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The corona virus is a fraud

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Started: 3/26/2020 Category: Science
Updated: 6 days ago Status: Voting Period
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There are no viruses. It is just a money making scam. There is only one human disease which is called vitamin deficiency disease which causes gut bacteria to enter the blood stream. There are not thousands of different diseases.


Here is a list of over 9000 virus, With all their genes.

https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/genomes/GenomesGroup. Cgi

You are saying that non of those exist?
Debate Round No. 1


It's all fake garbage. None of these viruses are real or exist. It's just an elaborate trap to fool the general public. When billions of research dollars are spent on something, Then you had better get a result even if there isn't any to be had.

Example - LIGO gravity research Einstein come up with his nonsense gravitational field equation of general relativity in 25 November 1915. Click ahead 100 years to exactly 25 November 2015 and what happened? Derrrr? LIGO discovers gravity waves after spending billions of dollars and more than 50 years looking vainly into outer space. What is the probability of this information being falsified garbage. By my calculations is 100% garbage. That's how the science world works. It's all about fooling somebody into giving you money to do bogus research and you keep handing in bogus results which keeps the money flowing in.


You said by your calculations. Can you show me your calculations.

Show me one tiny shred of information that shows all viruses are a hoax, Just to get money for researchers. Last I checked researchers make pretty garbage money compared to other jobs.
Debate Round No. 2


I was talking about the laws of probability. To find the result of something exactly 100 years to the exact day after the theory proposal is a good example which shows the cheek and audacity of the scientists involved.

You can't trust the sources because there is no such thing as uncorrupted sources when it come to medical and research resources. They all have hidden agendas to make lots of money from gullible people. Thus, Nobody in the medical science world is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The germ thery of disease is the golden egg of the medical system which keeps all doctors and pharmacy companies rich and wealthy. Most naturapathic doctors would understand the principles that I am talking about.

You might try Dr Jarek's website for inforation which disproves the germ theory of disease.

Extract -
One critic in 1884 was so convinced that the theory was wrong, He gulped down a glass of water that was mixed heavily with vibrio cholerae, The bacterium associated with cholera. Astounding his colleagues, He was completely unaffected by the pathogen. The magazine Science published an article in 2000 describing the incident stating: “For unexplained reason he remained symptom free, But nevertheless incorrect. ” (DiRita2000) That sums up the arrogance of the modern scientific and medical communities today. If they claim that vibrio cholerae causes cholera and this example showed that the man avoided cholera- how can he be “incorrect”?

Quoye - "Who is making the money? "

Reply - All doctors and phamacy companies will profit. They will gain more power, Money, Prestige and become more authortarian as a result due to the creation of an emerency type of panic state. This reminds me of how Adolf Hitler came to power by using a series of tricks which are designed to misinform and confuse people using the fear of imagary threats which don't really exist. Note - Adolf Hitler was fimanced by pharmacy companies which profit from wars and chaos in general. Thus, By creating a state of panic and choas the pharmacy companies hope to somehow gain more profits from the sale of masks, Drugs and doctor referals etc.

The governments also like these incidents because they gain power and status in the community. This gives government officals a big opportunity to bully people around and tell them to stay away form oneanother and not to gather in large groups etc. Also to enforce restrictions of travel and enforce new laws which will restrict and undermine freedoms and rights. Thus, Governments will welcome any viral threat as a big opportunity to create new laws of restriction and control of the population. They are already pushing for compulsary vaccinations as a result of this virus.

Quote - "How do you get people to be sick, And transmit an illness without a pathogen? "

There is only one human disease which is called vitamin defiiency disease. There is no such thing as a contagious disease. The Corona virus or any other virus needs to comply with germ theory which it doesn't. It appears randomly in any location without any transmission from person to person. It appears mostly on cruise ships, Mcdonald's restraunts, Starbucks and theme parks. These locations have something in common which is people eating excessive amounts of junk food. China has adopted a lot of Western type of food chain restuarants recently which would be the starting point of unwellness.

According to germ theory of disease a disease should spread in concentric circles from a central location. Has this occurred? Answer - No!

