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There are more important things in life than education

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Started: 4/26/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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No doubt we need education. However we do not need to be the next Einstein or a doctor to be considered successful. Not all of us are destined to be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc.

I believe these are much more important than education:

Wisdom/Common Sense/Critical Thinking





You can be an average student and be really levelheaded and/or wise.

You can be a valedictorian and be a dumbass when it comes to common sense.

We have all met these people.


Education began when human beings began to ponder about the wonders of their surroundings. As the ages of human history passed, education slowly became more sophisticated and constructive. Education caused us humans to ask innovative questions that their ancestors never thought of. As a result, we humans made innumerable amounts of advances than our prior ancestors ever have.
Socrates once quoted, "Wisdom begins in wonder". What makes us humans different from other animals in Earth? We have ability to ask questions and answer them using the facts that we know. However, in order to ask questions, we needed verities that we knew for certain was true. In order to motivate people to ameliorate our levels of questions, education was created. Education taught the new generation almost everything that the prior generations discovered. Therefore, those new generations would acquire more information than the people in the past. Using these new knowledge, they will create new ideas and inventions that will be left to the people in the future to examine and improve. As the cycle of education described before continued, human beings began to improve their lives by inventing new items, ideas, and theories that dramatically changed our lives. Therefore, education is what made the world we know today. Without education, we will still be in Monolithic times trying to catch rabbits by hand. Without education, you won't have your computer that you are using to debate with me. Without education,you wouldn't have enough knowledge to write a counterargument against me. Without education, you wouldn't realize how all the things you suggested such as wisdom, commonsense, and critical thinking requires education. Henceforth, education is essential to have a successful and productive life.
Debate Round No. 1


All of what you just said is true.

However, several high school or college dropouts become successful.

I'm guessing what I am trying to say is education should not be simply being a bookworm, being a nerd, or anything simply JUST learning and experimenting. Education must be research with critical thinking. And critical thinking is thinking about everything.

Educated or intelligent people cannot realize our hypocrisy

I believe to be intelligent you must do it for the people, and actually know what you are doing, not out of power, or simply just knowing.

There are two types of intelligence. Educated intelligence and common sense intelligence.

We should have both. But so many people only have educated intelligence and/or can know the periodic elements but not social life.

To be intelligent and educated, we must be dedicated to society in the way that it should be.

Critical thinking of possibilites AND facts.

Knowledge,intelligence, and creativity should never have limits


I enjoyed reading your argument. Even though I agree with most of your opinion, I have to say there are a few flaws in your statement. First,majority of the great men and women in the coarse of history who changed the world were highly educated. Abraham Lincoln, who wasn't able to afford for school, borrowed books from his neighbors and read almost all day. He even said, "My best friends are the people who send be a book I didn't read", by educating himself, he became a rhetoric giant that changed the fate of millions of African American people living in the United States today. Nelson Mandela(RIP) also quoted, "Education is the best weapon which you can use the change the world". What are the similarity with these two great men? They sacrificed their lives for their people. Is there any rule on this good Earth that says only high school drop outs can change the world? Education not only teaches, but it informs our adolescents the current issues around the globe. By learning the facts, they earn the ability to critically think and create philosophical ideas that might someday change the world. You say as if common sense is not relative whatsoever to education we receive at school. Let me ask you this, how do you know that hydrochloric acid never should be swallowed? Common sense isn't it? But what made you think that you should never drink a highly concentrated acid? Someone or something possibly taught you in the past about the corroding property of acid. Therefore, you know today that drinking hydrochloric acid is suicide. Common sense is only achievable by education. Without being educated by someone, you wouldn't know that marijuana can ruin your life, or fire burns when you touch it. I think education is far more broad that just being taught by teachers. Your parents can teach, the nature can teach, even the television can teach. To sum up, common sense, critical thinking requires FACTS, but facts are unachievable without education.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree with everything you said.

