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The gay alelle

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Started: 4/7/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Gay alleles are definitely a real thing. It is the only logical explanation for why people are gay especially at such a young age. It is simple. When this so called gay allele is turned on... no pun intended it makes people gay. It is in our genetic coding and most people are wired to be straight but occasionally we get people with the gay allele turned on which explains why people are gay. Being gay is not a choice. It is determined by our genetic coding. People who possess this tend to be gay. They also have the mentality that there is no gay allele and it is a choice but that is obviously false.



The premise of this debate is that genes effect behavior, a concept which is not as well supported as my opponent would have us believe. Certainly it is possible that genes can have an influence on the mental capacity and emotional demeanor of a person, but to attribute abnormal sexual orientation solely to genetics is quite unfounded. Dr. Dean Hamer, author of the so-called "gay gene" study has concluded, "Homosexuality is not purely genetic. . .environmental factors play a role. There is not a single master gene that makes people gay. . ." (1). The problem with such a claim is the staggering complexity of genomic processes and the numerous variable environmental factors which may play a role in human behavior. According to Stanford professor of cognitive neuroscience J. J. Wine, ". . .no link has been established between the vast majority of genes and any psychological property. . ." no doubt due to the difficulties in tracing behavioral traits to an isolated gene or set of genes (2). Upon reviewing the relevant literature, law professor Lynn Wardle concludes, ". . .the knowledge base regarding the etiology of homosexuality-especially claims of biological immutability-is too immature and unsettled. . ." (1). With all that said, Pro must provide striking conclusive evidence that homosexuality is indeed caused by a "gay allele" which is turned on. Although unnecessary to win this debate, as it hinges on the efficacy of genes alone to determine behavior, I will provide some contributing factors to the phenomenon of human homosexuality.

Traumatic Child Abuse

Sexually abused children are known to exhibit a number of psychological abnormalities as a consequence of their trauma, some of which include, ". . .damage to the victims' emotional reactions and self-perceptions, relationship problems, problems with sexuality and difficulties in social functioning" (3). It is easy to see how sexual abuse can cause a misappropriation of sexual attraction and confusion of sexual identity. According to chief of Child and Family Studies Centre, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Dr. Joseph H. Beitchman, ". . .evidence suggests that sexual abuse is an important problem with serious long-term sequelae. . ." including ". . .sexual disturbance or dysfunction, homosexual experiences in adolescence or adulthood. . ." (4). I am in no way claiming that all homosexuality is the result of sexual abuse, rather I am simply arguing that it is well documented that such abuse in children can result in abnormal sexual feelings and/or behavior.

Social Development

Research has indicated that sexual orientation ". . .emerges from an interaction between sex drive development and social development during early adolescence" (5). With an influx of sexualized media and increasing social acceptance of homosexuality as normal or even desirable, it is clear to see that young children and teenagers developing in such a social environment are more readily apt to not become unsure of their sexual identity and to experiment sexually with others of the same sex. Simple differences in human personality or behavior may be interpreted as homosexual and may even be encouraged as such. This reinforcement of homosexuality can certainly be a primary contributing factor to the development of homosexual feelings and/or behavior in adolescents today.

Social constructs of what is "straight" and what is "gay" run deep and, for example, a simple boy's preference for certain colors or fashion styles may be interpreted as gay and reinforced as such. This social programming can pressure one to identify as homosexual and/or may cause one to find it easier to "go with it." A "coming out of the closet" study found that, "Comfort with sexual orientation was greatest in persons with early patterns and lowest within the group with late trajectories and limited gay/lesbian/bisexual social immersion" (6). It is worth noting that, "committed homosexuals, lesbians, and gay males who see themselves as homosexual and adopt corresponding lifestyles, recall having acquired their homosexual identities" (7) [emphasis mine]. Given that sexually feelings or perceptions are not quantifiable and that the development of such is only made known upon a child or teenagers ability to comprehend their own sexual identity, social development must be considered as a primary causal factor.

The Problem in Defining Homosexuality

The very concept of homosexual identity itself is unclear and many different views have been argued such as, "The synonymity of homosexual identity and self-concept: homosexual identity as childhood identity; homosexual identity as sexual identity; and homosexuality as a distinct essence" (8). It seems that if homosexuality is based upon a self-evaluation of one's own sexuality and thus subjective in nature, it cannot possibly be argued that homosexuality is a fixed outcome of genetic pre-disposition. Thus an adequate definition of homosexual identity is in order which sufficiently addresses this concern.


The claim that a certain allele confers a propensity for homosexual feelings and/or behavior is speculative at best. It is certain that social development plays a crucial role in the formation of both sexual identity and behavior. Sexual abuse during childhood can also be a causal agent for the proliferation of homosexuality. The very idea of an immutable proclivity toward homosexuality is in serious question and thus awaits a profound and unequivocal vindication in the form of demonstrable scientific evidence.


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Posted by fernandito_chiquito 3 years ago
Definitely agree with you drennan. Humans are biologically by default aroused by the opposite gender. The only logical explanation for this abomination "homosexuality" is a genetic error that is responsible for this unnatural change in sexuality.
Posted by drennan 3 years ago
In a study connected by Dr. Williams of Westside University he used subject to study this. One subject in particular with the first name Conner happened to be a great example of how the gay alelle causes you to be gay. Conner has gay parents thus he inhierited the gay alelle and became. He had nothing pressuring him to be gay it was just genetic unluck some other, but most gay people inhierit a gay alelle like him.
Posted by Iacov 3 years ago
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