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The education system in Singapore produces more scholars than thinkers?

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Started: 5/27/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Actually i need help. This is my debate issue and i don't know what to say for my 2 mins presentation. I hope anyone could help me provided with



I humbly accept the challenge. It is so amazing and draws my attention to this subject matter.

I will define what scholars and thinkers are.

Thinkers can be defined in two different ways in accord with the free dictionary.
1. One who devotes much time to thought or meditation. [1]
2.One who thinks or reasons in a certain way [1]

Whereas, scholars can also be classified into two ways as well.
1. A learned person. [2]
2. A specialist in a given branch of knowledge [2]

The Singapore Education system is mainly based on the meritocracy. Students are admitted to the course in their favour regardless of their race, religion or even language.

Burden of proof.
As the title which is shown above, Pro shall have the burden of proof to establish 'The education system in Singapore produces more scholars than thinkers'.

I won't proceed until my opponent kindly present his arguments.

My opponents arguments:
Premise 1: Meritocracy produces more scholars thank thinkers.
Premise 2: Singapore is practicing meritocracy.
Conclusion: Due to The education system in Singapore, there are more scholars than thinkers.

So, I will take my case to rebut his arguments.

In premise 1, there are more scholars than thinkers in Singapore because of XYZ.
Therefore, I assume that Singapore will have less scholars than thinkers without XYZ.
So, what are you trying to say is that XYZ is so-called the factor that forbids some scholars to become thinkers.
For me, your argument is invalid at all. This is because your premise 1 is invalid. Thus, the following will never occur.
In education system, there is something which you all call it as 'Higher Order Thinking Skills'. [3]
This forces or requires more students to think outside the box. What you have learnt ought to be mastered , understand and being applied in every day's life.
Before any questions are answered, we must think first, then analyse and so on.
Without thinking, I firmly believe that you can't answer those difficult questions.


Conclusion : My opponent's arguments fail utterly, please defend your argument.

My argument formalized:
Premise 1: All students are taught critical thinking skills since they are at school. [4]
Premise 2: Scholars are at school.

Conclusion: Scholars are taught critical thinking skills.
Premise 3: Thinkers are having critical thinking skills.

Conclusion: Scholars are thinkers.
Debate Round No. 1


ArieMangat forfeited this round.


What are you thinking, my opponent?

Let's make all these things easy.

Pro is saying that 'Singapore's meritocracy educational system produces more scholars than thinkers'.

I won't get into my brand new arguments unless my opponent rebutted or provide his standpoints.

Some hints to my opponent:

1)You shall provide the difference in characteristics between scholars and thinkers.
You shall be stating why scholars and thinkers aren't the same.

2)The education system has caused the scholars not to think.
You must say what are the side effects of meritocracy's system to the students.
For example, the don't think much because of...

3)Why thinkers can't do well in the education system in Singapore.
Provide a myriad of reasons and even consequences.
I rest my case in this round.

Over to Pro.
I urge you to vote Con.
Debate Round No. 2


Hey, ok like i told you i need help in my presentation of my 2 mins debate issue at school. Ok so if i urge for con, can you write down according to

and a script about your con statement.



Tweka forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
Thanks Defro.
Posted by ArieMangat 7 years ago
Yes thinkers only . If can by today please, because tmr is my presentation, i know it's last min. So sorry.

Thanks for your help! :D
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
OK. I will try my best.
So you want thinkers only right?
Posted by ArieMangat 7 years ago
Yes i agree to the issue that the education system in Singapore has only managed to produce more scholars than thinkers.

I have already prepare script to talk about scholars and i talk alot about it but i did not talk about thinkers.
Can you help me to talk about thinkers for my issue?

It's for my college module and it will be graded.
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
You are having a debate in your school or just a presentation.
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
Please state carefully and clearly.
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
There are less scholar than thinker in Singapore's education system?
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
Or, there are more scholars than thinkers in Singapore's education system?
Posted by Tweka 7 years ago
You want me to show that there are equal scholars and thinkers in Singapore's education system?
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