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The wine and bread are just symbols

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Started: 10/26/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I see no need for the understanding that the wine and bread literally turn into Christ's blood and flesh for an understanding of the Gospel. I don't see anywhere in the Bible that the writers understood it that way.

I know my profile image is Martin Luther. He would strongly disagree. But, What can you do :)

I really don't understand why people believe they are not symbols except through tradition. But, Please prove me wrong.

I believe they are symbols because Christ told us to do it in remembrance of Him not to actually bring Him back to Earth.


JESUS. . . . . Is a SYMBOL. . . A METAPHOR. . . A HUMAN CONSTRUCT. . . . .

JESUS was designed and promoted for 1 PURPOSE. . . . To enslave the MASSES into some Church CULT. . . . POWER and CONTROL
is the #1 P U R P O S E. . . .

All of the Comic Book stories self proclaimed prophets and disciples created are just THAT. . . . STORIES. . . 99% are stolen from other Civilizations and their GOD versions. . .

How is it. . . . . That all of the Civilizations = Sumerian. . . Assyrian. . . Egyptian. . . Greek. . Roman. . . +++ have been totally DISCARDED. . . And
only 3 GODS remain in the Middle East region? JEW-JESUS-ALLAH. . . . . All three are spins off each other. . . Beginning with the

Bread and Wine? Really. . . Are YOU that STUPID to fall for any of the JESUS invented garbage. . . . . YES YES YES. . . . Sad. . . Very SAD. . .

You are HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED by expert mind and life MOLESTERS of some FAKE CHURCH. . . . Some CLOWN in the Halloween Glory Gown GOT BETWEEN YOUR EARS. . . (hopefully not between your legs also) these PARASITE Jesus inventors. . . Use and ABUSE. . . Their boy GOD JESUS as a TOOL. . . As a scapegoat to enslave weak minded humans into some horrifically OBSOLETE DOGMA DIARRHEA. . . .

From the 1st Century AD forward. . . All of the CON ARTIST CHRISTIANS have been locked in perpetual DISAGREEMENT. .
they argue. . . Murder. . . Rape. . . Torture. . . Enslave. . . Others into some retarded CULT. . . None AGREE about anything. . . . Other than JESUS makes for a great scapegoat TOOL. . . .

YOU obviously BELIEVE NOTHING. . . YOU act like you do. . . YOU act like you are connected and on a path to SALVATION?

NO WAY FOOL. . . Your mind is not your own. . . You are a slave a toy used by Church psychopaths as a TOOL. . . A TOOL to spread their DISEASE and assimilate more VICTIMS into some OBSOLETE CULT. . . .

YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING. . . Absolutely NOTHING of your JESUS message and intention. . . If he even existed is questionable. . . NO MATTER. . The POINT is that you seek information. . . Truly MEANINGLESS INFORMATION

Debate Round No. 1


That may be so. Congratulations on hyper-inflating your ego. I couldn't care less about what you think of Christianity. We don't all argue. We hardly argue. We mostly only disagree on minor things.
But whatever.
I guess your not gonna debate the question at hand.
Thank you for your time.


WisdomOfAges forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


TropaBino forfeited this round.


WisdomOfAges forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by deathtank55555 3 years ago
con, This isn't a preaching site, Or yahoo answers. I advise you to add to the chaos there, Instead of staining people who actually want to debate. Don't mean to be condescending, But did not see how your argument related to the argument at all.
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