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The death penalty should be abolished

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Started: 4/3/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting.

The death penalty is something I am very against.

The death penalty is the lethal injection of someone who is found guilty of a crime, and I say that it is entirely medieval and unnecessary.

I will put it to you, voters and opponent, in a simple way. When you decide to take the life of another human being, you are making the executive decision to not allow them to live any longer. For good reason, this is illegal. Morally, we should not be allowed to decide if anyone other than ourselves deserves to live any longer.

In a state where the death penalty is legal, a jury is placed into that executive position. They decide on whether the defendant should live or die, should they be found guilty. They are put into a murderous mentality that can be easily corrupted. While a jury is the most logical choice in a democracy, their beliefs can stand in the way. Attorneys may not even have an influence on some, and therefore the death penalty is subject to bias.

Another argument is the fact that it is not necessary. If I were to murder someone, turn myself in, and plead guilty, I would most likely get 25 to life. This is no joke, and it prevents me from being a danger to anyone in society. So why do we need to kill anyone? No one wants to die, and therefore will appeal the decision.

An appeal will result in astronomical legal fees for the state and the defendant, lethal injection costs the state money, etc. This is pointless spending. A murderer, rapist, etc. who is found guilty is sentenced to prison for long periods of time, eliminating danger.

Therefore, I ask my opponent this. What is the point of taking someone's life? Revenge? Power? There is no logical answer to this question.

Lastly, from a moral standpoint, it does not undo the crime. It does not bring a murder victim back to life, it does not take the trauma away from a rape victim. While this is sad, it is true. It does not solve anything, and only provides false closure.

In conclusion, the death penalty is a waste of resources and time. $2.3 million is spent per year on the death penalty, with the possibility of the defendant being innocent.

I look forward to hearing your arguments.

Thank you.


Thanks Pro! I'll jump into arguments right away:

1. Justice.

The death penalty provides justice for those who are victims of the horrendous crimes criminals commit. The criminals have wronged people and the death penalty is an appropriate way of ridding of the filth that caused so much harm and stress to our society. Keep in mind that the death penalty is strictly reserved for those who have done the most terrible things imaginable, such as rape and murder. [1] With current technology, the chances of innocent people getting convicted are extremely low, ensuring that the death penalty will only harm the foul and will help the families who are hurt by the criminal's crimes move on.

I'll rebut my opponent's arguments next round. Good luck!

Debate Round No. 2


EliasLegere forfeited this round.


I respectfully pass this round.
Debate Round No. 3


EliasLegere forfeited this round.


My opponent informed me via email that he conceded this debate, but we may do another one later on. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Kuryn.Brunson13 3 years ago
I agree the death chair is terrible. But at the same time it can be necessary, through many people there is no reason for it. That's what jails are for right? Well, yea! But what if they get full? I mean those people who kill, rape, and molest. So I see the point!! But at the same time, I think it's crucial electrical shocks killing you..Starvation, drowning, and so many other sad ways!! The point of death penalty is necessary at points but in other ways it's a disgrace. It's not right... What if they have family? "Here you go have a funeral for the dead person we just killed, because he/she made a mistake, hope you don't mind the burns, or anything else we left on their body." Is that really how you want to see your loved one? And I know that I'm playing the "what if" game... But it's true.
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