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The internet is responsible for the increase in mental health issues in youth

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Started: 9/10/2018 Category: Health
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The internet is not responsible for the increase in mental health issues in youth. It has been scientifically proven that there is a weak correlation between youth and the use of social media connected to a mental health issue: like depression. Eleven scientific studies were pursued with a total of 12, 646 participants and overall it was found that a small relationship between online social interaction and developing a depressed mood. Instead vulnerable young people are more likely to turn to the internet for social support. Giving evidence that depression is more of a contributing factor to the internet rather than a consequence of it.
Technology is improving mental health care. It is improving mental health care with apps on smartphones and computers which help provide services and information to clients in a more cost-effective way and easily accessible. Apps that promote mental wellness and policies that are available that allow clients to complete courses of cognitive behavioral t


Mental health is the main reason to why mental health issues are increasing, Not only has social media been proved to cause unhappiness, But it can also lead to the development of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression when used too much or without caution. You can get anxiety from social media such as when you post a photo you get anxious to the amount of likes/comments your going to get, If people are going to talk about it bad/good if people will make fun of you, All those things make you feel anxious and scared not going to lie from my perspective I feel anxious when I have to do certain things that involve other people or meeting new people. When us humans use social media we are found most of the time comparing our lives with others which is mentally unhealthy because we're putting ourselves down for something we do and don't have which makes us unhappy with who we are as a person and instead of appreciating the things we have we are always wanting more and that's because of social media, We see what others post and instantly in order for us to fit in with society we have to get the certain thing in. Social media can be used to post memories for example instagram and snapchat but those have side effects too for you and the person looking at it, It shows only one side of someone's live but not the bad things making people feel like only there lives are horrible and the person posting it it can bring back memories of unnecessary things
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The internet gives more of a positive effect to the youth of our generation then an actual negative effect to their mental health. Social media creates a sense of community online as well as encouraging people to seek help with issues if they need to and improve their ability to share and understand the feelings of others. By talking to others on technology it can increase life satisfaction by having a positive effect when talking to people online. Other ways the internet have positive effects on mental health is allowing people to socialize with family members or friends in distant locations. It impacts the friendships with a strong positive vibe because of developing more trust and becoming closer as they constantly have the ability to communicate. Social media can grow the sense of empathy by learning and understanding the perspective of others. Teenagers seem to be more aware of the risks and are cautious of online interactions which gives evidence that social media teaches them to create an understanding of sensibility. The internet is starting to improve people"s daily life and allow people to take charge of their own mental healthcare.
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