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Theoretically, Discord cannot be defeated by any villain

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Started: 4/25/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Discord is a mighty villain from MLP:FiM. I think he is so powerful that he cannot be defeated by any villain. That's right. ANY villain, from any movie, show, or book.
Discord is defeated if any one if these conditions occur:
-he is killed
-he is sealed in stone

He is not defeated even if the villain can fight him off to a forever standstill. (becuase that's technically a tie)
"Theoretically" means that if I can find one situation where Discord cannot be defeated, he cannot be defeated. It must be noted that in this situation Discord is probably not full of himself and tries his very hardest to finish off the villain, however, other than that twerk to his personality trait, the battle is otherwise fair.
The battle takes place in a neutral situation that provides enough energy for both villains so the fight is "equal", other than their abilities, powers, and etc.

You must state the villain Discord goes against in round one.
Villain: a malicious being that uses innocent or good people, in order to fulfill his or hers or its own selfish needs.
Examples: The Lich from Adventure Time, Incrediboy from The Incredibles, etc. etc.

-breakage of any rule results in a 7 point forfeit
-Discord may not go against himself
-Discord may not go against villains who are still drafted or with unknown abilities (like, the "miner" presented at the end of The Incredibles)


The villain Discord will be fighting will be MODOK from Marvel comics.
Debate Round No. 1


Good. I accept MODOK as a villain that Discord has to face.
So, what powers do Discord have that make him hard to defeat?
As can be seen from, Discord has many powers.
Note: when I say "hit", I mean him getting damaged by lasers.

1. Discord is extremely skinny, making him incredibly hard to hit
2. Discord can fly around very fastly, making him hard to hit
3. Discord can teleport, making him impossible to be hit
4. Discord can warp minds around with a snap of his fingers
MODOK's mind would have the complete opposite personality...which wouldn't exactly help him. An evil genius robot mastermind turning into a rather-dumb nice robot would make MODOK completely unable to hurt Discord, don't even talk about defeat!
5. Discord could physically shape up MODOK into the weirdest shape possible just to entertain himself
As sited by the MLP wikia, "Discord is able to warp reality on a fundamental level, changing the physical properties of the world around him and altering natural laws almost beyond recognition. As his power is chaos, he does not seem to have an easily determinable limit to what he can alter". However, it is shown in the episode Keep Calm and Flutter On that he can manipulate abiotic objects to become living, and still control them even when they are in their biotic form. It is safe to assume that Discord could manipulate MODOk easily.
These two photos show Discord's living objects doing his bidding:

As you can see, there is clearly no way for MODOK to defeat Discord.
Onto you, con!


Just to avoid cyberbullying my opponent or otherwise making him uncomfortable, I will not post any arguments. I will forfeit rounds 3 and 4.
Debate Round No. 2


WHAT?? You can't be serious, loveshismom. What is wrong with you??
Well, I extend all my arguments and encourage all to vote pro.


Yes 9spaceking, I'm serious. You even asked me to quit accepting debates from you, and I didn't find out until after I accepted this debate. I took it I was making you uncomfortable or something like that.
Debate Round No. 3


*facepalm* No, no, accept messages and I will tell you why I don't want you to accept more of my debates.


I'm accepting messages now
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
Villian - Medusa

P1: Discord can be defeated by being turned into stone
P2: Medusa can turn Discord into stone
C1: Medusa can defeat Discord.
Posted by Loveshismom 7 years ago
I tried that and it saved the changes
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
no u rn't....not yet. try clicking "save" after you change ur settings
Posted by Loveshismom 7 years ago
Ok i am accepting messages now
Posted by personpattersun 7 years ago
He had good intentions (peace basically), but he did use people to gain his goal (the black knights and Rolo). He did kill his brother, his father, and his mother. He killed his one sister, but not before sending her out kill to hundreds of innocents. That was a accident, but it still happened. In the end he did take control of the whole world and he was going to put his (former) black knights to death before he had his friend kill him.

He is a good guy in that he wanted peace, but in the end he was a villain. It is sort of like that saying.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

It is pretty much the same here. Lelouch wanted peace and a world where people like his young sister could live, but that doesn't change the fact that he gained or accomplished this feat through evil means.

My favorite scene from the show sums him up quite well.

