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The human will power ( mind) can affect time and space based phenomenon of our world

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Started: 7/28/2016 Category: Philosophy
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The human willpower is far more superior than its per-considered role of survival of human body and it has power to severely affect time and spaced phenomenons metaphysically beyond rules of our physical world.

Following are my evidence in support of this claim

1. As a simple rule, If willpower (mind ) is sub product of body whose main function is to play its part for the survival of human body then it can not damage and annihilate human body itself but we often see that when human will power decide to kill the body in shape of suicide , it violate said rule and do the opposite that clearly shows that said rules is not valid .

2. When we study history , we see prominent figures those changed the world solely with their willpower , examples nelson Mandela, hazrat Muhmmad , gandhi , mahatama budh thought they were not much powerful at initital stages but with only will power they dominated the world and phenomenons based on time and space revolved around them as per their will.

3. Research show that scientists and researchers has longer life than others because they have much stronger desire for life than others that clearly show that their love for life and willpower take part in the health of their body.

4. Psychologists has researched on placebo effect and admit that it effects positively on patients that prove the willpower played its role.

5. An example of will power that defeated rules of physical world is Stephan hawking who was diagnosed with ALS and ALS Association says the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with the condition is between two and five years but he still survive at 73 also earning status of scientist of century .


I assume I do not have to make an opening argument because you didn't tell me too.
So I am going to start with a rebuttal point by point.

1.) I actually find this very interesting. But, this does not affect rules beyond our physical world. This only shows us that we have a human spirit and we are above animals. A human spirit gives us a reason to do more than our animal instincts, yet it does not allow us to enter the metaphysical world. After all, we kill ourselves through physical means.

2.) Those people you mentioned are only prominent because other people let them to be prominent. They merely give a voice to a mass of people who want a voive. They offer hope for a better life, that is why people still follow them. No man can change the wills of many, and those people didn't.

3.) Yes, but all that could be done physchological and physical. The human mind has complete control of the human body, true, but that does not mean it affects time and spaced phenomenons.

4.) Same as point 3

5.) Extreme version of point 3

In conclusion, you are right that human willpower is superior to the survival of the human body, but how does that affect the metaphyisical world?
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for your arguments.

actually my claim can be divided into following two parts

a) I do reject materialism that everything is made of matter and I am of the opinion that human-being's will is far superior than matter

b) Human's will power function metaphysically even it also effects time & space based phenomenon

Now taking into account these , Following are my responses to your arguments

1. You too rejected materialism and admitted that we have a human spirit and we are above animals .

definition of human spirit : bible says that the human spirit is the very breath of Almighty God and was breathed into man at the beginning of God"s creation that clearly shows that human will power is far superior than matter and you too agreed with my sub claim (a) .

2. I do not agree with your argument that those people merely gave voice to a mass of people who want a voice , you may be right in few cases but there are hundred of prominent people those change the course of history only with their will power , take example of Hazrat Muhammaded , when he started his campaign , he started alone also suffered humiliation from powerful tribes of mecca even he was forced to migrate from his own city but never give up his message , consequently he changed the entire course of history that prove my sub claim (b) .

3. admitted

4. admitted

5. We can not take Stephan Hawking's case as simple psychological case, it is beyond the scope of psychology as it clearly violated rules of physical world thus it is an example that how human will power can effect time & space based phenomenon

6. If Einstein was right in his claim that time and space bends and it can be manipulated then human being need to posses a tools that can too effect time and space and it is human's will


The major flaw with you argument is that you fail to prove that you examples influence the metaphysical world. You cannot immediately explain your answer so you assume it has something to do with humans affecting time and space. Oxford-Razor theory- 'Simplest answer is usually the right one'.

1.) I do reject materialism, yet I do not think killing yourself means you affect the metaphysical world. It just means you lost your will to live, something humans possess to live on, so you decide to kill yourself. You no longer have a reason to live so you don't Nothing to do with metaphysics.

2.) How does that example show that Muhammad affected the metaphysical world? There could be other causes for his success, which includes his tenacity and determination.