Note - This concept is a very old concept which originated in Europe during the dark ages. In those days every town had a well in the centre where people got their water. Every now and then a small animal would fall into the well and spoil the water. Then, As a result. People nearest to the well would get sick and die first and then gradually people further way would get sick and die. Thus, Was born the idea of the contagious disease. To avoid litigation, The town leader would say that a contagious disease was the cause. This saved the leader's reputation by excluding them from blame for the poisonous well.


1884 claim

V Cholerae was first isolated in 1884. So it was consumed the year it was discovered. Some say it was a stunt. Regardless
since then articles by Harvard, And Lancet show there are some people immune. One case of being asymptomatic from cholerae doesn't mean there is no corona virus, Or viruses are fake.

Dr Jarek

One website from one chiro is not evidence. The guy only has 800 twitter followers. Clearly not a thought leader, Or a person to convince that all viruses are fraud. No where does he say on his site that viruses are actual fraud.

Whos Making Money

Who is keeping all the 100's of thousands/millions of health professionals and researchers connected to work the scam. Who is the puppet master? How does it work?

Illness and Tranmission

You said coronavirus is a fraud. What is causing people all over the world to have their lungs gunk up? No similarity in diet, Environment, Age, Sex, Shoe size. How is that fraud being mastered?

What is a concentric circle for disease tranmission. can't find anything about it.

Needs some facts buddy.
Debate Round No. 3


1. According to scientific principles - You only need one exception to disprove a rule. Thus, If germ theory is a rule, Then everybody should be party to that rule with no exceptions otherwise it is not a rule and it is just a joke. Therefore, If somebody says that cholerae is a deadly disease, Then it should kill everybody that comes into contact with it. Otherwise it is not a deadly disease but is just a joke disease.
Note - Person to person equals concentric circles from a central point. I studied geometry at school, Did you?
https://www. Theguardian. Com/society/2015/feb/06/anti-vaccine-activists-waging-primordial-cosmic-war-despite-measles-backlash

2. Truth is not determined by numbers of people who believe something to be true. Truth is a matter of sufficient proof and logic and is not a consensus issue.

3. Quote - "Who is keeping all the 100's of thousands/millions of health professionals and researchers connected to work the scam. Who is the puppet master? How does it work? "

Reply - The dollar is keeping all the health professionals in line with the system. If any health professional doesn't proscribe either a pill, Drug or surgery, Then, They will be found out and will be black listed from the system. The pharmaceutical industry is the puppet master of everybody including - media, Politicians, Teachers, Doctors and scientists. Remember, It was the pharmaceutical industry that gave Adolf Hitler the money to start World War II. I. G Farben still survives to this day and is the company behind this latest corona virus push.

https://www. Brennancenter. Org/our-work/analysis-opinion/how-big-business-bailed-out-nazis

4. Quote - "You said coronavirus is a fraud. What is causing people all over the world to have their lungs gunk up? No similarity in diet, Environment, Age, Sex, Shoe size. How is that fraud being mastered? "

Reply - There is only one human disease which is called vitamin deficiency disease. You haven't been paying attention the news. All I am hearing is old people dying at the age of 70 -85. I haven't heard of one person younger than this dying from corona virus. I am hearing - cruise ships, Theme parks, Take away fast food outlets as being the epicentre where the virus begins. What do all these things add up too? Vitamin deficiency disease, That's what. People eat too much junk food. Grain, Dairy and sugar are unnatural to the human digestive system and will cause vitamin deficiency and leaky gut syndrome. Plants protect its seeds by adding toxic chemical and sharp edges which will cause inflammation and blockages which we call disease. Dairy is a kind of glue and irritant which will cause mucus in the lungs. Grain and sugar cause an increase in metabolic rate causing heart attack and temperature increases. Doctors will call this body temperature increase a fever.

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=bKaf91pgMmU

There buddy, Hope that keeps you quiet for a minute or two. Lol


Some people are more susceptible to disease, Poisons, Jokes, Then others. The complexity of the human biological system means that the variables are so high, Equality is virtually impossible to replicate. Smaller systems can be replicate in a lab. Example, Eggs. Eggs are used to synthesize a flu vaccine. Every egg infected manually leads to antigen production.

While truth is not consensus, A hand full of people who disagree is not sufficient proof.

