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The earth is FLAT

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Started: 12/30/2016 Category: Science
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There are many (many) YouTube videos ready to open your eyes to the Truth, each of them special in their own way. This one I particularly like for its use of clip art and incorrect arithmetic:

Basically, the earth is a flat disc protected by an invisible barrier called "the firmament," a dome-like feature that also happens to be referenced in the Old Testament so you know it"s real. Copernicus, of course, fucked everything up by introducing his theory of heliocentrism. Flat Earthers acknowledge that while Copernicus"s math was right, he lacked the technology necessary to definitively prove his theory. Still, the idea took hold, governments started preaching it, and a centuries-long lie was born.

Makes you think.

Then as soon as Russia and U.S. managed to get rockets in the sky, they realized their error and quickly set about protecting the shameful secret at all costs. The Antarctic Treaty went into place in 1961, making it in "off-limits" to any wandering eyes.

It"s worth noting here that there"s also something called the "ice wall," which is the towering expanse of maybe absolute zero, pitch black ice barriers at the edge of Antartica that may or may not go on forever and that no human could ever possibly explore.

Perhaps this will help explain:

Or not! Either way, that"s a story for another day.

So, to keep their incredible secret, NASA began faking all sorts of photo and video "evidence": space launches, moon landings, Shuttle journeys"you name it. Its physicists and astronauts were sworn to secrecy,

Did Stanley Kubrick Fake This Video of Stanley Kubrick Admitting to Faking the Moon Landing?
As any good Champion of Truth knows, the alleged moon landing was, of course, an elaborate sham"
The villains in this tale are, of course, NASA and the U.S. government as a whole. NASA has been going to incredible lengths to fool the world about not only the moon landing (an obvious forgery) but about everything we thought we knew about our very planet itself. GPS readings? Faked. Photos and videos from space? Faked. Lunar eclipses? An invisible "anti-moon" that occasionally obscures our also-flat moon.

But why would NASA do so much work to keep the truth hidden from the masses? Money, of course. It"s a hell of a lot cheaper to keep a global charade going than it is to actually do all of the impossible projects that NASA claims to be working on. That money, in turn, gets funneled back to the government.

NASA made its first huge mistake when it hired contract artist Matthew Boylan and decided to let him on the shocking truth.

Boylan asserts that a large part of the reason the lie has gone on for so long is sheer hubris. In an interview titled "NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth!", Boylan explains that "if I tell you [the shape of the Earth] is a certain thing, without having an instrument to prove it for over 1,000 years... if you"re wrong, are you going to tell everybody?"

What"s more, the extra land that comes along with a flat earth means more natural resources. And if word got out about the secret store of oil hiding at the edge of the Earth, any remaining notion of scarcity would be shattered.

Still, some questions remain. What about seasons, you might ask. To which a Flat Earther might say, Well what about this.

Or put another way:

Gravity is something that might also have thrown a wrench in the Flat Earther"s personal Truth"if it weren"t for something called universal acceleration, that is. You see, the world is constantly accelerating upwards, forcing everything else "down." From the Flat Earth Wiki:

According to Flat Earth Theory, gravity does not exist. Instead, there is a force that produces identical effects as observed from the surface of the earth. This force is known as "Universal Acceleration" (abbreviated as UA).

Objects on the earth"s surface have weight because all sufficiently massive celestial bodies are accelerating upward at the rate of 9.8 m/s^2. The mass of the earth is thought to shield the objects atop it from the direct force of UA. Alternatively, it is possible that the force of UA can actually pass through objects, but its effect on smaller bodies is negligible (similar to gravity in RET cosmology, which only has a noticeable affect on very large objects).
None of the answers, of course, ever actually answer your question entirely, and more often than not they just open up a whole host of other questions. But such is the cost of finally waking from your conformist slumber.


The Earth is round! How can it be flat if we can go around the world? We have gone to space and you can see pictures of the Earth being round! Other planets from the view we can see at night are round so how can Earth be flat if other planets are round?
Debate Round No. 1


NASA FAKED THOSE! Just like the moon landing. You're flying around in a circle obviously. Those planets can't support life either


Please send me a link of something saying that NASA faked those. Yes those planets can't support life but why does everything say the Earth is a Oblate Spheroid? It's not a circle but it's obviously not flat. If all other planets are round It doesn't matter if they cant have life on them. How would the solar system have all round planets then have a flat Earth? We found out that the Earth was round thousands of years ago! I bet if you ask 100 people 90-100 of them will say the Earth is round, I know that's not fact but ask any scientist they will say the Earth is round! Like if a scientist says that the Earth is round that should mean that the Earth is round right?
Debate Round No. 2


Ok some good arguments! But you said in the beginning of this that a lot of youtube videos say that the Earth is flat uh don't believe everything you see on the internet! Next thing is if the Earth was flat we would be pulled to the center of the Earth! But we don't we get pulled to the ground because guess what NEWS FLASH THE EARTH IS ROUND! Gravity pulls us down to the ground just use some common sense please.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Megatronimus_prime 1 year ago
Also you can only see one side of the earth with a camera, that's why all the earth images show one side. When you take a picture of a person do you see the other side of there head... no you don't. Does that mean there head is flat... no it doesn't.
Posted by Megatronimus_prime 1 year ago
The Japanese must have been more stealthy than we thought. if the world was flat then during world war 2 when they attack Pearl Harbor they would have had to have flown across the whole United States because you wouldn't be able to get from Japan to Hawaii without crossing the us. Obviously we know they didn't because they used carriers to bring the planes close to the harbor. There is no benefit for the governments of the world to say the earth is flat. The facts are you can take a plane ride around the entire planet, you can go into space on a rocket, and you can see the curvature of the earth.
Posted by gators43776 1 year ago
I mean he plagiarized
Posted by gators43776 1 year ago
Posted by gators43776 1 year ago
Here is one reason to sway your vote if you're going for pro

How can I not see the Eiffel tower or the empire state building if I go on a big hill

I don't live in France or New York
Posted by gators43776 1 year ago
Oh sorry didn't mean the comment i posted just saw the one where you said you confused the pro and con because i thought you switched them
Posted by gators43776 1 year ago
Ok Jammie who do you think is pro and con? I just want to know.
Posted by Jammie 1 year ago
Oops confused pro and con there. basically the Earth is not flat.
Posted by Jammie 1 year ago
At first I thought pro was trolling but he's not. Good luck to pro in convincing this conspiracy theorist and hopefully pro will give con some common sense.
Posted by moaad2 1 year ago
The moon landings are perfectly logical and real as they follow the basic rules of orbital mechanics. Multiple calculations can be done to prove there was enough Delta-V for Apollo 11 to perform the trip.
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