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The bulge versus the tuck

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Started: 3/25/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Men wearing tight restrictive garments can be unhealthy and dangerous. Nylon underpants are not recommended any more and sports people know this. A man needs to breath and be able to cool down. Part of this process is the testicles being able to drop and be safe from over heating. So when you wear tight under pants this makes the testies over heat. I think it better that men wear clothing to be able to have the ability to have the rise and fall. Also the free doggin can be healthier for the male genitals. Let it out and let it jingle jangle as the van morrison song goes. Society is so prudish and the bump or bulge of a man is seen as awfull or even revolting. A hundred or so years ago men wore tights and to cover their provates they used cod pieces. But alot didn't. The cod piece was a massive cover over the junk and allowed the mans lunchbox to be free in there to an extent. But the mans apendage needs to be free and thus be made socially acceptable again. We have become so prudish and men feel awkward and chastised even if you see him in Speedos or tight fitting clothing. We are made to cover up and tuck it in and not allow a slight bulge. I remember wearing track pants and no undies people commented and sometimes in the morning if I went out to get milk I would just be in tracks and wind cheater and I often had what is referred to a " half mongrel" or a "semi ". I would be stared at sometimes in a bad way but depending who it was sometimes curiosity. Running is an area where there is much debate and it is so boring. To wear or not to wear shorts over tights. The whole point is lost. It becomes a vanity subject. Where what I am proposing is get over yourselves and realize it's actually a health issue. So to tuck or not is more to do with your sperm count and your balls mostly to be free to go up and down. I know what people will say. It is such a yucky topic and girls don't want to see our junk. Well not neccessarily true. I get hundreds of comments and reaffirmation from women whom like my audacity and my braveness to be so brazen. I am a man I have a package and I think it is about time to be proud and out and reclaim the bulge. So to define my point I do not want a health issue debate I am asking for a reason why anyone would not want a guy to be able to be a man and have a more open society where everyone can try to allow and even enjoy the full male expression. Tucking away is emasculating and making us into KEN DOLLS it is barbie right there. We look like women in tights without the breasts of course. But today there are allot of very flat chested women. Young girls at college I teach have gotten used to my outrageous attire and over the years give positive feedback. After the giggles and whispering and comments. I had laughter and looks of horror and shock at first. I do understand that if we were to go down this path there would be 50 shades of bulge and some would be pushing the boundry's and be more inclined to have a massive package on show and there would be times it would be inapropriate of course. I have a few pics to put my case you can decide if you approve or not and some are of course very borderline. I say i would like to see if we could be more open and express our sexuality and just as women have and continue to do wearing more and more revealing clothing and seeing more breast and especially at the beach with string thongs and the like. To tuck for me is to deny your sex and to not is to express ones maleness and I think this will open up all sorts of avenues for expression and mating rituals which the animal kingdom is full. Our inner peacock ( excuse the intended pun) strut around and normalise it and I think things will settle down and become very nice and creative. Pouches? Cod pieces or sleaves. Keep the cock and balls out and about and not only as a fashion statement but a acknowledgement of our gender. If you want to trans or what ever then this is not for you I acknowledge that. If it is not for you then put up a good arguement as to why you think it won't be good for humanity as a whole as we all become homogonised and equal and genderless and same same. Alot of guys out there are repressed and feel sexulaity or any hint of it is abhorent. Alot of women calling the shots and amking us feellittle and like we have to hide. I don;t want an arguement about gender roles I want a reason to explain why we have covered up and and made us all unable to play mating games. Who knows and this is right outside even my remit say for example we were all naked then we would all see who likes us and we would not be embarrassed and insecure. You would be turned on and a girls would have no problem wondering if you liked her not not. I DO NOT WANT NUDE for myself. That may be a facet of the debate but I am asking for debate on bulge or no bulge.
-I wear speedos to the beach massive bulge I get stares and people seem to think it's great. Lots and lots of attention. We accept bulge at the beach and even admire it and see men in their primitive glory.
-Ballet we go to that and love the big bulges it's a turn on.
- sports all sorts. Especially track and the countries where men are unusually well endowed, It is the most talked about sport topic. Free dogging flip flopping massive looking in the lycra.
- rowing is another all the boys at the rowing clubs young and old are very sporting in their blue tight cotton briefs.
- fancy dress men in tights we can do it then, Why not all the time.
So i'm saying bring back the tights the speedos and the revealing apparal. If not to expose oneself but even just midly.
NOT just to hide it. You don't have to go over board but you shouoldn't have to tuck it away and only bring it out when your at home with your partner and in private.



2. Now, I don't say that I will agree with saying "just tuck it", But I WILL say, That it should be considered a problem men should consider.

To take it into perspective for women, Should they just NOT use tampons, And let their blood seep through their pants and consider that socially acceptable because it's more "natural"? NO! Women use tampons/leak pads/leak underwear to stop from being noticed when they are on their period (Yes, I took health class).

So is the same with men.

For a man to be seen with a bulge in their pants is noticable, Embarrassing, And should still be considered socially unacceptable. The whole point of clothes is to keep exposed areas, Well, COVERED. That includes, Yes, The penis. Now, That doesn't mean that you have to "tuck", It also means you could "slip", Which is when a person forces it vertically, Or put on baggier clothing to prevent the scene from happening.

Not only that, But knowing a person's boner is out could make to prevent some awkward Sexual Assault moments.

Yes, In cases like High-School, Because of hormone levels, Men might get completely random boners (I got one on stage while I was awarded for a debate trophy. . . It was awkward), But in adult levels, This just doesn't happen as often.

If a woman sees a man approach them with a bulge in their pants, It is the most decent thing to do to let them know you DON'T WISH TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM! It is rude, Uncalled for, Unmannerful, And just. . . Weird \_(o. O)_/.

In all, It is like stearing at a woman's breasts. It is an uncalled for act that seems to make you look unprofessional, And keeping the bulge from being noticed should definitely be one of those professional things. Men should NOT keep the bulge.
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Posted by mikaloviche 3 years ago
I didn't really want to fixate on the health aspects. I was hoping to keep it in the realm of fadhion and socially acceptable behavioural aspects. I do feel the need to make this point as many people mainly older women seem to be disgusted at the sight of any mans junk. Whete as i find younger women are intrigued even facinated. They might laugh or giggle but i get lots of postive attention. No one ever died of emmbarrassment did they. I guess the bulge is one thing but visibly getting a boner in public is probs stretching the concept. I am allways open to thoughts on this subject. I probs. Push this band wagon trying to justify my exhibitionist tendences and normalise them.
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
You have put entirely too much thought into this topic.

It's a matter of preference.

Some people want to be sterile and some don't.

Neither way will kill one's penis.

It's a tie.
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