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The attacks on September 11th of 2001 were not commited by the United States Government

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Started: 2/20/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There has been many theories and rumors that surround the attacks of September 11th. These misleading theories disregard logical and reasonable thinking, undeniable science, and physical evidence. I invite anyone that can provide evidence, scientific proof, and a reasonable stand point then I am open to debate, debunk, and disprove.

I am not on a biased agenda. If cold hard facts that are supported by science and reason are presented, I will fully acknowledge them and truly take them into consideration and if this information is correct and trumps my side of the debate then I am duly willing to accept defeat and admit the flaws in my side of the this debate.


First off you talk about science. Well we were told building 7 fell at the rate or gravity or free fell which is only possible with controlled demolition. The U.S government was also warned 40 times on Bin Laden hijacking planes and flying them into buildings in New York. The 9/11 commission report said the buildings fell because of fire. Well fire can't drop a sky scraper. The Empire State Building survived a plane crashing and a big fire in the 1940s. A skyscraper in China recently burned out but didn't fall as well. The jet fuel which was gone in a matter of minutes can't burn steel either but yet melted steel that was like molten lava was found on the site. Just look at all the major U.S wars that started with lies too. WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and Iraq wars all involved lies. Also there were no black box recordings with the two planes that hit the towers, but a passport of one of the terrorists survived the ordeal. So as you can see a lot of things about 9/11 don't add up.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm glad to see you are not like other conspiracy theorist calling me a government agent or a brainwashed victim of the U.S. government so I thank for this, and also engaging me in this debate, now as for your doubts on the attacks of September 11th.

1.) WTC 7- World Trade Center 7 did not fall in complete free fall. At one point it did for 2.2 seconds, and that was the west side of the tower. When the tower began to collapse the incredible resistance due to the 7th floor ceased the free fall acceleration. Do not let biased conspiracy theorist tell you other wise as they believe and spread the theory that WTC 7 fell in 7 seconds, which is extremely misleading and incorrect.

2.) As for fire never being the primary cause of a collapse of a steel frame structure, this is untrue just look at Windsor Tower, The Faculty of Engineering building and even World Trade Center building 5. Sure the Empire State Building didn't fall because the plane that crashed into the skyscraper in 1945 was first moving at a much lower velocity and was a much smaller plane. And to clear the record, no one ever said the jet fuel melted the steel in the twin towers.

3.)The Melted steel that was found at ground zero was a chemical reaction of iron, hydrogen, and other chemical reactions and elements found at the site, if you want me to go into long detail of the chemical equations that caused this molten steel, it requires some sort of degree in chemistry. Its a lot to take in if you don't know certain aspects of chemistry but I can try to explain it to you, if it is what it takes to believe the truth in on September 11th.

4.) The black box recordings that were never found I don't really have an explanation for that. But it doesn't really prove anything that helps your skepticism, as their were phone calls made from the hijacked airliners by terrified passengers, just do a simple Google or as I prefer Bing search of the recordings, its available my friend.


1. The only way to drop 3 skyscrapers with 2 planes and considering the way they fell is explosives. WTC 7 fell in 7 seconds. Just look up the video and count, it's 7 seconds. The only way to bring WTC 7 and the other 2 buildings down like that would be explosives. Look up the Windsor Tower fire. The whole building burnt but the majority of the building stayed standing. According to the 9/11 commission report WTC 7 fell because of fire. The temperature the fire was burning at could not melt or damage steel. The debris that was left over too had to be because of explosives. The debris left over was all material that was pulverized. Their had to be some energy to cause this.

2. Yeah just look at the Windsor tower it only partially collapsed. The fire burned the whole building for 20 hours and it didn't collapse.

3. That chemical reaction was caused by the controlled demolition. Controlled demolition creates a chemical reaction. All the things that were thrown and the debris at ground zero points to a controlled demolition

4. You couldn't make from calls from airplanes in 2001 so the cell phone calls are made up. There were also so many more phone calls from flight 11 then any other plane. There was also a call in which some guy claimed to be seeing smoke in the bathroom of flight 11. The FBI seized this call and the operator was told not to discuss this call.

5 . There was also no military planes in the air. Where were are planes that day? The law was actually changed in 2001 that the bases had to contact someone in the government to be able to deploy planes. This person supposedly didn't answer. In my opinion this was a huge failure. So why wasn't anyone fired?

