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The trans-movement and thr logic behind it.

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Started: 3/18/2018 Category: People
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Change my mind. I am open to new ideas, but as of right now I believe in a biological truth and not what emotions tell me that I think I should be. I also don"t believe that this movement has any substance behind its logic other than emotions. From a political standpoint rules are forever bending and changing. I think this movement should be abolished in many different ways. Change my mind.


Trans movement. What is the trans movement?
An article in The Guardian, written by Rodrigo Lehtinen, defines it as the movement (not necessarily only by trans people) to improve conditions for and treatment of trans members of society.
I'm not too sure how to reply to your argument (is it one?) so I'll help to provide some background information.

It is undeniable that transgender people are heavily discriminated against. Referring to the same Guardian article as above, I quote:
"One of the biggest issues is discrimination, which holds transgender people back in a myriad of ways, primary among them being in employment. It's shocking to learn that transgender people are nearly four times more likely than the general population to make less than $10,000 a year, according to Injustice At Every Turn (pdf), the largest study ever conducted on transgender people in the US. This is due in large part to public attitudes. Transgender people are often denied jobs or promotions, keeping us on the bottom of the economic ladder. There's no federal law prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, and only 16 states have stepped up to fill the void. That leaves 34 states where it is perfectly legal to fire someone for being transgender."

Statistically, transgender people are also not well-provided for in the legal realms, especially when it comes to justice. Police officers often assume transgender workers to be sex workers and in fact, because of the reality where trans workers are unable to find proper employment and they are forced in many circumstances to turn to prostitution or placed into other similarly poor conditions.

Truly, the logic behind most movements is to bring about change that the organisers sincerely believe is needed in society. Likewise, according to Wikipedia, the trans movement wants to promote transgender rights and to eliminate discrimination and violence against transgender people regarding housing, employment, public accommodations, education, and healthcare. In some jurisdictions, transgender activism seeks to allow changes to identification documents to conform to a person's current gender identity.

On a side note, if you have queries about the reasons behind becoming trans, here's your answer.
Gender identity and sex are two completely different concepts. One tackles the idea of what "gender" you are assigned, based on societal influences and pressures, while the other refers simply to the reproductive organs you have. I say "have", because GRS (gender reassignment surgery) exists, and to a certain extent are useable, though not to the extent where gametes of the changed sex can be produced.
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