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The world is yet uncivilised

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Started: 5/12/2014 Category: Society
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Yes, the world is indeed uncivilized. In a world where man was created to propagate peace, he is forgetting his duty. He is the very cause of barbarity prevailing today. Be it molestation, corruption, murders- it all revolves around him.


Civility is a concept created by humans. It is within each man or woman to make their own decision whether or not as a whole their species is behaving in a civil manner. As man evolves he develops new concepts that are constantly being developed and destroyed. We are currently testing the concept of capitalism and nationalism and there is great conflict but it may be incorrect to say that this is not civilized.

It is in all likelihood that the perfect state of man would be to abstain from any form of economy or government and to use his intellect to live in a manner that is without conflict between the members of his own species. Living autonomously is the only way to create objective civility.

To want to be civilized within a collective can only be a subjective civility and is therefor up to each individual to decide whether man is civilized.
Debate Round No. 1


Nobody is bound by civilization. It is definitely a personal choice, but isn't it also true that a man cannot harm anyone else? What if he decides to become uncivilized and indulges in wrong practices like murder, theft and molestation? Wouldn't it be savage? And sticking to the theme of the debate- isn't this really the current situation in our planet? I would still say that 'the world is yet uncivilized.'


Nobody is bound by civilization. It is definitely a personal choice, but isn't it also true that a man cannot harm anyone else? As I said before, you are placing a subjective opinion on that state of civility. Murder, theft, and molestation are typically associated with mentally ill individuals. According to the National Institute for Mental Health over half the prison population has a diagnosed mental illness and the rest have a much higher rate of undiagnosed mental illness than the general population. There is a very low level of crime among well adjusted citizens. In response to these offenses we also remove these people from society for a set amount of time in order to preserve a sense of security for the rest of society. If we do not remove these people then you would see many more crimes from people who are seeking revenge, which is most likely human nature.

Are you proposing that mental illness will one day no longer exist and that would be a state of being civilized? It is unclear what your subjective state of being civilized would be but I have serious doubts that it would be feasible or objectively more civilized.
Debate Round No. 2


No, I am not proposing anything of that sort. I also never mentioned about mentally ill people committing crimes. According to the world press, murders are 95 % more likely to be committed by people without psychiatric labels than by people with psychiatric labels. So, these totally sane people have committed crimes more than the mentally challenged ones. We can see that humanity has almost reached an end, 'cause what's the point of a civilization without humanity?
Now look at the issue from a moral point of view. Today, we are living in a role reversed society. More and more kids are defining the boundaries rather than parents teaching them core values and family customs. We rarely see a kid hold the door for someone or even say hello. Civilization to you may mean only advancement of science and industry- but it's a lot more than that. It is about collective humanity, care, forgiveness and love for one's kind in which advanced technology and industry are employed to achieve this purpose.


I don't think you read more than one sentence of my argument. I argued that mental illness accounts for most criminal behavior not the mentally challenged. Such disorders as major depressive disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, bipolar, antisocial personality disorder all make up the vast majority of the criminal population in US Prisons.

As far as the argument that I am for more industrialization you are way off. I clearly stated that the only objectively humane society would be one that rejects economic systems and governments. One cannot be objectively humane based on potential for capital gain or because of threat of law or even through threat from religion. The concept of humanity is purely a subjective value placed on a society by individuals therefor any state of any society may be humane.

I appreciate your debate but you have failed to show any objectivity in idea of humanity. The state of human existence is what it is and we can each call it what we will. I don't necessarily like it but you can't call it savage simply because outliers commit crimes while most of us participate nicely in society.
Debate Round No. 3
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