6. Why wasn't their a 9/11 investigation ASAP. It was done over a year after 9/11. I would launch a legitimate ingestion on September 12th. Also we only put 14 million in for the investigation, but spent 40 million for the investigation of the Clinton affair and 75 million for the Challenger disaster.
Debate Round No. 2


No, it Dian t fall in 7 seconds. I encourage you to watch the FULL video in which the east penthouse collapses. This collapse clocks in around 16 seconds. To believe otherwise then you are just misleading yourself. And there is absolutely no proof of explosives at the scene, and I think you mean the NIST report, not the 9/11 commission report as they are same. And again I liked to stress the fact that neither NIST, the 9/11 commission report, or I ever state that the steel was melted. I beg to differ my friend, debris that was left over was not all pulverized, you can see this if you simply look up 9/11 twin towers debris, you see a lot of intact debris that was not pulverized, and if that doesn't help, the engineers and architects that support the 9/11 truthers also state this. It even caused conflict between them. And what kind of explosive are you suggesting did this?

But ok if you don't think Windsor tower is legitimate then look at WTC 5 or the engineering building collapse

No, first off I hope you know that molten steel is not a sign of a controlled demolition, but of course you do, you've done legitimate scientific research on this yes? As for the chemist side of things iron and steam were big contributing factors to this molten steel which may I remind you was not as much there as conspiracy theorist claim there is. When you put iron and steam together the reaction is very exothermic. Also the spraying of water done by the FDNY was just feeding to this fire, like a fuel source. But this is all in terms of that TONS of iron was actually found, which it wasn't. You say that the fire was molten steel yet it was never tested and looks just like molten aluminum, so I guess your just going off of looks?

These calls were made 15 minutes in the flight, they weren't that high up too to not make a call. And wait a minute he was in the bathroom and saw smoke? What? How did he see this in the bathroom? And a missile would destroy the plane and leave a trail of debri


Just count it's 7 seconds, but I challenge you to this. Find a skyscraper that has fallen like that. You can't do it because it has never happened. And yes the 9/11 commission didn't mention the WTC 7 building falling because it didn't even bring it up at all. Yes there was debris left over but how did all this material get thrown and pulverized. And by the way Jesse Ventura who was a navy seal and a part of the underwater demolition team in the military thinks it was controlled demo. Many other experts thinks thermite was involved too. You bring up WTC 5 too which was more damaged then 7 but it didn't collapse.

You claim iron and steam can make molten steel. Iron and steam get put together all the time in an everyday household and that doesn't make molten steel. There has to be temperature upward of 2700 degrees to melt steel.

Here are some more reason not mentioned yet that contribute to my theory.

Please explain to me the failure of our military too. Our planes were no where to be found.

There was also insider trading done before the 9/11 attacks.

The treasury announced they had lost over two trillion dollars on September 10th only for the story of 9/11 to diminish it.

We never indicted Bin Laden.

The government won't answer any of our questions on 9/11.

We have been in Afghanistan for 13 years now. You think the best military in the world could defeat Al Qaeda in way less then 13 years.

The US has lied about wars in the past.

We water boarded the people associated to 9/11 which produces false information. Just watch someone get water boarded. If you were water boarded you would admit to 9/11 too.

We were warned 40 times of Bin Laden hijacking planes and flying them into buildings in New York.

One more thing. You keep saying none of my claims have been proven and your right it isn't proven, but what the government told us about 9/11 isn't proven either. It is simply a theory.
Debate Round No. 3


I can't really say anything else to besides to watch the footage in which the east penthouse collapses first, if you truly believe that WTC 7 fell in 7 seconds then you are in denial of fact and video footage. As for 9/11 commission report its main focus was on the terrorist attack targets, so yes you are right they didn't motion WTC 7 but if you actually read the report you would know why. If your looking for a report that does address WTC 7 then just look at the NIST report. And actually according to your scientist like Dr. Steven Jones of the 9/11 truthers movement there is still material and structures that were not pulverized and could be seen at JFK airport so that is just delusional. I hope you know that Jesse Ventura gets paid for what he does, and him and Danny Jowencko are the ONLY DEMOLITIONS IN THE WORLD WHO THINK THE WTC WAS DESTROYED USING CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. Let me also state that Danny Jowencko never performed a demolition in his life. Please name any other experts in the field that say thermite was used because that is just untrue. And I don't know what else to tell you, fire has been a primary collapse factor in plenty of buildings, how about the engineering building?

