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The communist theory isn't bad

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Started: 5/2/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Marxist ideology that the capitalist system is corrupt and that the people are being exploited is actually pretty accurate. Communist party leaders are usually evil and so give the philosophy a bad reputation in history but in fact it isn't really bad.


Even in theory, the communist theory has way too many holes to actually be integrated into society.
First of all, it can be unfair to certain people and can benefit others. The communist theory states that to free the lower class from poverty and give everyone equal wealth, The government would control all means of production of items. However, this simply isn't possible- the government cannot provide for such a massive amount of people. To make the communist theory work well, everyone would have to contribute to society, whether that be through producing goods or keeping them in working order. However, this system can present many problems, particularly with people taking charge of labor. For example, a garbage collector working in a communist society would probably work less than 20 hours a week and would need little to no training to do his job. However, a doctor who has spent several years of his life training to work in the medical field would receive the exact same pay as the aforementioned janitor. This would be unfair to several higher class jobs and be much more beneficial to people in jobs with few working hours. A much better system, and one that is being integrated today, is to keep a person's wealth proportionate to their contribution to society.
Secondly, governmental control would hinder the progress of a communist society. To control the amount of money and goods given out to the people, a governmental body would need to take control of such regulations. Such a responsibility would inevitably lead to the entire system being over-controlled by the government, much more so than in a capitalist system. In a capitalist system, each member of society is allowed to start their own businesses with little to no restrictions. Their success is entirely reliant on their own ability to satisfy and please consumers. In a communist society, the government would regulate people much more, as they have to make sure everyone is being given equal shares of the goods produced. This can easily lead to the government exploiting its people and members of the ruling system taking unfair portions for themselves. Even if we were able to find government rulers who were fair and impartial, a government's ruling of every production in their society is too much for any group of people to handle.
Finally, A large scale communist society has never succeeded. On a large scale, all attempts at creating such a society have failed and are either no longer remembered today or remembered in a negative way. The few communist societies that were able to survive for an extended period of time were or are ruled by an oppressive or overruling government, both of which are negative (see last argument). The only large country that considers itself communist today is China. However, even China is closer to facism than communism because they let private corporations enter but still remain totalitarian. Of course, some small communist societies (such as native american villages) have thrived. This is because they worked for the good of the village or the population . However, on a larger scale such a practice has never succeeded. Most governments that attempt communism actually fail due to economic problems. In theory, communism makes everyone equal. And although that may have worked for a time in smaller populations, it could never be achieved on such a large scale due to economic problems and of course the human nature of competition.
In conclusion, the theory of communism could never be accomplished. It is unfair to certain members of society, can be manipulated and controlled easily by the government, and has never worked on a large scale. Therefore, voters, a strongly urge a vote for the con side of this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for joining my debate. I understand your point of view but my resolve remains the same. The working class are those who provide labor for an employer in exchange for wages but do not have any ownership in the company. Most members of the working class have no controle or say in their own labor and do not share in the majority of the profits which to go to the employer. Because the working class have no say in thier jobs and are reliant on the money to feed their families, they are easy pray to the aristocratic type of people who become evan more wealthy by exploitation. This is how the modern capitalist system works with the poor being abused by the rich. Private ownership of the means of production are what give the rich so of their power. However if the ownership and mans of production were siezed and handed over to the working class to be owned collectively and equally workers would fare far better, exploitation would end and the social classes that divide our nation would disapear. As for your statement that the system would not work you are mistaken. History has shown that it has worked in the past evan without forming a dictatorship. Think about the Soviet Union under Lenin, Yugaslavia under Tito, and the people's socialist republic of albania. Evan the legend of Robin Hood was based in the Communist theory of raising from the poor to give to the rich, and who argues with Robin Hood.
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
A theory is always bad if it can only work in theory.. A theory is always good as long as it works.
Posted by CrucifixOpinions 3 years ago
One of the main issues I see with Communism (and I used to make this very same argument before I wised up), is that when people defend Communism, they say that "oh, that was not true Communism!".

I don't know how many more people need to die before human civilization realizes that Communism is a bad idea. The reason I state it is a bad idea is that Communism distinctly relies on a "us vs. them" component. If you are not the proletariat, you are the enemy. As such, the proletariat often find themselves justifying their violent actions because of the "greater good" that is supposed to come out of Communism. Sure, you could say that some past leaders of Communism had bad philosophies that tainted it, but I can't think of any Communist system that did not result in the starvation or mass executions of the citizens within that government.

While some people are certainly exploited by richer people (most namely workers who find themselves working as cheap labour, when companies move offshore because of the very same socialist policies), but isn't labour an agreement by both parties? For example, a blue collar worker that works at a construction yard is offering his services in exchange of currency from his employer and the company, that is a voluntary exchange.

Communist Philosophy only hands over the absolute power to one individual or a single government, then, it can justify any use of violence or coercion against its opponents. In Stalin's regime, it lead to the burning of churches, and the starvation of millions of Ukrainians. For the Khmer Rouge, it led to the execution of intellectuals, and millions of people worked to death or executed in work camps. In Cuba, it led to executions of homosexuals and political opponents. In China, I don't think I need to tell you about the Tiananmen Square Protests.

When people start to think that they cannot be influenced by the vast powers communism allows the state to posses, they are mistaken.
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