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The cruel laws in Australia regarding foxes must change

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Started: 2/26/2019 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 months ago Status: Voting Period
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The laws in Australia regarding foxes is that they are feral species. Sadly, This means that it is illegal to give foxes veterinary treatment, Rescue orphaned/injured animals, Or own ones that are unable to live on their own.

The disgusting truth is that not only are they not allowed help, They are cruelly killed, Many tortured with deaths lasting 8-72 hours by poison, Inducing seizures, Vomiting, Screaming fits and much more, Or being cruelly shot for sport.

What"s even more disgusting is that Lee Parker from NSW Land services had the audacity to say "Foxes are predatory animals. . . It's cruel to have a fox in a cage locked up 24/7 because naturally they do not behave like that. " When he happily condones the extremely cruel methods of culling. Until recently, The only hope foxes had of surviving in this country was being rescued by SydneyFoxRescue (sadly forced out of operation) and being rehomed. Now the laws are all for animal cruelty! Spouting crap like keeping them as pets is cruel, All the while condoning them being horrifically tortured!

As Charlie Jackson-Martin from Sydney fox rescue once said "If we can take them out of the wild and keep them in captivity it"s a kind of win win situation for foxes and for natives" and yet still, Cruelty prevails.

Recently, A woman who had been sheltering three orphaned foxes was forced by authorities to have them seized and euthanised. Heartbroken, She wasn"t even allowed the bodies back to bury them.

The Government needs to WAKE UP. Foxes were brought here to Australia deliberately for recreational hunting! And now they"re being forced to pay for what should be our karma? This is our fault. The current laws have no regard for animal cruelty or their animal welfare. In fact, The laws regarding foxes are completely and utterly despicable. Help spread the word, These atrocities must stop.


The reason there are such harsh laws in Australia is for a simple reason - not because as you have stated are a feral species, But because they pose a serious conservation problem. I will discuss with you two major points.

Firstly, The decline of several unique animal species in Australia that are endangering their population.

Secondly, The destruction of agriculture and the death of farm animals leading to a loss of a large sum of money.

Before I get to that, I will address your points.

You claim that foxes are cruelly killed, As I quote: " Many tortured with deaths lasting 8-72 hours by poison, Inducing seizures, Vomiting, Screaming fits and much more, Or being cruelly shot for sport. "

And I agree. They are killed, And their death is painful, But you seriously suggesting that the government spend its resources to make sure every fox hunted is to be killed under anesthesia? It is necessary for the government to keep the population of red foxes down if we are to prevent an ecological disaster in Australia. If this means the use of 1080 poisons then so be it. In addition, Putting them in captivity would be a waste of space and resources. Foxes aren't the 'little angels' you seem to be assuming them to be.

Red foxes are leading to the decline of several unique Australian species. This include but are not limited to: brush-tailed bettongs, Burrowing bettongs, Rufous bettongs, Bilbies, Numbats, Bridled nailtail wallabies and quokkas. They hunt native animals in Australia, Is that not just as or even more cruel? The problem is getting worse. In 2016 researchers documented that some red foxes in Australia had learned to climb trees to look for baby koalas and other unsuspecting creatures such as gliders, Dispelling the long-held belief that tree-dwelling creatures were safe from them.

This is not all. They sometimes prey on the livestock of the farmers in the outback such as cattle, Pigs and sheep. This leads to millions of dollars to replace this livestock. In addition, They feed on crops grown too.

It is obviously our fault that red foxes have become this big of a problem in Australia. But should we ignore it? No. The best we can do is prevent the population from growing too large to cause a major issue for us.
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As the opposition has decided to forfeit this round, My points still stand.
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Posted by melcharaz 3 months ago
are foxes an invasive species? I think they should be killing those cane toads.
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