Your claim that everyone keeps the hoax together with no instruction or guidance is bullsh1t Over 100 years an not a single piece of evidence, Not one person has slipped up, Or decided the truth should be disclosed. Show me ONE person who says it is all horsecr4p and they have defrauded everyone, And I will agree with you.

And BTW I do listen to the news. Why is there the sudden increase of death. Why are governments opening new hospitals. Why are people in their 40's dying. 3500 people yesterday, Your not explaining this massive spike in deaths where everyone dying has the same symptoms

Just show some F]_[CK'n evidence!
Debate Round No. 4


The problem is if you disagree with the germ theory of disease, Then, You aren't going to make it through medical school. Thus, The system rejects dissenters at the beginning so that they don't have to deal with them later. Thus, Everybody who gets employed in medical and biology will be 100% compliant with the current system. The science world is mostly a gigantic scam against society in general. Most of the concepts of physics and medicine are just totally wrong and over complicated nonsense. There is only one human disease called vitamin deficiency disease and there are not thousands of different diseases. The universe is made entirely from one sub-atomic particle which exists in 3 states which is left spin, Right spin and no spin. Complication is the name of the game. That's how scientists and doctors make a living by complication. Nobody is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. All doctors want to get rich and famous. No doctor wants to be a beggar on the street so they all comply with the system.

Suggested reading - Bechamp or Pasteur? A lost chapter in the history of biology. By Ethel D. Hume

http://www. Medicinacomplementar. Com. Br/biblioteca/pdfs/Biomolecular/mb-0464. Pdf

This book records what really happened all those years ago in France. Bechamp was a real scientist because he was looking for the truth about disease. Whereas, Pasteur was in it for the glory and the money. Pasteur, First stole all of Bechamp's ideas, And then he turned them around in the opposite direction so that he could make some money out of disease. Pasteur was primarily a chemist to start with. He later turned to biology just for the profit when he saw a golden opportunity arise. Note - Chemists need germ theory so that they can sell drugs and vaccines. Bechamp's theory didn't require and drugs, Vaccinations or other medical intervention other than giving dietary advice.

But, I am very confident you will totally ignore all this information and carry on as usual. Well, That's what medical doctors do every day and they get away with it to.

Quote - " A hand full of people who disagree is not sufficient proof. "

Reply - If you eat a paleo you will notice a big difference to your health. You won't get any flu, Headaches, Nausea, Blocked nose, Blocked ears, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart problems, Diabetes or any other so called 'germ diseases'.

Final word - The truth is totally independent of numbers be them small or large.


You are right.
It is a fraud

No idea how it is run
No idea how controls the mesaging
Competing drug companies all agree on the exact way to make science fraud
Chancellers of Universiities that compete for research grants all have a club to agree on everything
the 9k virus database is a fraud
Everyone globally ate the same bad foods at the eact same time to cause a problem.

You are a f]-[cking GENIUS. How can you sleep at night knowing how smart you are!
Debate Round No. 5
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Akhenaten 6 days ago
. . . . . . . . . . . . . And now we have the old reverse psychology trick. Pretend to agree is a frivolous manner while avoiding all those embarrassing questions that you don't have any answers for. Lol

Those pharmacy huggers will do anything to save a starving bio-chemist. Lol
Posted by HueJas 6 days ago
Check the salaries for PHD students and Post Docs. If you think there are only 616 presearchers in the US you have a serious cognitve performance issue.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 week ago
Sorry, I apologise, I made a mistake. Its $93, 616 in the USA. Lol

https://www. Indeed. Com/career/research-scientist/salaries
Posted by Akhenaten 1 week ago
What country is that? North Korea? Lol
Posted by HueJas 1 week ago
What horse crap is that? Most PhD, And Post Docs make $56k a year which is $23 an hour.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 week ago
Average wages of research workers $80, 000 / year. Not bad. Where do I sign up?
Posted by DrSpy 1 week ago
don't waist your time HueJas

He has started this debate 7 times, And just insults and provides no evidence.
Posted by Hezikiah 1 week ago
"The corona virus is a fraud"

Are you a speech writer for Donald Trump?
Posted by HueJas 1 week ago
Debates are based on presenting evidence. Lets see what the answer is.
Posted by GreenScreen 1 week ago
This debate is stupid as hell
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