven cars as example.
No sources to support claims. I'm concerned that the deadline of 2050 is too short.

Winboat: Points out 2050 is too short a time to be taken over.
Suggests robots will free up time, allowing us to exercise.

Tells us that it's only USA that is heading in a fat direction.

Fanboy: This seems to be a source round for fanboy. His 1st and 4th source confirm one another.
He neglected to refute his opponents previous arguments.

Tells us that Africa isn't heading in the direction obesity.
Agree's with FanBoy's 1st and second source, confirming 1/3 of worlds population is fat.
Has some nice sources regarding people getting fat.

Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
I can see you change your picture there....
And the world will not be over run by over weight people...
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
put the fork down and debate me, how you will not be a fat bastard.
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