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The show Supernatural is better than the movie Twilight

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Started: 1/2/2014 Category: Entertainment
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This first round is just to acknowledge and accept the challenge. I am interested to hear your view and I hope this is a good and interesting debate.


I'll accept.
Debate Round No. 1


For starters, Supernatural is currently on it's ninth season and confirmed for a 10th season. This is abnormally long for a series and a sign of an amazing and dedicated fan base. Each season has an overarching plot ending at the season finale. These plots have a great underlying message for all. That message is that family is everything, and family isn't decided on just blood relations. Fans are heartbroken over character deaths that show just how true the real world is. It prepares for knowing that we need to cling to the ones we have now because they can leave you at any moment. The cast and crew love working on the show and the actors playing the Winchester brothers have practically become brothers in real life.

Next come the negatives on Twilight (I greatly apologize). It cannot be denied that the actors of Twilight absolutely hate the movies. To top it off is that it isn't the minor characters that believe this but an actor such as Robert Pattinson! He comments many times in interviews that he was happy when it was finished and that the characters were insane. Secondly there is no respect for the traditional view of the vampire. Vampires are often regarded as vicious, cold-blooded, blood crazed murderers. Who also can't stand sunlight. I can understand toning down the "evilness" of the vampires but not to the point where they lose all sense of what they are meant to be. To make it worse they sparkle! Many pieces of literature have found clever ways to avoid burning in the sun, something that I have a great amount of respect for due to creativity, but they still keep the old rule in a sense. These bypassing the sun rule have included the wearing of magic rings, sunblock, and time. Thirdly, it is impossible to turn Bella off. A normal human girl would realize that he really didn't want to have sex with him. She can't seem to function unless she is right beside him, preferably having sex with him. She even puts herself through dangerous situations that could kill her in an attempt to hopefully see a ghost-like image of him. Any normal person having done this would have been deemed insane or at least depressed. It is quite unrealistic to actual human reactions to situations.

Thank you.


I have never seen Supernatural or Twilight.

However, as I shall make clear in the following arguments, Twilight is much "better" overall.
Since Pro failed to define the term "better," we shall be debating which is better using the Merriam-Webster definition of "superior especially in merit or rank." (1) There are few categories where merit and rank are comparable between movies and TV shows, so it shall be up to the debaters to prove what is most important.

Pro made several points, none of which are relevant:

A1: Supernatural has been on for 10 seasons, showing its dedicated fan base
A2: Supernatural has a strong positive moral message
A3: Actors from Twilight hate their own movies
A4: Twilight"s vampires do not conform to traditional images of vampires
A5: The vampires in Twilight Sparkle
A6: A female main character from Twilight is a nymphomaniac

While these might be considered in a schoolyard argument between teenage girls, none of these carry any weight regarding which is better. They are all opinions. With that said, I"ll address each point.

A1: There is no argument here. Supernatural does have a dedicated fan base. However, that fan base does not come close to and is definitely not better than Twilight"s. Twilight, and its spinoffs, as of November 2013 has made $5,736,100,000 (2). I dare Pro to argue that Supernatural has made more money from it"s fans than Twilight. "The Twilight series has had a presence in many conventions such as ComicCon, and there have also been many conventions whose main focus has been on the Twilight series (books and films). Some notable conventions have been Twicon and a series of "Official Twilight Conventions" held by Creation Entertainment" (3).
A2: Having a strong moral message is not only opinion, it doesn"t matter within the context of this debate. Since Pro brought up morals however, I"ll point out that Twilight is a love story; as quoted by the author, it is "about life, not death" and "love, not lust" (3).
A3: While sourceless, this point is again irrelevant. Not only are the actors less than .001% of the millions who love the movie, they obviously don"t have enough problems with it to stop making movies.
A4: Does Pro believe that conforming to traditional standards will make a popular show? Is he implying that by sticking to a cookie cutter method that has been seen thousands of times before, success will be reached?
A5: Absolutely they do.
A6: Again, does Pro want a cookie cutter boring story? Of course characters in Twilight aren"t perfect. There needs to be tension and problems for a show to be interesting.

This obviously isn"t a serious debate. However, for a few final points, I"d like to point out the following:

Supernatural shows on the CW, a struggling network.
It, after a buyout, will have a license fee of around $700,000 per episode (4). That means that it will take over 8,000 episodes, or 400 years of 20 episode seasons to match Twilight"s sales.
Twilight has more fans and more sales than Supernatural.
Twilight has won 25 major awards, including an MTV Movie Award, a Teen Choice Award, and a World Soundtrack Award (7).
Supernatural had 2.5 million viewers on its season 9 premiere (5). Twilight grossed $35 million opening day, and over 3 million people went to see it (6).

Debate Round No. 2


Three things I would like to say before i begin. One my source was included but instead of coming out as a link it came on as a video I do not know what happened. Second I am actually a girl not a guy, hopefully this will help when referring to me. Lastly I should mention that I have seen both Twilight and Supernatural and have read all the books for Twilight.

Your first personal claim was that Twilight has more fans and sales than Supernatural. I would like to explain that number of fans of supernatural are impossible to count. Due to the world we live in today many fans watch the show online, myself included. Views are not counted and can not be accurately counted. Number of fans have no way to be accurately judged.

Twilight has won many awards, but Supernatural has been nominated for a total of 114 awards and has won 18 (1).

You also mentioned Spin offs. Twilight has one confirmed spin off that has not been released yet. Supernatural though has caused two already released spin offs and one about to come out with a few weeks. (2)

Next there was the matter of cons. Yes, it is true that Twilight does have Twilight specific cons but I argue that Supernatural has more. In what you gave I only counted a total of two different Twilight conventions. Supernatural has 5 different ones
in 2014 alone with a total of 16 conventions the cast members will be attending. Cast members of Supernatural has been to 116 different conventions since 2006 (3) Supernatural has been attending Comic Con longer as Supernatural first attended as a cast in 2007. With Twilight not coming into theaters until a year later.

My final point is that Twilight has source material, the books. Supernatural gained all of its fans without a starting point by its own merit alone. Twilight had the merit of the books to help boost it.



jdoe0 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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