What I meant was (I'm sorry for my lack of explaination in previous arguments)-

Education is either used for these things:

1. Power
2. Detriment
3. Helping society with our knowledge
4. Gaining wisdom
5. Simply just knowing it so we won't get f***ed (ex: drink acid).

But look at Fry from Futurama. He was a total dumba**, yet he was really sweet.

And Leela was one smart cookie. But you've got to admit she was a bit prejudiced sometimes.

I mean, aren't so many of us, even when we are not at times?

Which person would you rather have as a friend or go out with?

Educated people can think it is best to lie. They have the brains to think about otherwise, so why don't they?

I only believe we should lie when we are trying to gain information (ex: being a secret/double agent).

Lies will never help us grow.

What good is it not knowing the truth?

You can believe that animals are not as smart as we are. But we had to do research first.

But sometimes by just observing we can learn.

Just because we haven't seen it yet, it doesn't mean it's impossible.

We evolve. Evolution has not ended.

Just because things are rare, that doesn't mean it's not possible.

And you may ask me, "Why are you obsessed with pedo rights?"

I am not. If you mean if I support child rape or molestation, you are DEAD WRONG.

I defend the sexual orientation, not the actions.

Educated people (99% of them) believe that pedophilia is a disorder. Why? Because it's rare.

And whatever is rare in a country can be considered immoral.

Just because EVERYBODY is doing it, it doesn't mean it's right.

Just because it's LEGAL, it doesn't mean it's right.

The Asians (not the stereotype, I mean the countries) are total smarties, and they make these laws that are corrupt and immoral.

I believe true education should come with education (duh), critical thinking in all ways, and TRUE wisdom. Not being wise in some ways and ignorant in other ways.

BTW: I am a straight A student (except in Math, which is either a B or C) and I've been dreaming of going to Stanford. I would choose Erudite when it comes to critical thinking and wisdom if they weren't corrupt like they were in the books, Candor because they don't accept lies, and or Amity because they are peaceful.

It's hard to choose between the two because they all have flaws that are hard to choose from.


First, I am very insulted by the statement you made against the Asians(for I am one myself). Asians are NOT corrupt or smart aleks. We do not create corrupt laws or enforcements. This is why you need education, many people examine stereotypes such as Asian hating as a fact, when they can be intelligent enough actually to open a book and read a page or two about Asian history. Please read a passage or two about Asian history and you will realize that most of the items or ideas you consider today as art or essential mainly came from Asia. Asians create, we don't destroy or corrupt. I was about to say that I enjoyed this debate with you. However, I refuse to talk to ignorant, stereotypical racists about anything.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 7 years ago
Have you read the news about countries in the East?

I really hope you aren't defending your country because you think it defines you.

I judge you by who you are, not by which country you come from.

A country does not define who you are, unless if you follow their ways.
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 7 years ago
How about North Korea?

And how China doesn't even want their child if it's a girl?
Posted by TheINFJofINFJS 7 years ago
QuisUtDeus, I meant the government, not you.

And I so not mean all Asians. Just those who are like the government.
Posted by tcc7130 7 years ago
Hi, I agree with you, on the part that education as it is, isn't enough. People chose their careers because they will gain money with it. I always have believed though it sounds a little clich" that people should dedicate on doing things that they love. Things they master and like. School should be about founding your vocation and giving you the tools for be more and more good at it.
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Vote Placed by andymcstab 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con did nothing to show education was the MOST important thing in life. Also, education is systematic. "education ɛdjʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun noun: education; noun: an education 1. the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. "a course of education"" Con tries to define all learning as education, which is a improper use of the word, humans gathered most of their knowledge by non-systematic means.
Vote Placed by 2Sense 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:02 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro was out of line for stereotyping Asian government, people, and policies. And this statement only reaffirms Con's argument that education is indeed important. The more educated you are, the more aware you become on a holistic level, and therefore the more able you are to make a lasting impact.

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