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The real reason "illegal drugs" are illegal

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Started: 8/11/2018 Category: Society
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Now, Most people when they hear the word drugs they will probably think of illegal drugs the thing is everyone consumes drugs all the time. A drug is something you consume that changes 'something' we also have the common legal drugs like coffee pills cigarettes and alcohol. These drugs have gotten their value because of the way they alter our concussions,

-they are legal because they don't make you think further than the fog we live in but some will make you a more productive worker-

Anyway if you wanna know why illegal drugs are illegal it's a danger to the society or more accurate the government? Tho the government doesn't really exist it's like a fog there to confuse and mislead us.

Most people will just believe what they are told to believe and not go and seek answers for emself now that's hard when the system will break you down, Meaning people are afraid as well brainwashed, And it's not like information about how the world is fake and we are all slave is gonna come up in your inbox, It's like the 4th dimension you can't be mad about or find out something you don't know about in the first place.
People don't want to be labeled delusional or crazy by saying 'an unpopular opinion'. (you're born into the system)

From an early age we are taught that illegal drugs are dangerous addictive etc And yes they are but that's not why they are illegal they are because it would mean people wouldn't have to strive for working and earning money.

Now if you have heard you're whole life drugs is bad and stuff you will maybe not think that that but it will be embedded in you're unconscious so let's say what do you think happens when someone for the first time trying LSD feeling unsure and scared and maybe a bit forced then yes you will have a bad trip probably and you will have a bad mindset of the drug and it loops on.

I'm not trying to say everyone should go around doing drugs just because,

Now let's talk about the addicts now there are studies with rat's and humans that have shown that addiction is not genetic, Most addicts are maybe beaten up by life society everything and needs something to bond with like illegal drugs it is in human nature to have a connection to something when you remove the illegal tag and actually teach you what it does what effect the pros cons but there is none of that all you ever hear over and over again is 'drugs are bad for you' if we had a resource based economy society there wouldn't really be any addicts because the whole world would be connected we wouldn't simply care for it.

We are taught our whole lives to follow orders to be productive people not to learn to grow to think and revolutionize the world. Don't hate the player hate the game

In school you teach that humans have 10 fingers even tho some people are born with more or less, You know that some people are born with more fingers etc but the fact doesn't change that you will still learn that humans have 10 fingers because that's what 99. 7% of the population has.

NOW, With drugs you don't teach the most common trip and what you probably will feel and what will happen and such, Instead, We teach the low chance of a bad trip or worse, This helping to the problem because it makes em unconsciously value it bad increasing the chance of getting a bad trip.


Illegal drugs have many detrimental effects that you have whisked over in your effort to convince everybody that "the government doesn't really exist" and "We are taught our whole lives to follow orders to be productive people not to learn to grow to think and revolutionize the world. "

In a study released in 2014 (https://www. Livescience. Com/48171-marijuana-research-health-effects-review. Html) that had been going on for 20 years. Let me read you some quotes.

"People who drive under the influence of marijuana double their risk of being in a car crash, And about one in 10 daily marijuana users becomes dependent on the drug, According to a new review. "

"He found that adolescents who use cannabis regularly are about twice as likely as their nonuser peers to drop out of school, As well as experience cognitive impairment and psychoses as adults. Moreover, Studies have also linked regular cannabis use in adolescence with the use of other illicit drugs, According to the review, Published today (Oct. 6) in the journal Addiction. Researchers in the studies still debated whether regular marijuana use might actually lead to the use of other drugs, Hall wrote in the study. However, He pointed to longer-term studies and studies of twins in which one used marijuana and the other did not as particularly strong evidence that regular cannabis use may lead to the use of other illicit drugs. "

""The perception that cannabis is a safe drug is a mistaken reaction to a past history of exaggeration of its health risks, " Hall told Live Science. "

And marijuana isn't even the worst one. Humor me by reading this article. (https://www. Verywellmind. Com/the-health-effects-of-cocaine-abuse-66706)

For conciseness, I won't include many more studies because they are so abundant. Say what you want, But the reason illegal drugs are illegal is because they are bad for you.
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