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There Should be a Limit of One Black Family per Neigborhood

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Started: 2/21/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There should be a limit of one black family per neighborhood, because black people cause too much violence. Vote pro.

Here are the rules:

1. Burden of proof will be on pro and con during the debate.
2. No ad hominem attacks.
3. The n word is not allowed during the debate. Absolutely not.
4. Gingers and Indians can vote or comment.
5. Blacks are accepted in the debate.
6. Jews can enter unfortunately.


To only accept one black person per neighborhood would be a violation of civil rights and would not be justified considering that people of one race do not necessarily possess the same characteristics. You are a racist. (That is not an ad hominem, it is simply a statement of fact).
Debate Round No. 1


That was ad hominem to say I'm racist. But anyways, I will debate.

Black people statistically cause too much violence, but we cannot send them off to ghettos, so the best idea to ave a strict limit of one black family per neighborhood. What to do with the remaining blacks? Send them off to prison until there is a neighborhood currently with no black family inside.

This is debate #16 this year, and we are moving fast thru the debates!

Now let's see what you have to say.


To say you are a racist is not an ad hominem. It is a clearly established fact. Your claim is racist, sir.

Black people do not statistically cause too much violence. You can claim something is proven by statistics, and it seems that would be undeniable, since statistics are not opinion, but I'm afraid to say that the real statistics prove you otherwise. Here's a pie chart of all crimes committed in America by race. Please don't deny the existence of this credible graph.

To send black people to prison if they didn't commit a crime would be outrageous. It would cut through everything America is supposed to be, it would be a violation and a mockery of everything we hold dear. You're mentally disturbed. Go seek help.
Debate Round No. 2


Well black people are ugly and stupid, so they should be sent to prison. All they do is drink beer and play basketball, and go around cussing at people.

That is why there should be a limit of one black family per neighborhood. Being black is a sin, did you know?

The Bible says it is.

For our next debate, debate #17, let's do: Beaker from the Muppets is retarded.


Black people aren't ugly, and they have different levels of intelligence just like every other race. They only drink beer or play basketball if they choose to. They don't cuss unless a disgusting racist like you provokes them. give me one quote from the Bible that says being black is a sin. I don';t think there is one- white people didn't even know Africa was a place at the time of the Bible's writing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
He never will.
Posted by EliNicks1981 3 years ago
Okay first off, not only are you being incredibly racist but, your kind commits violence also (did you ever think of that)? I think you are the one who should be going to jail... just saying! In the bible it says that being racist is a sin (FYI). So you might want to change your idiotic decision in this debate.
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