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The use sale and manufacturing of marijuana ought to be legalized in more areas of the United States

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Started: 10/28/2013 Category: Politics
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First round is acceptance only.


As you can see the use of marijuana has already affected the youth which is terrible since marijuana has THC, plus children nowadays are greatly affected physically and mentally, if it's legal to sale best to believe grades and sports careers will greatly be reduced.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting my challenge, but remind him that round 1 was to be used for acceptance only.

I will be arguing that the use sale and manufacturing of marijuana ought to be legalized in more areas of the United States.
I will base my argument on the following contentions:
1. It is the personal choice of each individual american as to whether or not they smoke marijuana, regardless of the harms (assuming that the persons are informed on the potential harms).
2. Marijuana can be used for medicinal uses.
3. Legalizing marijuana would reduce drug related crime rates

Contention 1:It is the personal choice of each individual american as to whether or not they smoke marijuana, regardless of the harms (assuming that the persons are informed on the potential harms).

Just as is the case with tobacco and alcohol, each US citizen should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not they want to use marijuana. As long as the citizen is informed by the manufacturer of the potential harms (as is the case with alcohol and especially tobacco products), it should be the choice of theirs, not the governments, as to whether or not they choose to use marijuana. Each adult citizen is responsible for making these decisions for themselves.

Contention 2:Marijuana can be used for medicinal uses.
Another reason marijuana ought to be legalized in more areas of the US is that marijuana has useful medical employments. Marijuana is used to treat symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. Marijuana is also used to treat glaucoma. Marijuana ought to be legalized to help treat those afflicted with diseases that can be treated with medicinal marijuana.

Contention 3:Legalizing marijuana would reduce drug related crime rates.
With Marijuana legalized, the government would no longer need to arrest all marijuana dealers, only the unlicensed ones. Also governments would not have to arrest users of marijuana. Non-violent drug offenders now account for 1/4 of the prison population (1)

"The cost to put a single drug dealer in jail is about $450,000, composed of the following:

The cost for arrest and conviction is about $150,000.

The cost for an additional prison bed is about $50,000 to $150,000, depending upon the jurisdiction.

It costs about $30,000 per year to house a prisoner. With an average sentence of 5 years, that adds up to another $150,000.

The same $450,000 can provide treatment or education for about 200 people. In addition, putting a person in prison produces about fifteen dollars in related welfare costs, for every dollar spent on incarceration. Every dollar spent on treatment and education saves about five dollars in related welfare costs." (2).

I thank my opponent for accepting my challenge and await his response eagerly.



Marijuana can too be harmful and can also have 2nd hand smokers affected as well,Marijuana smoke is an irritant to the lungs, and frequent marijuana smokers can have many of the same respiratory problems experienced by tobacco smokers, such as daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent acute chest illness, and a heightened risk of lung infections. One study found that people who smoke marijuana frequently but do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work than nonsmokers, mainly because of respiratory illnesses.

A number of studies have shown an association between chronic marijuana use and mental illness. High doses of marijuana can produce a temporary psychotic reaction (involving hallucinations and paranoia) in some users, and using marijuana can worsen the course of illness in patients with schizophrenia. A series of large prospective studies also showed a link between marijuana use and later development of psychosis. This relationship was influenced by genetic variables as well as the amount of drug used and the age at which it was first taken"those who start young are at increased risk for later problems.

Associations have also been found between marijuana use and other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among adolescents, and personality disturbances, including a lack of motivation to engage in typically rewarding activities.

Marijuana use during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of neurobehavioral problems in babies. Because THC and other compounds in marijuana mimic the body"s own cannabinoid-like chemicals, marijuana use by pregnant mothers may alter the developing endocannabinoid system in the brain of the fetus. Consequences for the child may include problems with attention, memory, and problem solving.

Finally, marijuana use has been linked in a few recent studies to an increased risk of an aggressive type of testicular cancer in young men.

Although marijuana is used medicinal use it still wasn't truly approved by the FDA. Also there wasn't enough clinical trials showing that marijuana"s benefits outweigh its health risks in patients with the symptoms it is meant to treat. The FDA requires carefully conducted studies in large numbers of patients (hundreds to thousands) to accurately assess the benefits and risks of a potential medication.

Also, for it to be considered a legitimate medicine, a substance must have well-defined and measureable ingredients that are consistent from one unit (such as a pill or injection) to the next. This consistency allows doctors to determine the dose and frequency. As the marijuana plant contains hundreds of chemical compounds that may have different effects and since it varies from plant to plant can pose a greater problem.

