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The economy is strong under President Trump

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Started: 5/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many doubted the economy would ever be strong under President Trump; some still deny that the economy is strong under President Trump. If you are one of those that denies the economy is strong under President Trump, accept this challenge and make your case. And btw, if anybody wants to debate other issues involving President Trump, make a debate and challenge me. I am interested in having more debates about the job President Trump is doing, and I'm open to many different subjects.

My case: The economy is strong under President Trump.

1) Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate is down to 3.9%.[1] The last time the unemployment rate was lower was April of 2000, and if we can drop below that 3.8%, then we are in pre-1970's territory.[2] This advantage has spread out over the course of many groups, especially Blacks and Hispanics.[3] Many of these groups have the best unemployment numbers in decades. Long Term Unemployment Rate is way down.[7] Initial[8] and continuing[9] jobless claims are way down.

2) Full Time Jobs: The number of Full Time jobs are greater than they have ever been.[5]

3) Nonfarm Payroll Jobs: The number of nonfarm payroll jobs are the greatest they've been since at least 2008.[6]

4) Wages: Wage growth usually comes last, but we have seen them grow.[10] Living Wage Family is also at an all time high.[13]

5) GDP: GDP growth has been stable and growing (most easily seen in the 5Y).[11]

6) Productivity: Productivity is at an all time high.[12]

7) Confidence: The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), Business Confidence Index (BCI), and Composite Leading Indicator (CLI) are all positive.[14]

8) Capital Spending: According to David Brooks (no fan of President Trump) of the New York Times and citing Bloomberg, President Trump's tax cuts have resulted in a 39% capital spending increase, which is better than he was expecting.[15]

9) Interest Rates: Due to strong growth, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, something that hadn't been done since 2006.[16] Historical interest rate levels[17]

10) Stock Market: The stock market has grown extensively under President Trump.[18][19]

11) Manufacturing: The manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) is way up, a sign of economic health through manufacturing.[20] PMI considers manufacturing activity, inventory, and many other categories.[21]

12) Retail Sales: Retail sales have been healthy since President Trump took office.[22]

14) Building Permits: Building permits are rising.[23]

15) Housing Prices: Housing prices rose in 2017,[25] and continue to rise.[24] Rising prices is a sign of strong demand, which shows a strong economy.

16) Trade Deficit: The trade deficit has been declining sharply in 2018.[26]

Overall, you can slice this economy just about any way you want, these economic numbers are healthy. Sources I have cited include journalists from the New York Times and Bloomberg admitting ecomoic health. I have shown the hard data in many different categories that are considered important to economic health. I've shown that the Federal Reserve finds this economy to be healthy, and the result is rising interest rates. To tie this all together, I have an article from Money Crashers explaining 16 major leading indicators of a healthy (or not) economy.[27] My argument shows that the ecomonic numbers under President Trump are favorable indicators for a healthy economy. The economy is strong under President Trump. Disagree with me? Then accept the challenge and make your case!

NOTE: Dukeofpanda was quick to refute me in the comments, but they refused to debate me.



No it isn't, the economy has fallen. To say it isn't is special pleading, gamblers fallacy! You're basically begging the question right now. President Trump has been quoted with "I do stand up to china" But he did not do it.
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I stand by what was said in Round 1. Until my opponent offers up more of an argument, I feel satisfied standing on what has been stated up to this point.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Halo13 3 years ago
I don't have much to add except that the people who deny that the economy is flourishing under Trump need to face the music and look at the statistics.
Posted by dukeofpanda 3 years ago
Then why is the value of the US Dollar tanking in comparison to other countries, like Korea? Can't be that great. Since Trump took office the value dropped to nearly 1:1 when it has traditionally been a lot higher.
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