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Theism is the default position

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Started: 4/18/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance only.

For this debate, it must be accepted that the definition of Theism is "The Lack of the Disbelief in a God".

And yes, this is a parody debate on nonprohpet’s repetitive debates. (“Atheism is the default position”) so a little trolling is allowed, but don't overdue it.



I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Theism is the lack of a disbelief in a god. The moment we are born, we have no disbeliefs at all. All babies are born Theists.
That's why it's the default position. The only way to be an Atheist is to learn what a God is and choose to disbelieve in it. That means you must BECOME an Atheist from the default position of being a Theist. Nobody is born an Atheist. If you lose your disbelief in a God, you automatically (without having to choose to) go back to the default position of being a Theist.

It's that simple.



My opponent's entire argument is based on the fallacious claim that we are all born lacking disbelief.

Take a mother away from her baby and you will see it cry in disbelief. It has no faith in anything but the mother. It refuses to drink milk form anything but her breast for it disbelieves the value of the capability of anything but her to nurture it. It relents the touch of any but the mother, apart from perhaps a familiar figure that it has spent much time disbelieving and finally been ebbed away at to believe in and trust. In fact, until the baby leaves the womb it's happily ignorant, thinking the only purpose of its life is to kick around in jelly for the pure hell of it. Then it's born and it screams, like any atheist and blasphemer would scream if they met a god that they had devoted their life to doubting and mocking. So, as far as babies go, they have a lot of disbelief.

Babies can't even fully make out faces for the majority of their first year of life[], they probably doubted that things would ever get less blurry and disbelieved in any sense other than taste since that is pretty much the only sense it's going to be using for most of its life to make sense of things.[]

I am going to use the example of a baby with a mother that's a twin as the perfect example of why theism is not the default position. Observe the YouTube video I posted. Until that baby had met the twin, it had disbelief that anyone other than that woman in red was its mother (or the woman in brown, it doesn't matter which was the real mother for my argument). The point is that by the end of the video this baby had reverted to its womb-like mentality that nothing at all exists and that perhaps it really had no mother at all and they were all equally unlikely. This is exactly how an atheist views gods. It clings onto one god hoping that the love and affection this one god gives is confirmation that it is the real one, until it realises that all gods are, in fact, just as likely to be the real one and in actuality disbelief is the only rational position it can ever fall to without taking an all-out gamble (gambling is certainly a learned habit and a very dangerous addiction, rather than an innate natural way of life[])

And to answer the question as to why Justin Bieber is still alive is very simple, he is alive because he is a fighter. He is the selected alpha male of the next generation of human beings and shall grow to have sex with more women than Genghis Khan and take his place in the warrior spirit hall of fame.

Please observe the second video for very educational song lyrics.;
Debate Round No. 2


You’re confusing disbelief with stupidity, it’s different. An atheist knows what god is, but rejects the belief (AKA disbelief) A baby doesn’t know what god is, so the babe can’t disbelief something what it doesn’t know. I know this is true because I was a baby once, and knew that I was stupid later. Sense theism is the lack of disbelief, obviously you can’t disbelieve something that you don’t know about.

It doesn’t cry in disbelief when a mom goes, it cries because baby’s winy. It doesn’t drink milk because it’s not thirsty. It doesn’t like to be touched because it doesn’t know the person who is touching. It’s not because of disbelief, it’s because of a lack of knowledge (stupidity).

That isn’t disbelief by the baby, that’s confusion. The baby doesn’t disbelieve that his mom exists (obvious because the child points), but is confused to which twin is his mom. Also babies don’t know the concept that nothing exists, they don’t know anything from the beginning, so they can’t revert back to that state mrntslity you were talking about. For example, solipsistics might believe that nothing exists, but with me I disbelieve that nothing exists. So I don’t believe in things like a true void, emptiness, vacuum etc. I think every inch of the universe is crawling with some form of invisible radiation (e.g. light, magnets etc) or can be explained away with things like the æther and such. I just think that nothingness is an illusion that your mind made up, it really doesn’t exist. Proving that nothing really does exist is impossible because it doesn’t take up any space (space is not nothing because it has length width & height, “nothing” does not), so you can’t exactly point to it to prove that exists (the evidence for “nothing” is not empirical). I’m certain nothing doesn’t exist, why believe that it exists?

Just because there are many gods that are false, does not mean that all gods are false, its fallacious reasoning. You’re asserting that the atheist disbelief is the only rational position. I disagree. Basic atheist logic is this… PREMISE: I disbelieve any evidence for god (e.g. Scripture, ontological, teleological, etc), CONCLUSION: therefore he doesn’t exist. Don’t you see the bad conclusion? A better conclusion would be “Therefore I don’t know he exists” (agnosticism) not that he doesn’t exist. Just because some holocaust denier disbelieves the evidence for the holocaust, does not mean that the holocaust never happened. Just because a flat earth believer rejects the evidence for a spherical earth, this does not mean that the earth is not a sphere, the flat earther simply doesn’t know it’s a sphere. My point is that agnosticism is more rational then atheism. You are incorrect, atheism takes a gamble that God doesn’t exist because it can’t prove that he doesn’t exist.

I detect that you are a belieber. The music video you presented is awful singing when you think of the billions of years. If natural selection has been going on for billions of years, surely it would of selected a better musician by now. Have you not watched Baby? Around the third minute of the music video it shows him dancing on the bowling alley, which is STUPID because its slippery.;

Also, the onion news network has reported him to be a 51 year old pedophile in disguise.

Vote PRO! Theism is the default position!



ManofFewWords forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ManofFewWords 7 years ago
I forgot to post this video in my R2 debate:
Posted by gryephon 7 years ago
I know perplexing, but this debate is a spoof off of nonprohpet's debates about Atheism being the default position. You're on the right track of thinking, there is a difference between atheism & agnosticism. But keep in mind, the definitions can be rigged.
Posted by perplexingstories 7 years ago
How can one be atheist if they don't know what a god is theres a difference between not knowing and not believing
Posted by gryephon 7 years ago
If so I would prefer to run con because I disagree that either is more likely.
Posted by Wylted 7 years ago
I want to see you debate nonprophet in a shared BOP debate. Here is the resolution:

It is more likely that a lack of disbelief is the default position than lack of belief.
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