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The Xbox One has Lost the Console War.

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Started: 4/20/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Schedule + Rules

Round 1: Acceptance and Greetings - Just simply say, "I accept." Do not state your thesis or any argument in this round. You do not have to exactly say "I accept." You are free to word your greeting to your desired interpretation.

Round 2: Thesis Statement and Inital Arguments - In this round, you are required to formulate a 1 sentence thesis statement. Following this thesis, you are required to come up with at least 3 arguments supporting your thesis. Please list these arguments numerically and separate your thesis from your arguments. You are also required to post at least one source for each argument you state.

Round 3: Additional Arguments and/or Rebuttals - If you have more arguments that you forgot to state in Round 2 and want to state in Round 3, you are free to do so. But, the same rules for your arguments from Round 2 still apply. You are required to rebut your opponent's arguments in this round. The only rule for the rebuttals is that you must type a paragraph for each rebuttal. Also, separate your rebuttal statments from your additional arguments.

Round 4: Rebuttals - This is the same from Round 3 and the same rules still apply. It's basically rebuting our rebuttals. (Just a little note for myself.)

Round 5: Concluding Statments and Salutations - You are required to type only a paragraph in this round (3-5 sentences). In these 3-5 sentences, you must restate your thesis (in a different way) and say your good byes.

Additional Debate Rules

(These rules must be followed at all times. Failure to obey these rules will result in an automatic 7-point forfeit. Of course, these rules will apply to me as well. Here are the rules:)

  • Rule #1: No insulting

  • Rule #2: I am allowed to change, add, or completely remove any of set rules I desire.

  • Rule #3: If you have any concerns or questions about the debate rules, ask them in the comments and we'll work it out there.



xbox 360 was way better than ps3..its online ,controller ...yeah ..ps4 has changed the gaming era..but xbox 1 ...will bring its updates nd chalenge ps4
Debate Round No. 1


Ops, I meant to put that part about following the rules at the very beginning. But, it doesn't matter, as we're supposed to follow my stated rules from Round 1 regardless. Anyway, Con has infringed Debate Regulations for the 1st Round. Con was not supposed to state any argument or his thesis in Round 1. He was supposed to state his greetings. Therefore, Con has already been penalized for stating his arguments in Round 1.

Rule Updates
- If you break a rule, you will not be completely counted off as a 7-point forfeit. I will let the voters pick on how many points should be deducted.
- Pictures can be used as sources.

- Your Thesis can have multiple sentences.

Now, I shall begin stating my thesis and arguments.


Even though, the Xbox One is a good console in general, that doesn’t really camouflage it from being inferior to the PlayStation 4, significant or not. Now, I don't think that the Xbox One sucks. It's a fine console and its inferiority to the PlayStation 4 is insignficant. But, insignificant or not, losing is losing and winning is winning. It's like what Vin Diesel said. "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning."


1. The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One
Yes, sales matter in the Console Wars. According to the article I found, the PS4 has sold 287,000 in the U.S and the Xbox One has sold 258,000 in the U.S last month. It may not be that much, but if a console is beating its rival it terms of sales, they’re beating them. Point blank. The excuse of, “The consoles haven’t been out long enough yet” is not relevant at all because it’s April and the consoles have been released for nearly halfway through their first year. The sales number is like a pattern. The sales will be almost the same at this year’s Christmas. Think of it like this:
Two cars are racing in a 1-mile drag race. These cars are labeled as Car A (Xbox One) and Car B (PlayStaton 4). Both of these cars don’t have nitrous installed in them. Car B starts ahead of Car A by .2 of an inch. That’s a very insignificant advantage because the PS4 launched a week before the Xbox One. Car B is moving at a faster acceleration rate than Car A. If Car B is naturally ahead of Car A halfway to the finish line, then Car B should still be ahead of Car A at the finish line.
2. The PlayStation 4 will have more content in terms of exclusives
Other than Titanfall, what else do you have? Except some exclusives, there aren't any other big exclusives out. Titanfall failed to do the Xbox One any justice. Titanfall was the game that a majority of the Xbox One buyers bought it for. It's a good game, but it lacked longevity. People barely talk about Titanfall now. The most views I see on videos of Titanfall are 50,000+ views. Titanfall videos at release date maximized at 1.8 million views. The PlayStation 4 has inFamous and it is AWESOME. In the future, Uncharted, which was the PS3's seller, and The Last of Us are being developed for the Xbox One. These 2 games will be a big middle finger to the Xbox One and attract a lot of people who are probably still on their PS3s to the PS4. Not just exclusive games, the PS4 will have some good exclusive content from big title games. Watch Dogs and Destiny are providing exclusive content for the PS4. Games that are in many 2014's most anticipated games lists.

Sorry for some inconsistencies of my arguments. I initially was trying to submit my arguments, then, all of a sudden, everything I typed down was deleted because the website encountered an error. So, you know what, I'll just put 2 arguments down and that's it. Hours of work, GONE! :'(


krishiv_KR7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


If my opponent forfeits, the rules for rebuttals and arguments for me are discarded because I have nothing to rebut over. Con has forfeited Round 2, leaving my arguments unchallenged. My chances of being victor of this debate has increased. If Con forfeits Round 3, he will automatically lose because Round 4 is the Round of Rebuttals. In Round 4, he will not be able to state any arguments. Plus, in Round 5, he can't state his thesis because he hasn't stated one, nor can he state it in later rounds. I have the upper hand in this debate.


krishiv_KR7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Con has relinquished yet again. The rules for rebuttals still remain discarded because my arguments are still left unchallenged and Con hasn't stated any arguments. It seems I already win because Con can't restate his thesis because he hasn't stated one and can't post any arguments. *Sigh* Another quitter. Guys, if you're going to be in this DDO website and going to debate with people, at least have the inclination of participating in the debate.


krishiv_KR7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Rules Update
- In the final round, I can type as many sentences as I want, but the remaining rules still apply.

Con, as I predicted, forfeited the round and failed to challenge me in the debate once again. He has forfeited every round except the first one. Con's incompetence and absence throughout the entire debate will ensure my victory. We are in the final round and Con still hasn't provided a thesis. He can't restate a thesis because he hasn't stated one in the first place. You can't restate something that hasn't been stated before. That's just common sense. He can't provide any arguments nor rebuttals because you can't do that according to my rules. So, even though Con will decide to participate at the final round, he will still lose because he can't state his arguments.

As my concluding statements, I would to clarify again that the Xbox One is a good console in general; however, it is still inferior to the PlayStation 4 whether its superiority is significant or not. I say to Con, goodbye sir. Thank you for at least being my opponent.


krishiv_KR7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Dishoungh 7 years ago
I bet Con will forfeit this round again.
Posted by ArcTImes 7 years ago
Posted by Dishoungh 7 years ago
Oops, I meant Uncharted and TLoU will be on PS4.
Posted by WalkinTalkinStephenHawkin 7 years ago
Forgot to accept... But yeah, PS4 FTW. But PC will triumph all..
Posted by 2015071 7 years ago
PC rules!!!!!
Posted by Musibrique 7 years ago
I will be happy to debate this with you.

Just send me a challenge if you wish.
Posted by Dishoungh 7 years ago
It's like 1:56 in the morning, so, of course, I'm a bit jaded right now.
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