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The sas (uk) is better than the Navy Seals (us)

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Started: 4/26/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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the sas is better than the us navy seals


Well well we"ll teh Us navy seals are much better there like the Marines to the EXTREME
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Posted by black_southern 3 years ago
The SAS is not superior the the Navy SEALs, in fact Delta is better than the SAS, it's also based off of the SAS, which means it will be inherently more superior due to it having the unique ability to train soldiers in all of the good aspects of the SAS - and then some more. Navy SEALs aren't even the most elite special forces in the U.S. military, that title belongs to the Green Berets, it's only that SEALs are considered to be more elite due to their stance in pop culture, movies, etc. Green Berets are less popularized. However, the U.S. has the best special forces in the world along with the best military in the world.
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