5.) How does that violate rules of the physical world? Maybe we do not understand the physical rules or maybe the doctors got it wrong. Maybe it just shows mind over matter.

You have a very strong argument for the human spirit. I agree that we have a human spirit. But how does that affect the metaphysical world? That is what you failed to prove.
Debate Round No. 2


So far we are in agreement that Human being are superior to animals as they have human spirit when compared to animals also you agreed with my definition of human spirit that human spirit is the very breath of Almighty God and was breathed into man at the beginning of God"s creation that means you will be agree with theory supported by all major religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism that God created this universe as well as human being .

Now my job is only to prove that human will power / thought can effect external world metaphysically violating existing physical rules of this world consequently it ill prove my claim that human will (mind) can effect time and space based phenomenons.

1. If this universe & human-being has been created by the wish / will of GOD and If human spirit is the very breath of Almighty GOD and humans alone are "created in the image of God in accordance to bible then human-being must posses qualities / traits similar to almighty GOD that mean if GOD can create this universe with his will then human-being must posses this trait to effect external world ( time and space based phenomenon) with his will power too that prove my point

also If this universe is created by GOD for human-beings and if there exists such rules that time & space can be manipulated ( as per Einstein theory) then we human beings must posses ability to effect time and space based phenomenon ourselves .

Here I will give evidence from this world where human being effected external world metaphysically violating physical world rules (science) that will prove my point .

2. Helen Hadsell had won over 5,000 prizes, including washing machines, televisions, out-board motors, Hammond organs and many other appliances. Over 5 trips to Europe for herself and her entire family.

Throughout her life she says she has won every contest she has entered into and she says it is all because of using the Law of Attraction.

more details you can find here

3. I would like to present experiment of positive thinking by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan . His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications" can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

Here you will find more information

4. Also I would like to mention to story of twin sisters named Linda and Terry Jamison those are known for their predictions and whose almost all predictions become true . they are American identical twins, professionally known as The Psychic Twins. They are best known for the prediction they made in 1999 on the Art Bell radio show. The Twins said "We are seeing various terrorist attacks on federal government - excuse me, federal buildings. Particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002. And also the New York Trade Center - the World Trade Center in 2002, with something, with a terrorist attack."[

Following link will provide more details

5. Also I would like present story of five year old Ramses Sanguino who demonstrated exceptional skill of telepathy also his skill verified by scientist too

following link will give you more detail

6. Also Science Proves That Human Consciousness and Our Material World Are Intertwined: Here you will find evidence in this regard


First off, human spirit merely refers to our consciousness that is free from logic and experience and is based on free-will, nothing to do with metaphysics. I believe in God, yet I do not believe that he gave us metaphysical abilities, if so, he would teach that in the Bible.

1.) You conclusion that God gave us metaphysical abilities is based on no proper reason. Why would God give us such abilities? And how do our minds affect time and space?

2.) She might've rigged the system or got lucky. You fail to prove that her winning streak affected the metaphysical world. That's the problem with your arguments, you make a claim and call it metaphysical because you don't understand how the work.

3.) Easily could've been rigged. You should try it, just for the fun of it. In order for this to work, Dr. Emoto didn't have to say anything to the rice, and merely think of negative and positive emotions. And merely saying good or bad things doesn't mean you feel those emotions.

4.) Doesn't count, they got the year wrong and the Worlds Trade Center is an obvious target for terrorism. Furthermore, they made two more claims for terrorist attacks, both of which were wrong.

5.) Telepathy does not necessarily affect metaphyics. It just means that a mother and son could read each other's mind. (Could be faked, by the way).

6.) Pro doesn't care to explain how science proves the connection between our mind and the material world, so I don't care to make a rebuttal for it.

If you believe that our mind is connected with the material world, why not make experiments on your own and see for yourself?

In summary, Pro has only provided specifics to show how our mind affects metaphysics, but does not explain why or how those examples work. Nor does he explain why it is even philosophically possible to
Debate Round No. 3
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