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The universe is made from only one particle not dozens of different particles.

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Started: 6/9/2021 Category: Science
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Challenge Period
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The universe is a very simple place. By using the laws of parsimony or Occam"s razor, We can reduce the complexity of the universe. According to the law of parsimony, Which is the problem-solving principle that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one when presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem; one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.
Using this basic principle, We can start with the fewest number of particles that the universe can be made of. The answer to this must be, Only one particle, Because that is the smallest possible number that is available and it is a good starting point. Now, We need to give this particle a shape. What is the simplest possible shape that the universe has to offer? The answer being; - the sphere. Yes, The sphere is the simplest possible shape. Well, Now that we have established a number and a shape of this particle, We will need to add some states or functions for this particle so that it can create a diverse universe of matter, Space, Gravity, Energy and light. Well, That seems to be a pretty tall order for just one simple particle to perform, So how does this particle do such complex functions?

Firstly, I"ll ask Nikola Tesla to see if he has any clues. "Nikola, How does the universe work? " Nikola says "the number 3 holds the secrets to how the universe works". Thanks Nicola! I"ll take your advice and have a close look at nature to see how many times that the number 3 appears. Well, Nikola, It looks like you were right! The number 3 appears to be popping up everywhere when I look at fundamental elements and nature in general.

Let"s make a list of what we can find "
1. The atom has an electron, Proton and neutron " well that"s 3! That"s a good start!
2. The electric plug has 3 points - positive, Negative and earth. Getting better!
3. In chemistry, There is acid, Alkaline and neutral (3) Wonderful!
4. There are 3 states of matter " gas, Liquid and solid. (Note " plasma is just a gas which is being pushed by aether flow) Phew! That was a close one!
5. The human eye has 3 colour selection cones; red, Blue and green. Perfect!
6. The brain sees the world in sections of 3 which is called the rule of thirds. It"s too good to be true, Surely!
7. All sub-atomic particles come in groups of 3. Marvellous! That"s just the icing on the cake!
8. 3 dimensions of space - height, Breadth and width.
9. 3 Fractal dimensions - atoms, Solar systems and galaxies.
10. The Equation E=MC^ has 3 parts.

Thus, We can plainly see that the universe uses the number three at a fundamental level for all basic things. Thus, We can interpret this as a consequence that the ultimate particle must have 3 states or functions.
Now, We have established that a sphere has 3 states or functions. So what 3 actions can a sphere in frictionless space perform? Well, I can only think of 3 possible movements that a sphere in frictionless space can do which are left spin, Right spin or no spin. Thus, We now have a complete picture of the least number of particles; the simplest shape and simplest functions. Thus, According to the laws of parsimony, The universe would make a fundamental particle in this manner, If it was a logical universe which didn"t have any wastage or superfluous activity.
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Posted by Hezikiah 1 month ago
How do you deal with an illegal alien from Mars?
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