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The internet is responsible for the increase in mental health issues in youth.

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Started: 9/16/2018 Category: Society
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Social Media is NOT to blame for depression in young people.
It has been found that there is actually NO PERSUASIVE EVIDENCE, In regards to being able to blame the internet for the rise in mental health problems as Niall McCrae who is a Lecturer in Mental Health at King's College stated. A survey conducted by HopeLab found that, In situations were young people faced depression, As a result they actually ended up turning to the internet, In order too seek help and not their family nor friends.


Today I will be discussing how the internet is responsible for the increase in mental health issues in youth. The internet itself is a dangerous place, People can go through cyber bullying and suicide attempts. Furthermore, There's advantages and disadvantages, It's good for communication, But bad things also come around and some people get affected really bad from the outcomes like bullying. The internet"s problems go beyond the school yards in an attempt to harm every part of a child"s life.
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Mental health issues in youth are actually mainly caused by daily anxieties that they face. A survey conducted by Nihara Krause published the results of a survey that 500 12-16 year olds took. It included numerous of their anxieties, Such as exam worries (41%) and work overload (31%). Nihara also stated, That she was not surprised by this rapid growth of youth developing mental illness', As an immense amount of students suffer from such anxieties, Fearfullness about grades and high expectations.
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