I can also speak about experience with the matter fact is no matter what you say it ever becomes legal to sell and smoke think about the youth because honestly although it can the stress and pain it suffers them from sports,school, and even applicable social skills. Plus even drugs won't cut down the crime rate, it may very well increase it, don't forget the urban societies won't succumb to this without violence for those who made money to distributes and supply without repercussion . You really think this will cut prisons from making profit as long there are emotions it defeats logic even with a substance that supposedly eases the pain.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my opponent for his response.

My opponent makes the claim throughout his argument that marijuana is harmful. He cites clearly biased statistics from websites that are dedicated to the anti-drug movement. What my opponent says about the harms of marijuana may be true, but just as it is in the case of tobacco, it is the choice of the citizens, not the government, as to whether or not one chooses to smoke marijuana. This renders my opponents claims about the harms of marijuana irrelevant because alcohol and tobacco are legal in America.

Furthermore my opponent says, "Plus even drugs won't cut down the crime rate, it may very well increase it, don't forget the urban societies won't succumb to this without violence for those who made money to distributes and supply without repercussion." The sentence its self lacks coherency, but seems to imply that legalizing drugs will increase the crime rate, but cites no study or statistic to reaffirm this. Furthermore I would like to point out American prohibition as a historical example of the troubles that restricting substance. Prohibition gave way to a myriad of organized criminals. The mafia, bootleggers, moonshiners, and other criminal groups all formed because of prohibition.

American adults are responsible enough to enjoy marijuana in a proper manner.

I urge that you vote pro.


It's one thing my opponent forgot in my claim when he stated the responsible American Adult should have use of the drug. Human Nature is what I mean but I do admit to my opponent about how adults should have use to this drug but responsibility is a big claim definitely for the fellow American. If marijuana was to be legalized just think about the American Society already how much in debt America is in and how hard it is to sustain jobs in this economy. I mean America has some of the highest killing rates, drug and alcohol abused related crimes yet we're supposedly the leading economy but you speak of responsibility.
Did you ever consider responsibility even as an adult can be tried and this excludes medical use though that that too can be abused, in a way I grant you the common adult is view as responsible but that's not always the case. The average adult could be content but in this economy psychological effects is ensured to the point of the depression and use marijuana to null the pain.
There are many outcomes of this but I will give you three the first being the lost of a job and family going back to my previous statement of how this drug causes social problems although this is through some time of use, secondly the average adult is single in most cases being with two children this can cause a great deal stress over a period of time where yes marijuana might help ease the stress but over the years the psychological effect can have an influence on the children or even suffer from second hand smoke which is more problematic, and lastly the adult who wants to make money off the children influenced to the use of marijuana. The definition of responsibility can be a matter of opinion the average person backed up against the wall might commit even the most horrendous act to get one's head from under the water as you can see some most upstanding citizens who could be responsible such as the big governments who always caught in some type of scandal just last year an C.I.A agent leaked private intel to an prostitute, since people are not perfect and flawed to commit mistakes the term responsibility is hard to consider American or not.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponents argument seems to just be an opinionated rant on American culture without any authoritative backing. He seems to imply that the modern American adult is not capable of making responsible decisions. The majority of his argument is irrelevant.
His argument foils to my contentions.
Vote Pro.


You stated the responsible American adult thus I told you about the modern culture of American society on what you call responsibility which is a matter of opinion on how you look at the average adult on responsibility. I presented 3 scenario's based on human nature and you cannot talk about responsibility without the basis of human nature so how is that irrelevant and it's a universal truth knowing that drugs and human's doesn't go well since emotion and mental health is a factor no matter what you say about marijuana it has long term effects in the long run or maybe you meant responsibility of the knowing the side effects of the drug, if so you was unclear and need to clarify.
Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tylergraham95 5 years ago
Really? Adding to your argument in the comments?
Posted by Transcendentalist 5 years ago
It was more accurate on the fact of human nature and the possible outcomes. For using drugs such as marijuana it will have psychological effects in the long run. Where as the pro speaks of marijuana cutting down crime rates ignoring the fact when it comes to a drug that is wanted by popular demand it is not without repercussions, don't forget about inter city communities and the violent outbursts towards the legalization or even those who might go to the extreme of bombing marijuana markets as a way to attest to the legalization of the drug, human nature is predictable demanding on certain situations in fact there might be more arson related crimes because of it and misconduct of the law and to the law. I mean do you really think the youth won't get their hands on the drug or did you even think that even think people have access to this drug even now although it is illegal but the crime rates hasn't decreased but increased from 2012 to 2013 increased 0.7 % from violent crimes. Vote con
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Reasons for voting decision: Con fails to provide logical warrants for his claims. He employees sources that are clearly one-sided, and is unable to construct an objective, logical analysis from them. Therefore, because Pro provides more depth in his points as well as better cards to back-up his claims, I give those 5 points to Pro. Pro also had better formatting, so s/g go his way too. Thus, I go Pro.