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The riches rule over the law

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Started: 11/21/2012 Category: Society
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There have always been a different law for 'haves' and 'have not'. Rich as being the 'haves' and the poor as being the 'have not'. This discrimination leads to a society in which the poor are severely punished for their low riches and the rich enjoy the custody of law in their hands. The poor are thrown into jails for a minor crime. On the other hand the rich are not punished even for the biggest crime. In that way a rule of jungle is observed in the country where only the fittest (the rich) can survive. This sorry state of affairs prevail in every department of the society. The poor are marginalized by the rich forces and every rule and law is established for the
privilege of the rich class. The 'haves' determine the fate of the have not.


Riches don't rule over the law.They can rule over the officers that enforce law but once the culprit is caught and is displayed before the law courts.No one can save him if proper rules and evidences are put into application and shown respectively.
For example,fundamental rights or human rights remain same for everyone whether rich or poor.

Riches cannot control law.The richest of persons can be punished under the law.
rule meaning-
Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people): "Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians".

or simply put the meaning of rule is to govern - reign - dominate - administer - direct - control

But this does not happen.
Wealth cannot control law.Even if one tries to do so,one can easily be punished if the person who accuses one has proper evidence .

Also,a practical example of that riches cannot rule over the law would be the tax collection system,the rich people are also taxed and they are helpless-They cannot say 'no' to tax.If they escape tax and are brought to court,they will be punished.Their riches won't save them.

If the evidence provided is solid,and there is a law that says a person is guilty and should be punished,then he would be punished , no matter how rich a person is.
There are many examples of this.
Generally, a person who is suspected to be a criminal, and proved that he or she is guilty is punished by law.It is basically judgment in standard of society.

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Posted by poorenglishspeaker 5 years ago
Though the riches can not rule over the law, they enact the law which would be advantageous to them.
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