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There are no right or wrong answers in ethics.

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Started: 2/1/2014 Category: Education
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In ethics, there are no right or wrong answers because as humans, everything we do is give label to things and consider them right or wrong. It is because of our desires as human beings, it is our natural instinct to dominate, lust and greed but what keeps us human is that we 'can' rationalize.

We are grown up to believe what we think is right and wrong. It comes in various forms such as religion, family, environment, school education etc. It does not necessarily mean that we are correct since the world is a mix of different voices who channel other kinds of ethics and moral treatment towards others.

For example, a religion that says to sacrifice and kill to please their god and keep the followers and their families prosperous would be wrong to those who believe in a religion that wishes health and beauty to everyone. The homicidal believers will believe it is right, but only right to who ever they are praising. Therefore, being right or wrong is completely subjective.


In ethics, there should be either a right or wrong answer. In everyday life, there is always either a direct right or wrong answer. Many people have a one sided view opinions, which others could agree or disagree with. Without a right or wrong view, there could not be laws to ground society. People always need to draw the line one way or another. Without right or wrong, societies will be thrown into chaos and disorder. It is why laws are created, in part to keep society moral. Laws help to control some of our human desires as a check and balance in order to keep people alive in society. That is why in society, there are people who create and to understand them. This help in finding out, which laws are right and which laws are wrong in certain situations. Then that is why when a law is broken, then there is correct punishment in associated with it that is fair. Without that, some people cannot think or judge clearly for themselves. People needs a guiding force, a set of rules to live by. Some individuals may not be able think rationally; they become rule breakers and murders. For example, it is right for the people of Islam to treat women in the 21st century in the style that they are most comfortable with? Should others view that as ethical, and just because it is their belief then they have the right to do that, especially if it is in the name of their religious believes? How long can religious believes outweigh social and ethic morals? If that is the case should all Mormon have more than one wife? Not all religious believes are up to modern and today"s standards. Ethical rights and wrong in a way help keep people and religious believes up to date on their beliefs and standards to be in line with modern times. Standards and societies keeps on evolving, so should also people and religion keep on evolving to become modern. Just like religion, ethical values and standards, people are not born with, but they are taught and raised by those around them as part of socialization.

Even though the world is very mixed and different place, there have to have certain modern standards that are the same throughout the world no matter what. One reason is because after all, everyone is human, and human have to have to be similar with one another in at least one standard or another. Another is that ethics is something that is taught with a clear distinction of what is right or wrong. In different societies and cultures, even though they may have different ethical rules, there are certain ones that transcend that, for example, the ramification of murder, wither or not it done for a clear and justified rational reason.

Basically, the basic definition of ethics is a set of rules that help to set one"s judgment on wither something is wrong or right. It comes from the Greek and Latin word meaning moral. In order to be moral, societies have to create and invent laws to follow by, and have people who understand them as not all laws apply for that certain situation.
Debate Round No. 1


Right or wrong still doesn't change the fact there are still many people in the world that disregard the right and do the wrong. They are known as criminals in the world. There are those who are aware of the consequences and yet initiate foolish acts which have a price of containment or prison to stop them. Then again, is it right to imprison them? Will it benefit society to do so after they spend their time and are released and commit the same offense to loop back into prison?

Everything is done by a case-by-case basis but many criminals fall for their own core instincts and desires. There are some who do wrong but do not know that it is wrong. Laws still don't stop those who have no interest in moral values and abuse the ones that do respect the system. People will break the law to do the right thing for another set of people and then it becomes harder to distinguish in where to step in and take action. There is a cost to do something right by doing something wrong. That's why the U.S. government is split into three different powers, so there is power equally distributed among many people. Laws that are made and passed will often benefit one part of society and hurt another. Is it the right thing to do? It's not too far from being wrong though so there is an ambiguity that arises in certain cases. They measure whether there is more healing than there is hurting. Now that there's more equality set in with same sex marriage and legalizing marijuana, the United States is a country with mixed opinions.

Being 100 percent righteous is rarely seen, everything is done with some kind of damage. Religion uses common ethical rules but even then, many followers seem to allow themselves to go against the rules they believe in. They contradict themselves by being in those groups, even if it's a mistake they should not repeat them yet they do. That may not be the goal of their religion but it's part of their religion and need to make it an important part of what they do around themselves.

As a result, being right is the same as being wrong. What is majority ruled to be one way doesn't make it true or right. That isn't an ethical way to think and makes society close minded for the possibilities and new ways to think. People stop questioning and often buy into lies and lead to less happy lives. Rumors, gossip, and oral tradition are what causes it. False advertising and gimmicks companies try to pull by selling something that doesn't work as it should. They lose sight of what is right and get consumed by conformity.

So what if there are different societies in the world? There will be a day when the world will unify into two sides. Nothing will be the same, certain countries may be absorbed by another or end up being being destroyed. In those two types, they will have completely different meanings of right and wrong. There will never be a right or wrong because someone out there will think very differently and may as well be a good person in our eyes. That's why there's a lot of conflict between religions, even if they believe similar ideals.


Yes, there are always going to be certain individuals that are not going to follow the rules for whatever reason that might be. For some, it might seem a lot cooler to be against the law than to be law abiding citizens. Those are the outliers of society. For them, there is no ethics anymore as they have thrown out their ethical standards. They cannot be counted on to be a normal productive individual contributing to the overall well beings of society anymore. They have some part of their brain that is not right anymore for them to consider be a criminal is even a choice. That is why most people think criminal can be treated and turned around to become law abiding citizen, realizing the errors of their past ways. But for most of the citizens of society, they want to be law abiding citizens in order to be a productive member of society so there are wrong and right steps towards that.

