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The formation of a new political party? What would be different?

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Started: 11/20/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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After observing the confusion and debate surrounding the future of the US, I have arrived at a potential conclusion, and I"m looking for input because I think this could be revolutionary. I hold the belief that the vast majority of disagreements about various topics in the US today, such as: abortion, immigration, gun laws, federal involvement, etc. can all be explained by the idea that we have been misguided for too long, made to believe that the US was primarily composed of Democrats and Republicans. This idea can be immediately proven flawed as was made apparent in the campaign for the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both claimed Democratic positions, yet had very different beliefs and intentions. I think that for far too long, we have only been hearing the opinions of "the fringe" on the news and in other media, that"s the people who lean very far either way (Democrat/Republican), and because of this, people are just assuming that those are tho two parties, that"s how it works. I am here to suggest that the unrest and general issues of America are caused because the majority of people in our country belong to a third party, party X, which they can not realize because it doesn"t exist. The disagreements are being fueled by the ignorance forced upon us in assuming, because of what we are told, that those are the two most popular belief systems in United States Politics today. I believe this is wrong. Do you believe the majority (greater than 75%)of the United States Population fall under the categories of Democrat and Republican? Do you think that there is potentially a third, unnamed party, composed of beliefs which have not yet been outlined, present in the United States today? Is it the majority? Should we make an effort to identify this party in an attempt to restore good to the majority of Americans? What are the beliefs of this party? What could this party look like in every day life? In Government?


First off, thank you for making this debate. Personally, I can't see this being a debate, and just more of a discussion with you and anyone in the comments section. However, we can feel free to debate the values of this Party X as a third canidate.

To answer your questions posed, I would believe that the majority of Americans fall under Democrat or Republican territory. The parties were created in 1820 and 1856, respectively, and have been around long enough to strongly influence how we govern America. In terms of a third party, there are MANY third parties out there, and the goal of the third party would be to appeal to Democrat and Republican values while holding autonomy in their own. I don't think that it can be revealed, but I do think that over the course of the discussion, that you and I can shape a possible third party that could be in line with American citizens today. If this were true, Americans would see closer elections and a possible switch in leadership in Congress / Presidency and have more diversity in their options.

Here are some beliefs that I would like to outline for the potential political party, as well as rational behind it.

1. The party must be considered pro-life, not only is 20% of the country Catholic, but considering how no person can now be a Democrat and Pro-life, this could be an important distinction to make from the branch.

2. The government must support the poor by not just giving them money, but by also giving them stocks or some sort of long term investment which will give them happiness in the future, and reduce the amount of money that the government has to take out for these people.

3. Higher taxes on the rich via tax brackets: Poor Class 6% Middle Class 15% Upper Class 25% Elite Class 35%

4. Support of smaller buisnesses to be on par with larger businesses, but also keeping large buisnesses as an objective good to provide good to the people, so while small food markets might be on par with Aldi or Giant or HyVee, a small electronics store should not be purchased from, that should be from an Apple, Microsoft, MetroPCS store.

5. Military spending should be kept at a middle ground in between what Democrats an Republicans spend on the military per presidential term, and spending on NASA should go up 15%.

6. Infrastructure rebuilding should increase by 20% so as to better accomidate the Americans with poor bridges, roads, highways.

Those are some basic ideas, thank you for your time, and I await Pro's suggestions.
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Posted by atjacobmajor 2 years ago
It's impossible. The Biparty system is way too strong, and the only way for a new political part to form is if a group of already well recognized and respected politicians do so.
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