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The people on this site are hypocrites( excluding the arguing) they talk of ignorance on the christi

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Started: 6/4/2014 Category: Society
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On the part of the Christians but they do not realize the logic and reason of the Catholics ( mainly) for example they say it is wrong ( in terms of A RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT) to assume that all that is unnatural is evil, is it not bad when a cow acts mad ( not in accordance to the cows nature ( unnatural)) or when a dog meows..what other evil is there besides that which is corrupt? I will be pointing out the ignorance sand general points of theological reasoning in order to show how flawed the viters are. Con will defend them. Hopefully after this argument the voters will not hate me, I would ask them to feel free to vote against me but PLEASE REFLECT ON HOW YOU ARGUE AND WUY YOU CRITICIZE!!!


People on here have more understanding than you give them credit for.
Perhaps your own opinions on theological events are making you feel superior to, "the common people".
Debate Round No. 1


I'm not saying I'm superior because of knowledge, I'm not saruman. People don't realize 1.) if you believe in a God that created the world, he is in every part of the world. When someone creates something it has a purpose. If god is superior and you realize that then you should just go with his will. Evil is a corruption of Good. The natural state is a good state. No one can be completely bad , people can only veer toward bad ideas( sinning) by commiting evil actions.


This debate is meaningless. You cannot generalize people.
By saying people don't understand something it is assumed you understand it fully, otherwise you wouldn't be judging their intelligence.

It is arrogance you are displaying.
Debate Round No. 2


If you would read my 1st round arguement I told you the reasons for doing this


Okay, so you want to talk about the misconceptions Protestants have on the Catholics?

Let's start another debate.

Voters, apologies, vote for Pro, since the whole purpose of this debate was unclear to me. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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