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The best way to destroy an entire race of people?

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Started: 8/8/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So this debate will focus on the best way to destroy an entire race of people. Both my opponent and I will propose a plan each, the most likely to succeed will win.

-For arguments sake we will be focusing on African Americans.

-No black people are allowed to accept due to being Biasedly black.

-No Jews allowed to accept due to having something like this already happen to them.

- Due to the nature of this debate, racism is allowed.

-Please add as much detail as possible.

Please post you proposal in round 1 and I will post in round 2.


So, my proposal to kill an entire race of people would be to introduce a type of virus that specifically kills black people. It would travel through the air and be harmless to all but black people.

For disclosure, I am not racist, I like black people and black music, this is just for debate's sake.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with some of what my opponent is saying. A virus or some form of disease would be the most effective method, but I don't agree that it's possible to develop a virus that could kill only black people.
It would make more sense to infect mosquitoes with the Zuka virus and spread them around Africa, or places in America that have overwhelmingly large populations of black people, such a Detroit
This way much of the black population would have Zuka pumped, small headed children who have the intelligence of a cat. In turn the black folk will suffer a huge decline in their population, but this will not extinct them in their entirety.

The effective way to kill and extinct the black race would be through white on black violence. We would need an ethnic purge, not unlike the one Hitler performed on the Jewish swine, but I believe an all out war would be lucrative and leave us with many casualties.

---Death by radioactive chicken---

Chicken is of course a black man's biggest weakness.
What I propose is we gather up all the racists of the world and convene in a conspiratorial fashion, we would plan to contaminate the worlds chicken supply with radioactive waste, which in turn will radioactively poison every black person.
This will make them sterile and hairless, truly turning them into the hybrid Chimps they really are.

Step 1: Create a religion that specificity appeals to racists, this will provide us with the man power.
Step 2: We would need to steal radioactive waste which is normally buried in various location around America and Russia.
Step 3: Break into as many chicken factories as possible and pour radioactive waste over the chickens.
Step 4: Don't eat chicken and watch as primarily blacks begin to fall victim to radiation sickness.

Through the above method we will have killed off many blacks, there may be a few thousand left, so this is where we gather up all our racist clan mates and brutally kill every black person we can through blunt force trauma. We'd be picking off the stragglers so to speak.

I believe that my method is one which will destroy the black race, primarily by exploiting their biggest weakness: Chicken.


Actually, it is possible to genetically engineer a virus to target only one race. It may be a little down the road, but it is definitely theoretically possible. Black people have different genetic sequences of DNA than other races, so as long as you make the virus only target those genes found only in black people, it should mutate only them and not affect anyone else. The science is definitely there, and if we can't already do it yet, we should be able to soon.

Infecting mosquitoes with Zika virus and spreading them around Africa or Detroit is not that smart of an idea. This Virus is highly contagious to ALL races, not just the blacks, and whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc. could all die. It would be a good idea if the mosquitoes were instead infected with my black-gene-mutating-only virus.

An ethnic purge is not plausible because a lot of people around the world like black people and would not support it. Masterful says there'd be many casualties with an all out war on blacks, and I agree... on BOTH sides. A virus that only targets blacks is better.

Radioactive chicken would also be destructive to the entire world population, not just the blacks. In fact, I ate chicken yesterday, and I am not black.

Step 1 would not work, because the non-racists to racists ratio is overwhelmingly on the non-racist side.
Step 2 is possible if you go to Chernobyl or something like that.
Step 3 would kill not only blacks but other races.
Step 4 Blacks would also be aware to not eat the chicken, just like other races.

While chicken might be a weakness, they can get over it. What they can't get over is the DNA sequences inside of them. Clearly a virus that targets blacks would be best.

Again to Masterful and all readers: I am not racist, I love black people. If this debate were about killing whites, I'd accept it too. It was just an interesting topic, so I accepted it with out any prejudice in mind. Sorry if this disappoints you Masterful.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by EnchantedPlatinum 3 years ago
Biasly isn't a word, and the Holocaust wasn't a mass extinction event. It was a war on people.
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Can I except this debate? I have a very effective method.
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