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The great emu war should be commemorated by a public holiday in Australia

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Started: 12/3/2018 Category: Politics
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The great emu war is a major event in Australia's history. It's a prime example of the ninja-like abilities emu's withhold within them. The great emu war was initiated in the early year of 1932. Major G. P. W Meridith was among the men that went out to viciously slaughter emus. While there were no human casualties, Around 986 of Australia's treasured emus dyed courageously protecting their territory. The Emus won the war when the people surrender to them in 1945.

I believe the fallen emus should be commemorated by a public holiday, Giving all Australians a day to commemorate our brave fallen soldiers.

About emu war:
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=QOPZQHTNUs0


So i am not completely against making a holiday in australia, I just think there are better way to commemorate the fallen people. When people make a holiday out of something its normally a day of celebration. There are (in america) veterans day and other events so its not completely a bad idea. Instead of making a holiday, I would make a building or a museum to commemorate them, And so Australians know more about the information. What I find in holidays is people make a Mockery of the event, Even in america, So there are better ways to commemorate it my opinion.
Also I give full respect to you and hopefully have a good debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Fist I would like to address some problems in cons argument:

When people make a holiday out of something it's normally a day of celebration.
In Australia, We have a public holiday for Anzac day. This is about our fallen soldiers in the wars. This is not a celebration.

I would make a building or a museum to commemorate them, And so Australians know more about the information.
Australians only care if they get a day off. (most)

A public holiday is the only way to speed to the news. Most Australians don't even know we had an emu war. This is why I believe a public holiday would make it a well known and commemorated event. Also if we did maybe Americans would start pronouncing emu correct.


I do want say something key, I am not completely against the idea, But there is a trend of society overall. Traditions rarely last long, The original ones. July 4th is the day America became independent, And adopted the declaration of independence. Most people don't know that.
Originally it was not a holiday, As is is now, Instead it is a celebration, Why, Just to celebrate. This does not apply to everyone, Just a lot of people in America. Also you said "Australians only care if they get a day off. (most)" so if that is why they are making the holiday, Then it should not be one, Also my opinion.
My final idea is this. If people don't know about the event as much now, Someone has to announce it. Someone who is power and has influence, Most powerful people would not go through the trouble of announcing it, So it's likely it would not happen anyways. But still, I'm not completely against the holiday, I just think a holiday is a day of celebration then a day of mourning.
Not completely against it though
Debate Round No. 2


Holly0400 forfeited this round.


cool thankyou
Debate Round No. 3
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