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The pursuit of immortality

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Started: 12/3/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 6 days ago Status: Voting Period
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I'll attempt to avoid technical snags in this debate by putting forth these words,
I would prefer to debate someone who does not believe in any afterlife, Since belief in an afterlife would, 'I think, Make the gap of understanding between us too vast. The grounds of understanding too short.

So, I return to one of 'my obsessions
In this debate, I 'intend to speak and argue that immortality, The continuation of existence, 'ought be more recognized as one of the greater, If not 'the greatest pursuit a human might strive toward.

If you accept this debate you accept debating with the 'spirit of what I intend by this argument.
This meaning that to either side, Definitions are a bit more fluid, Not set in stone, A bit more free to come and go. The voters, If any shall judge whether the 'spirit is kept.
Voters are free to vote however they like without having to make some intricate argument to justify their vote, Although I would appreciate it if they are good sports and honest about it.

I'll give a bit of my mind, Here, In the first round, Then.

There's no life after this, I assert.
There's only a "To be, Or not to be"
And how can a "not to be", 'be the answer for any human not impaired. Impaired by despair, Depression, Desolate spirit, Lacking in mind and ego?
To live, That's the rub.
The meaning and being.
Or at least the only way, In that which has been said, May be found.
To exist. Now that's human.

Now on possibility, Who's to say what is possible?
People and scientists, I suppose. But anyhoo, Planes, Trains, And automobiles were but once dreams and phantoms of men's mind, In ages past. Drawings upon Michelangelo's papers, Etches in his head.
Science and the human population has exploded from what it once was. Great leaps are possible.
Immortality is to be found in nature and theory, I assert without evidence, Due to laziness and assumption that others have read similar articles as I. I will give evidence if asked.
The possibility may be there, 'I say. What is needed is the effort.


So, After a few billion with a b years then, Wouldn't if be kinda "same ole same ole"?
Like "didn't I just leave this party? "?
"Been there done that. . . . . . UMPTH times. . . . . "?

Just a thought.
Debate Round No. 1


In a couple of years, I'll ought to be 28 years old.
Going with the assumption that I've had regular enough sleep most days,
365 (days) times 28 (years)
I should have slept and woken, Roughly, 10220 times. . .
And still, I find both enjoyable.
A far cry from a billion sure, But is 100 years of life enough?
Not for me, Would 250, Or 500 be enough?
I don't 'think so, Though I don't 'know

One of the reasons I went with those italics in round one, Is the definition of immortality. I make the argument that being 'ageless, Yet being able to be killed, Fits a common definition of immortality.
The elves of Tolkien or the immortals of Baccano

Going by that definition of immortality, I 'could always kill myself if I got bored of billions of years. Though more likely someone else would kill me, Or some sun blowing up kill me.
Nevertheless, I make these two arguments against yours of growing weary.
I'm still not tired of life, And immortality is not inescapable in many examples.


Maybe you're right.
That would be quite the ride, Never have to worry about running out of gas.
Btw, Would it be possible to spend eternity just sleeping all day and partying all night?
If so, Then I'm down for that.
Debate Round No. 2


Eh, I don't see why it wouldn't. Eventually anyway. What bothers me about death is that, From my point of view, It's the last stop. What bothers me more, Is that it 'seems like some previous types of death 'could be overcome. But most people are just used to people dying. Seems traditional to them.


Well should one find eternity to be a tad too much then one would still have the option to F it and instead become a part of eternity, Sort of speaking.

Or perhaps try cryo sleeping a few mahayugas just to see if something a bit more interesting has emerged while you were away, Perhaps that would be a more wise way to adress such boredom issues.

Wise [verb]: Something Trump is not.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, It's nice that you agree immortality 'could be nice.
But how do you feel about the pursuit of is?

People take their heart medication, Get out of the way of oncoming cars, Save up food for the winter.
How is safeguarding one's life by pursing immortality different?

Going by something you posted 3 years ago, I'm going to assume you're an atheist. Even though time has passed, And it's possible you have other belief systems that could also exist.

God is literally impossible.
"All the Gods there ever has been and ever will be are man made, So yes, God(s) are fully possible. " - Lynx_N

What afterlife is there for you and me?
This is it, 'this is our one life.
Why would we not try to live?
Why would we not try to evade death, As long as we can run?


Well I guess you would have to decide at what age you'd like to become immortal given that you'd probably not grow any older after you'd taken that blue pill.

As it is now, A lifetime on earth is a crunched version of eternity if you will, Same rules would apply, Only once you're immortal you couldn't possibly grow an all the more older body, I mean, Just what would you look like after umpth years?
A trotting fragile pile of hanging soggy flesh with matches keeping your eyelids open?

Btw, If God exists, Then we would see Kamala Harris in a Presidential debate with Donald Trump.
Debate Round No. 4


Eh, If one can imagine immortality, One can imagine downloading one's brain to a robotic body, Or a clone, Or finding ways to rejuvenate and heal the flesh.

Eh, Last I looked Biden, Warren, Or Sanders looked likely. Which to my eyes looks unlikely for the Democrats prospects. Though admittedly I haven't looked all that recently.


Well, Thanks for the debate Leaning.

If only DDO were a little more active, Then perhaps more like you could join in.

As it is right now DDO is much like a black hole, I. E what goes on in here pretty much stays in here, So I guess it's up to the brave few of us left here to keep on doing our very best to bring DDO back.

Anyway, You're the patron of DDO Leaning, Many kudos to you.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Leaning 6 days ago
It 'would be nice, If whoever owns this place would fix it up a bit.
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