Lelouch:"I have a question for you, Lord Guilford. What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just in righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?
C.C: "In either case, evil remains."
Xingke:" A paradox, is it merely word play?"
Guilford: "In the name of Cornelia, I choose justice."
Lelouch: "I understand. In my case, I commit evil to destroy the greater evil."

He openly admits to being evil in that one sentence alone. He believes he is the lesser of two evils, but he is still evil or a evil none-the-less.

So that right there should be all the proof you should need when questioning if he is a villain or not.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
I guess Lelouch could figure out that Discord likes choas and act like a malicious villain too before going in for the kill. However, there still remains the controversy over whether lelouch is truly a villain or not. He is the protagonist, as wikipedia says. And the protagonist is not "the villain", neither by my definition nor the web's definition.
A "good guy" could turn evil for the wrong reasons. People can be bribed into turning evil. Twilight and her friends were technically the "main villains" of the episode. One other example is jigsaw, who tries to help the world, but in a way that is far too extreme. These aren't really villains! They aren't truly evil or bad in their hearts, and they try to overcome their weaknesses! Even Jigsaw tries to make his traps ACTUALLY escape-able!
Posted by personpattersun 7 years ago
But you see there you go. You just admitted that he CAN'T attack first. He had to put them in a game or rather a maze just so he could twist their minds. When he was first released from his stature his first goal was to mess up ponyville. He changed the weather and mutated some of the animals. He first goal wasn't "Get Celestia and take the elements the one thing that can defeat me".

Plus instead of actually getting rid of the elements all he did was move them to a different spot. He figured his key to victory was twisting the ponies mind and temporarily hiding the elements. He was right until Twilight was able to undo her own mind twist and fix her friends.

Lelouch wouldn't play Discord's maze game or whatever. After seeing what he can do or what he is capable of he would figure out a plan to defeat him.

If Discord would have twisted the ponies mind right from the start. He would only have Celestia to deal with. One can only assume that she and Luna can no longer use the Elements meaning they would have fallen quite easily if he would have just took out the ponies from the start. That would have ensured his victory and his reign of chaos would begin.

But that is the other problem with Discord. He isn't really evil. He just likes chaos. This is why he didn't take the ponies seriously and this is why he was so easily defeated by them. Chaos isn't evil it can have evil or bad results, but for him it was just enjoyment and a hectic life where up was down and black was green or whatever.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
actually, he can attack first--this is proven in the episode where he escapes, and makes it rain all over ponyville and do chaotic stuff everywhere. Sure, the ponies challenged him, but he immediately misdirected them, forcing them into his "Game" where he successfully twisted their minds and went back to doing his own fun stuff.
Posted by personpattersun 7 years ago
"I doubt Lelouch could figure out Discord's abilities before Discord defeats Lelouch.
How should Lelouch know Discord can warp minds with a simple touch?!!"

You might be right there. Maybe Lelouch might not be able to figure out all of Discords abilities, but he might figure out enough of what he can do to trick him.

I ask you the same question. Discord wouldn't know who or what Lelouch is. He has never seen a human before. Therefore the fight would be pretty even as Discord wouldn't know about Lelouch's ability to give him any order that he would have to follow just like Lelouch wouldn't know right off the bat that Discord can twist him mind with one touch.

I guess the final results would actually be determined by who attacks first. Considering Lelouch isn't one for games he would most likely attack first. If Discord could get serious for a minute though he would be able to attack first and defeat Lelouch, but as we both know Discord is too "chaotic" to focus long enough to attack first. Otherwise he would be able to easily defeat lelouch. That is Discords own weakness.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
It is hard to figure out what limit Discord has. Generally? Choas. So that means Discord probably won't poof out a neat pile of books, but that doesn't mean he cannot poof out a neat pile of books if his life depended on it.
He can poof out a glass of water. Not choas. He drinks the glass. Choas.
Even after five episodes with Discord, it is still hard to figure out what limit Discord has. I doubt Lelouch could figure out Discord's abilities before Discord defeats Lelouch.
How should Lelouch know Discord can warp minds with a simple touch?!!
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture by Con. It is a simple debate for Con due to semantics on the word "cannot." To refute, you only need to show that he "can" be defeated, not that he necessarily would be defeated.

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