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The earth is not flat

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Started: 1/13/2019 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The earth is not flat. Gravity would make something that size collapse into a ball. If you say gravity is fake and density is why we fall then tell me this does density give direction?


I accept your challenge.
As far as this topic goes, I"ll say this: I believe virtually everyone knows that the earth is indeed spherical in shape. However, I will attempt to dissuade this assumption in the spirit of good debate. Now, Onto my argument:

The basis of the argument for the earth being spherical, While having a myriad of branches, Comes down to one"s own observation; whether looking to the moon and seeing a curved shadow as opposed to a straight one, Or looking down at the earth from space and seeing an orb instead of a flat disc, The conclusion is left to the interpretation yielded by our observations and is one shared by billions of people. So, In order to throw this "truth" into question, We must question the difference between reality and perception.

Putting aside the notion that "perception is reality, " which indeed can be interpreted as a rather egocentric trait inherent in any human psyche or thought process, I believe reality is that which exists in the universe irrespective of the interpretations of other light forms. For example, We see color everywhere we go. A green leaf hanging from a tree, The yellow glow of the sun as it hangs suspended in the sky " these colors are functions of our brain that do not exist in reality. In reality, These colors are in actuality a series of light waves that hit the photo receptors in our eyes, Travelling along our optic nerves where our brain then interprets (or "perceives") them as different colors. So, In reality, The colors we see outside exist only within our minds. The same goes with sounds. If a tree falls in a forest, Does it make a sound? The answer is no; it doesn"t make a sound unless an organism is present that is able to interpret the vibrations the fall emits into sound. Without the interpretation, The "sound" merely exists as vibrations carried through media (on earth, The media is air).

So, My argument is this: the notion that the earth is spherical may not be correct, Due to the simple fact that human perception is only one interpretation of reality " which has a far larger range of interpretation when looked in the context of the brains (let"s define those as the "interpreters of reality") of other organism both known and unknown to us. While our brains interpret the earth as spherical when we look at it, In reality it may very well be flat " we"re just unable to perceive it as such.
Debate Round No. 1


Even if our perception of the Earth is wrong a flat earth is impossible, Anything that is the size of the earth due to gravity would collapse into a ball.


I understand your point, This was your original point too - I'd love for you to expand on it, Or to include some new evidence relating to my argument. I realize that gravity pulls matter inward, Creating a ball-like shape. My contention is that this shape is only in our minds, That gravity my have different effects up on matter than that which we observe.
Debate Round No. 2


Globeearth forfeited this round.


I guess there are no further points to be made in this debate. I did enjoy it, However!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by eXclusua 3 years ago
Yes, Banana-shaped is possible XD
Posted by itshighnughet 3 years ago
If the Earth was flat, When we walked forward, We would be walking up a never ending slope. Physics
Posted by vanillafrozenwater 3 years ago
maybe it's banana shaped
Posted by eXclusua 3 years ago
In my 2nd, Paragraph, I meant to say "life" forms, Not "light" forms
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
Everyone knows that the Earth is spherical. Flat Earthers antagonise because they haven't got anything better to do.
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