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The earth is flat.

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Started: 6/15/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe the earth is flat because have you ever poured water onto a ball and then poured water onto a plate, which one does the water stay on. duh

okay but to be serious, you are probably saying "but it cant be flat we saw it on the moon landing and the Tesla car that space X launched into space" but if you look into it there was proof that the moon landing was fake like the flag that they planted on the moon and the video during the Tesla rocket launch had a part during its orbit when the background turned black as if the background was just green screen so you can scratch them of your proof that its not real and now focus on my proof that it is real.
there was a 19 hour flight that went from Bali to Los Angeles and a woman's water broke mid flight so they had to make an emergency landing in Alaska which made zero sense because from where the plane was it was the same distance to Los Angeles as it was Alaska so it was almost like the government was trying to hide something.
I hope you enjoyed reading this good luck opposition.
BTW I'm surprised that this was over 1000 characters.


So I'm not really sure what you are wanting to debate. In the second paragraph, you were talking about the moon landing. But in the third paragraph you were talking about flat earth.

You wrote the motion of this debate, "The earth is flat," so I'm just gonna respond to that part of it. So, you brought up this one flight that went from Bali to Los Angeles, but I just looked up, "flights from Bali to Los Angeles," and there were more than 5 flights going there alone.

Flights: Bali--> LA:
1. China Southern
2. China Airlines
3. EVA Air
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Hong Kong Airlines

All of these flights go from Bali to Los Angeles without making a stop. So yes, that one time when they stopped in Alaska is weird, but it's and outlier. That doesn't happen that much, or at all, so I don't think that the theory of, "the government is hiding something," is true.

Not every flight going from Bali to Los Angeles results in a woman's water breaking, and a stop. So I don't think that you evidence is very strong.

Good Job

Debate Round No. 1


Sorry, my sister just corrected me and said it was phillipenes to l.a. So soZ for that but other then that have you seen the symbol for United Nations, it looks a little like the earth surrounded by an Antarctic wall coincidence I think not. Also if you ever go to Antarctica the government doesn't let you go too far in because they're hiding the Antarctic wall

Yeah so, I don't have much more stuff so I'm saving it for part 3


Okay so I notice that you may have made another contradiction. So, you said in your first response, "the government is trying to hide something from us," and then you also say that it is in the United Nation's flag. This means that the government clearly isn't trying to hide anything from us if they put it on a flag that is seen all over the world. Also, I know why the flag has that symbol. In the Bible, there is a depiction of an Earth with a forcefield type thing (similar to the Antarctica wall). Continuing, there is no "Antarctica wall" on the flag.

Challenge: What is the government trying to hide from us?

"Also if you ever go to Antarctica the government doesn't let you go too far in because they're hiding the Antarctica." People live and have travelled fully around Antarctica. I don't mean to be rude to flat earthers, but I'm pretty sure that they made up the fact that they were, "turned away" from Antarctica because they wanted to push the flat-earth agenda. Just my opinion.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SirDarkStar 3 years ago
The problem with the flight to Bali claim is that you clearly didn't even bother to check that flight out or check the flight path on a Globe.

I did -- in fact, I found the EXACT that flight that diverted and I show that route on a Globe -- it's almost a perfectly straight shot on the globe.

If you want to "Question Everything" start by questioning your own bias and really analyzing the Flat Earth claims with an informed critical eye. I have over 170 posts on my blog (and one post covers all 200 of Dubay's claims) and not ONE Flat Earth claim has stood up so far.

Good luck!
Posted by coleMCHARDY 3 years ago
there"s a lack of understanding of the science that has long been used to demonstrate that we live on a globe, without the need to leave it. I wish Hughes well with his endeavor, as he has at least been willing to try and prove his theory. Perhaps if more people really could see for themselves the evidence, we might be able to reverse this worrying trend. A good place to start would be by making sure children have the chance to try out simple experiments in school.

One of the best documented methods for determining the Earth"s roundness was first performed (to our knowledge) by the ancient Greeks. This was achieved by comparing the shadows of sticks in different locations. When the sun was directly overhead in one place, the stick there cast no shadow. At the same time in a city around 500 miles north, the stick there did cast a shadow.

If the Earth were flat then both sticks should show the same shadow (or lack of) because they would be positioned at the same angle towards the sun. The ancient Greeks found the shadows were different because the Earth was curved and so the sticks were at different angles. They then used the difference in these angles to calculate the circumference of the Earth. They managed to get it to within 10% of the true value " not bad for around 250 BC.

Another piece of evidence for a globe is the difference between the night skies in the northern and southern hemispheres. The view is completely different because the Earth beneath you is pointing in a different direction. If the Earth were flat, the view should be the same. This can be made even easier by simply comparing when it is night and day in each country.

You can observe the planets as well. They all rotate, and watching over the course of a few days gives a clear picture they are spherical rather than flat. The chance that most of the planets are spherical but the Earth is flat seems very unlikely.
Posted by Percivil 3 years ago
If the earth is flat,does that make every other planet flat in the solar system? If so why does jupiter have rings around the planet itself?
Posted by temery2383 3 years ago
If the earth is flat, why haven't cats pushed everything off yet? "\_(|84;)_/"
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