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The all seeing eye

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Started: 4/13/2018 Category: Society
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Money is the all seeing eye, money is all so money sees all, there is no truth but the word of money, and so poor people cant see and they cant breathe, as is the word of money, and only money sees.


This post that Im making is not really a debate, as I've already seen your previous debates on this topic. I want this to be kind of a discussion/argument. Let me hear your entire claim on why we should ban Islam as well as the eye of Horus. BTW, why did u change your profile pic?
Debate Round No. 1


I realized i had been looking at that pic for to long :P

im not saying we should ban money.. and islam should be banned due to the nature of islam, muslims being forced and all.. so they can deconvert, and safely as that is necessary for them to truly "unsubmit" or not be submitted

well, for one food costs money, that is like putting a price on air.

but this is not really about solutions just about what the all seeing eye is


So I see your perspective. You want to ban Islam because its essentially destructive and evil. But I'm confused about the "being forced" part. Muslims are not being forced to adhere to the Islamic doctrine. Most of them grew up with this practice and even support it to great means. Though, I do agree that Islam is a bad form of worship. Islamic fundamentalists, extremists, and citizens alike admit that Islam permits the use of violence to achieve their goals and most even condone it. However, I wouldn't agree that followers of Islam are being forced. I'd say that they are misguided or maybe even "brainwashed". It's like communism. Many communist regimes use propaganda and such to convince their subjects to follow them and they implement their tactics in every part of their life from a very young age. These people believe and follow these regimes even though its truly bad and terrible to do so.

You said that Islam needs to banned so that people can leave in a safe manner. But how much more danger are they in from all those other people who don't follow Islam? Islamic extremists have labeled every non-Muslim "infidel" and would treat them with the utmost hostility. Is there a different and even more horrible way they punish people for no longer following Islam?
Debate Round No. 2
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