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The dress code is a bad idea.

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Started: 12/2/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Debating Period
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The dress code doesn't allow children to express themselves through clothing.


It could be argued that the control of expression is necessary and inevitable. After all, If the expression of those being educated weren't controlled then they could chose their clothing and then what next. Could they then chose their exams, Chose their jobs. Chose their salary, Etc. Because surely being given the freedom of expression would give them inevitably them freedom to remove control, And without, Wouldn't the system of education probably be toppled eventually. Therefore It's probably about equal. As in the disadvantages of not having full expression and therefore the lack of creatitivy and perhaps negative reaction of being subdued is equal to that of the amount of effort the authories in question make, I. E. Financial, Beurocratic, Etc. So not everyone has it easy in this case. But clearly those who subdue the expression of those in education are getting something from upholding the dress code otherwise they wouldn't continue persisting with it. Do the students being educated want freedom of expression through not having a dress code more than those who do want a dress code? That's the question.
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Posted by billsands 1 week ago
i don't know, When i was a kid dress codes = nazis but without discipline we got out of control sometimes unless you want it all to unravel you have to have some rules
Posted by Topsy6 1 week ago
Syntho you are absolutely correct on one point. My point based on your quote "freedom of jobs and salary" is not directly related to the expression of students in education. My point is, However, Indirectly related to the expression of students. If students were given freedom of expression of clothing, My view is that those restricting that freedom by persisting with a dress code would suggest that once you give students the chance to express themselves without the restriction of a dress code, The students would start to get the idea of what else they want to express freely without restriction. It is a valid reason as to why the argument of why a dress code is necessary remains. I certainly don't believe that those wanting a dress code predominantly are only concerned with the dress code itself, But what the dress code represents, This where my argument comes in. Although it is definitely possible that they may not be consciously aware of their deeper reasons for wanting a dress code. It is however just my opinion.
Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
Yeah, Wear halloween costumes in a formal meeting in july 4th. Argue this logic.
Posted by Syntho 1 week ago
Lol. Con went from "Expressing yourself in school" too "Freedom of jobs and salary", Which aren't really based on expression more so how hard you yourself express yourself outside of the factor of clothing. Not saying your wrong just your claim there is a bit off the bench.
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