And I do claim this, but that's in terms that there was even molten steel at the scene which was never confirmed because the molten 'steel' looked just like molten aluminum was never tested and there was very little amounts of this molten material found.

This is the fist time our air defense system encountered something like this, simultaneous crashes of planes, NORAD was scattered across the board. Its like your house has just been robbed then your brother dies then you lose all the money on your credit card, which one do you address first, and how? Nothing like this have ever happened to you. Ok sure lets say that my theory isn't already scientifically proven but my "theory" has evidence yours does not see how we differ? And Bin Laden never said this 40 times that's just a lie


gkoz23 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Since my opponent has forfeited this round I'm going to bring up a couple logical points.

Theorist attach to the theory that claims that bombs, missiles, or even military jets. Lets address that there is no evidence of any of these claims. No eye witnesses has seen any of these things, there has been no forensic evidence that these weapons always leave behind. So I guess I'll ask a couple questions as well.

1) where is the explosive evidence in WTC? The red gray chips found in the debris was not nanothermite because it had no elemental aluminum

2) There is just no logic to this theory, its almost comical if it didn't disrespect so many victims. Why would the U.S. government use a missile if there are hundreds of people that can see, also there is no proof of a missile or anything but a Boeing 757

3) 95% of flight 93 was collected, along with the black box data

I welcome anyone to present better evidence as my opponent wasn't all that competitive thank you


I have presented facts to prove 9/11 was an inside job. The U.S government was warned 40 times of Osama Bin Laden flying planes into buildings in New York. There was insider trading done on the two airline companies whose planes were part of these attacks. Also, months before 9/11 shoot down orders were put in the hands of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush. It used to be in the hands of the colonels of the Air Force bases. Then on 9/11 these colonels couldn't shoot down these planes. In fact an aid warned Cheney of the plane that was going to hit the Pentagon when it was 50 miles out and then again when it was 30 miles out. Cheney then told the aid the stand down order was still on. We still have to see clear evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon too. You accuse me of disrespecting victims too. Many of the victims families believe the government did 9/11 too. We have never indicted Bin Laden either because we have no hard evidence to prove of him doing this. The first source below also has many experts who think it was an inside job. Witnesses won't say it was an inside job because if they did the government would harshly punish them.

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Zdawg 6 years ago
As usual, everything being presented on the one side is nothing more than opinion, speculation, and half-truths. Facts are wrong. When you get all of your information from a conspiracy website, it is likely going to make you look kind of foolish. These sites are already biased towards what they believe happen, and for some reason don't show you anything that contradicts what they say. Please don't get your information from sources like these.
Posted by ararmer1919 6 years ago
Gkoz23. Sources would help your case sense so far all you have provided are your opinions. Continue that way and you will lose the debate. As for your arguments. All wrong. Government was NEVER told 40 times that bin laden was going to hijack a plane and fly it into a building. Where the hell did you hear that. All that was known was that an unknown number of people part of an unknown organization believed to be affiliated with al Qaeda were planning an attack in or around New York. That's it. No. Who, no what, no when, no why not even a where exactly, so how the hell do you think the government could have responded to this? You know what happened to that report? It went into that foot tall stack of OTHER threats the US received every single day and that's the extent of our government, who are no where near as efficient as you give them credit for, did.

At no point in time does the NIST report suggest that fire brought down the towers. Please read the freaking report. Nor does it even remotely suggest that jet fuel melted steel.

The argument that if it hasn't happened before it is impossible to happen now is a fallacious argument. Proves nothing whatsoever.

Same thing with the argument that past wars were the result of lies. Not only are none of these theories in any of the cases you presented proven or even credible they are also completely unrelated to one another. Different people, events, time frames spamming decades seven a century! The only thing they have in common is the US and so you really have no argument.

And most importantly you have tried to argue that what we were told was not true. To prove that you must first prove what actually DID happen. So far you have offered no explanation. You have even given multiple versions of who you think was responsible.
Posted by ararmer1919 6 years ago
We all know who did it. Crab people.
Crrrrrraaaabbbbb People, crrrrraaaaabbbb people.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeit. As to arguments, I left it tied. Pro should have presumptive BoP, but it seemed as though Con took it on by arguing first--as though Con recognized a BoP, and that Pro's was the "default" position. Neither side's arguments were really thorough enough to make their case, so I wound up deciding not to decide. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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