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The letter a is better than the letter k no one likes k

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Started: 1/9/2014 Category: Funny
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The letter A is way better than the letter K!!!!!!


The letter K is in fact better than A because K is the 11th letter and 11 has several special things about it.

Here is a link to the article about it because there are too many special things about it to write down here:

Then K also has quite a few other special things.

It is the abbreviation for karat.
It is the abbreviation for potassium.
It is the symbol for thousand.
It takes more components of the mouth to make the sound than A does.

Overall it is a very special letter and therefore better than A.
Debate Round No. 1


The letter a is better than the letter k because it is its own word.
The letter a is used as the best grade in the grading scale.
The letter a has higher relative frequency than the letter k in general and as the first letter of words.
Also no one likes k because it is harder to write than a.
Also a is number 1 in the alphabet, meaning the best.
In Greek a is the equivalent of the alpha, which is used as a term for being the top dog, first, or number one


Also a is number 1 in the alphabet, meaning the best.

But K is 11 so it has two 1s making it twice as best.

Here is what the Greek letter K is used.

  • In graph theory, the connectivity of a graph is given by κ.
  • In differential geometry, the curvature of a curve is given by κ.
  • In physics, the torsional constant of an oscillator is given by κ as well as Einstein constant of gravitation.
  • In structural engineering, κ is the ratio of the smaller factored moment to the larger factored moment and is used to calculate the critical elastic moment of an unbraced steel member.
  • In electrical engineering, κ is the multiplication factor, a function of the R/X ratio of the equivalent power system network, which is used in calculating the peak short-circuit current of a system fault. κ is also used to notate conductivity, the reciprocal of resistivity, rho.
  • In chemistry, the compressibility of a compound is given by κ.
  • In psychology and psychiatry, kappa represents a measure of diagnostic reliability.
  • In biology, kappa and kappa prime are important nucleotide motifs for a tertiary interaction of group II introns.
  • In biology, kappa designates a subtype of an antibody component.
  • In pharmacology, kappa represents a type of opioid receptor.
  • Kappa statistics such as Cohen's kappa and Fleiss' kappa are methods for calculating inter-rater reliability.

Upper-case letter Κ is used as a symbol for:

  • In textual criticism, the Byzantine text-type (from Κοινη, Koine, the common text).
  • In set theory, kappa is often used to denote an ordinal that is also a cardinal.

And wqhat is alpha used for:

  • Alpha helix, a common motif in the secondary structure of proteins
  • Alpha particle, form of particle radiation
  • Alpha taxonomy, the science of naming organisms
  • Alpha waves, recorded by electroencephalography
  • H-alpha, or H-α, an emission line created by hydrogen atoms
  • α, a symbol for the angle of attack in aerodynamics
  • α, a symbol for angular acceleration in physics
  • α, a symbol for coefficient of thermal expansion in thermodynamics
  • α, a symbol for the fine-structure constant in physics
  • α, a symbol for thermal diffusivity in thermodynamics
  • α, a symbol for common-base current gain of a transistor in electronics
  • α, the isotope fractionation factor between two substances in geochemistry
  • Alpha, the brightest star in a constellation according to the Bayer designation

Not nearly as many important things.

So K is definitely better than A

Debate Round No. 2


diso123 forfeited this round.


Since con has forfeited, he must have realized that K is much better than A.
Debate Round No. 3
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