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The death penalty for torturers.

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Politics
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Torture is the worst thing you can do to someone, and while, I'm not usually for the death penalty, I think the government should execute all proven torturers with nitris oxide, or secanal, posthaste. I was tortured, and I would rather die than be tortured again. This as always must be done through due process and the rule of law.


Hello, KJVPrewrather. I have seen you in a lot of other debates, so I think it would be interesting to debate you. Good luck.

While I do agree with you that torture is the worst possible thing you could do to another person, I have to disagree with you on how you think the torturer deserves to be punished with the death penalty; it isn't morally justified. I believe he/she should rather receive a similarly harsh punishment and receive some form of help after that. I think no matter what you do (except murder), you should not deserve to have your one and only life taken away from you because of it. I see that you are a Christian, and so am I. Do you think that if you hypothetically did something as terrible as torturing someone that God should just take your life away as the consequence? Or would you want a second chance? I would assume you would choose the latter. The only way I think the death penalty should be executed is if the criminal took another person's life, in which the death penalty is morally justified at that point.

To summarize my point, I believe everyone deserves a second chance- rapists, torturers, etc. (excluding murderers)

And yes, if I was tortured, I would still not want the torturer to die- after all, it's the easy way out for them. I understand that I have not experienced what you have, but I'm just simply stating my own opinion on this subject.

I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 1


This is personal to me. I was raped by my father when I was 13, and I wanted to gun him so bad, because it was torture. There is a place called torture which is where you go mentally and emotionally when you are tortured. I do not favor current execution methods, but find something humane, and I will. I will finalize with the thought that all torture victims have post traumatic stress disorder, and being condemned to a lifetime of that warrants a humane version of execution.


Even if I was tortured, I would still see no reason for my torturer to have his one and only life taken away from him; and like I said, that's the easy way out for him. The reasonable thing to do is give him a harsh punishment, let him sit in prison for some years, and have him receive help in therapy after that. I know that what he did to you was horrendous, but I think yanking his life away is still a bit extreme. This is why the government only executes the death penalty when someone commits murder, endangers government officials, or endangers the country.

In summary, the only way someone should receive the death penalty is if they commit any of the crimes I listed above. Most of everyone deserves a second chance, and not for their life to be snatched away from them. Again, it's not morally justified.
Debate Round No. 2


You never know until you are tortured, and it is rude to judge survivors for how they feel.


I feel that your opinion is biased since you have actually been tortured. Obviously, if someone was tortured, they would usually want the torturer to die; there is no doubt about this. Though that is what the person who was tortured wants, that does not mean it is necessarily the right thing to do.

"You never know until you are tortured..."

In that case, the only person who would know how to handle a torturer is the person who was tortured, and no one else. Does this make sense? Did you expect to debate someone else that has been tortured? If you never know until you are tortured, why did you bring up this topic in a debate? In other words, mostly everyone has not been raped or tortured in this world, so if we wouldn't know, why would you debate with us on this topic? I have a legitimate opinion, whether I have been tortured or not.

To reiterate my previous argument, everyone deserves a second chance, unless they commit any of the crimes I mentioned earlier. At that point, the criminal receiving the death penalty is morally justified.Anyways, rather than simply taking the torturer/rapist's life away, how about just disciplining him and trying to help him through methods such as therapy. Taking another's life for one horrific mistake, in my opinion, is quite ridiculous. I understand that might come off as offensive or rude, but I'm simply stating the opinion that you asked for by creating this debate in the first place.

You have yet to refute any of my points; I await your response.
Debate Round No. 3


Justice is a right for victims, and torturers do not have the right to live off of the tax payers.


"Justice is a right for victims, and torturers do not have the right to live off of the tax payers."

I'm not sure what you're trying to prove with either statements. In no way did these help back up your main argument, and the second statement is especially irrelevant since, in your case, the torturer would be dead anyway.

You have not only failed to back up your own claims with any supporting details, but you have also failed to refute any of my arguments. And all of your arguments were very poorly conducted.

This was pretty disappointing; I was expecting a good debate from how I've seen you debate with other people, but your arguments in this debate has me questioning your skill.

I think I can surely say that I have won this debate entirely.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by DawnBringerRiven 3 years ago
If you truly believed that you'd rather die than be tortured again then you would've already ended your own life. There is always a chance every time that you step outside that someone will kidnap and torture you. I'm not trying to be offensive here, (which I know I am) but you should never prioritize something over your own life. There's nothing worse than death, as you will never be able to feel anything positive ever again. At least if someone is tortured, they still have a chance to lead a happy life.
Posted by godlesspastor 3 years ago
This is rich. I just debated you on how you'd hate to pay taxes that funded abortion. I gave specifics about the Hyde amendment and how it only allows funding in cases of rape, or incest. Now here you say your father raped you as a child. As deplorable as I feel having to point out your hypocrisy on the issue, I'm convinced you don't feel empathy for others. You were in a position where you might have had to have an abortion. What if you couldn't afford it? You would have a child with your father. Just something to think about.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
the punisher says, torture is just time
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