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Theistic Evolution doesnt work with the bible. Pt. 2

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Started: 12/7/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This Debate is for Jim Shady.
We have already done a debate on this. Here it is:
All rules apply from the previous debate.
Here is my argument from round 4

1. I can accept this rebuttal. Although all things mean all things. It doesn't mean he created a hyena and it naturally evolved into a whale. You're saying that he created the Hyena then he made it evolve but then naturally it evolved more. If that verse were proved true, it would mean God intentionally evolved the hyena into the whale by making each adaptation. But that would just be a waste because he could have just created the whale. I don't see a purpose, please provide a verse that he would have a purpose to do a thing over time instead of doing it right now?

2. "You might be asking, "Well, if God is so smart and perfect, then why didn't he reveal the truth to the divinely inspired authors of the Bible?" While this is possible for God, I think he simply didn't WANT to do it, because that's not the purpose of the Bible. If God explained how everything works, such as DNA, evolution, and other stuff, then humans wouldn't get the chance to find these things out themselves. So in a way, God is giving us a chance to make great discovereies by not revealing everything."

Give me a verse that states God wants us to do things by ourselves?

3. You're changing the argument. I'm saying based on the theory of evolution, Adam couldn't exist because he could have been created from the dust of the ground as said in Genesis 2:7. With evolution, it's very hard to say defines a human. If you go far back enough, the theory of evolution actually states that the first human was a woman. All I'm saying is that Theistic Evolution doesn't agree with what the bible says.

4. Again, you're changing the argument. I'm not saying that Jesus didn't exist. I'm saying that if Evolution says Adam doesn't exist, then, using Logic and reasoning, Jesus doesn't exist.

5. Whats the purpose than if God knew Animals needed adaptations, why wouldn't God put them there when he created them in the first place? Whats the whole purpose of Evolution if God had the power to completely bypass it? As you said in 2 Timothy 3:16, there are also translations that the word inspired in 2 Timothy is replaced with God-Breathed. The Greek word for inspired means God-breathed and inspired. Which means God meant every word in the bible. Then if you think Genesis is a myth, you would say God lied.

In Conclusion, If you choose to believe certain parts of the bible and not believe other parts. That is up to you. The people that canonized the Bible, decided that the books that are in the bible belong in the bible. You disagree with this canonization. The only reason that the salvation parts of the bible are in the Bible, is due to this canonization that you disagree with. Did you know there are other books that are not in the bible that are in account of Jesus and salvation?
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Posted by MindMaster 2 years ago
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Sorry i forgot about this. Again?
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