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The communist theory isn't bad

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Started: 5/2/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Marxist ideology that the capitalist system is corrupt and that the people are being exploited is actually pretty accurate. Communist party leaders are usually evil and so give the philosophy a bad reputation in history but in fact it isn't really bad.


Oh great- another one. The "Communist Theory" as you call it, isn't a legitimate theory. Kar Marx wrote abook claiming that profit and production were evil, and advocated fror the establishment of an all-powerful state to control our economy. That can be considered bad because:
1. It is morally wrong
2. It is founded on a false presumption
3. Tyranny is not favorable to liberty
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Posted by TheMarketLibertarian 3 years ago
Can you go make sh*t up somewhere else? We're trying to have a rational discussion.
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
No he doesn't. It's why he doesn't improve at debate. I've witnessed first hand him getting solid debate advice from plenty of people who know what they're doing. But since they tell him that he's not perfect the way he is, he usually just ignores them or tells them to f*** off.
Posted by DrCereal 3 years ago
Do you listen to anyone who doesn't agree with you?

This is the second debate of yours that I've seen where you speak down to your opponent. If you can't have a civil debate, then maybe you should stop getting on this site because it's really disheartening to have a debate with a jerk.

Maybe you're right, but you're not going to convince anyone by being an an *ss.
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