To be a productive member one has to follow society" norms and behaviors because society is structured in a fashion to be grounded by rules and laws one has to follow like getting more education means a better outcome in life. In order to be considered normal and successful, one has to follow those guides. It part of the reason why all of us go to college. That is just the rule society has led and set upon us. Does a person need to go to college or even have any education needed in order to become successful or at least survive in the world? Does sometimes the time and money invested into college worth the outcome when the average debut of a college student is $30,000? The answer is not always certain to yes, but it will be more likely and better of a chance if that an individual does that. That has been proven to be the fact and truth time and time again if that happens. Studies have shown that the higher the education there is a collation with higher amount of annual salary. It"s the reason why many go to college time and time again in part to gain more knowledge in order to learn and choice there are right and wrong decisions, especially in ethics.

Many people in both politics and religion have a belief what their beliefs are is the correct method to survive and live in society, if there are no right or wrong in the world, what makes those people think their way is the right way. It reminds of the old saying that either you follow my way or the highway. If there are no right or wrong way in ethics, then how come there are so many followers to a certain belief like for example so many in Islam would become suicide bombers, and die in the name of their beliefs, religion, and their God. Why then would there be wars at all to begin with to die for their beliefs and rights, if one does not see the different beliefs and methods as being categorized as either being right or wrong. I think overall, many people don"t think of the smaller picture, but just look at different issues, wither its political, religious or not in a very two dimensional kind of way as either in white or black not shades of gray, which might not be the right way, but that is how the world functions.
Debate Round No. 2


It's not a fact of being cooler, it's more of the fact that people want to be better off than others. Everyone has ethics. It's just not under the same name or mindset that people may have. If you're saying to those who do not care for their own well-being, that just means they are not sane. It's not that they throw out their ethical standards, it's just that they aren't ABLE to have them. Their mind doesn't function like regular people and end up being criticized for their unjust behavior. Those types of people end up being the geniuses and shunned by society because they aren't understood for their way of thinking. It doesn't make them better but why should they be disregarded as a result? I'm not saying criminals are masterminds, I'm talking about those that have a level of safe judgement but edge close to the line and become very controversial. Places where people don't dare to step because of the unknown risks they take but do it anyways.

Our economy has taken quite the damage mostly for the reason government has taken part of it. They change a few things around thinking it will benefit people but ends up hurting some as well. Their main role is the military and to protect this country from other countries. They have necessarily made a 'bad' move rather than a wrong move because it did not further damage the system. College is for people who want to learn more about something they want to pursue a career in. College is the more preferred method of success since you can get various degrees that many jobs look for. There is the occasional exception who get passed all that through networking and being just good at what they do.

There are many exceptions and of course those people work hard and yet the underlying and lazy people still get good jobs. A letter grade does not better show intelligence. A person with perfect photo-memory can easily take a test and ace it while a student who does not have great memory gets a fairly lower grade than the one who only have to look at their notes once or never even studied. They learn the rights and wrongs mostly through life choices, not through education. Education can only teach so much before one has to actually take life in it's hand and slowly grow it into success.

It's very hard to make an objective decision since judgement is based off ethics. Every time a court makes their final judgement, it never benefits the loser in any way because they did something wrong in the eyes of the law. The intention is never really revealed when it is publicized and there is always cover up and twisted words put in media to make one side deserve the punishment.

There will always be conflict with ethics. People make decisions and there are repercussions that make them right or wrong. Why do we wear clothes? The Greek used to walk around bare back then, why is it bad now? It may give a connotation that represents sex and adult content but it doesn't. The human form was praised and it is today. There is so much censorship because people believe it is bad. They have never tried it and yet they still conceal it. It's just not ethical to treat it that way.


It may be true for some individuals, but not for everyone. There are those who have to break the laws into substance a living. So for example is it right for those who have no food to break into someone"s house, and take their resources so they can survive. This is the problem I see with the illegal immigrants coming in from our Southern borders of Mexico. They come in here looking for aid and help in order to have a better opportunities in the land of opportunities just because their government is too greed to stop hugging their entire nation"s wealth. So at the end, they dump the people and their nation"s people on the back of others? Is that ethically correct thing to do? Are those people not also criminals, even though it is not their fault? Also there are others for example during the 2008 financial crisis that are really well off and rich, but are just too greedy for their own good, so they want to break off from the system into make and become a little richer than they already are. Everybody in the world, no matter where they are or what time they live in from the ancient societies to today would and could see that what happened during the 2008 financial crisis was wrong. There is no debating that. Many people got hurt, and everything in the system needed to fix as it became broken, and the ones who caused are considered criminals of the lowest order.

If someone has to break the laws ethically, then there is something wrong with their minds. Yes, we don"t understand their reasoning behind their thinking. Maybe they are too advance and intelligent for the common folks to understand. Maybe in the future their method of getting to the top will be understood, but for now society views them as criminals, and they broke the law. Society has no tolerance for rule/law breakers or criminals as they are not the norms of society, but going to college is.

Yes, college is not the only way/method to success, as it is not an accurate measurement of one"s intelligence or ability, but in some society is the only way one will get respondent, and see as intelligent. For example in most Asian societies no matter what one"s live of success, will being, wealth, or richness one has, many people will view you in a different light if one does not have a college degree or a certain position that is viewed in a negative fashion. It does not matter that it does not matter to you or you are better off than these that does, education symbols intelligence, by having more intelligence, it symbols you are smarter than others, which means you will get more advanced job with the end result meaning that you will have a higher standard of living than others who does not have the same education, which may be ethically wrong in their method of thinking. But the Asians have been wired for centuries that way of thinking, so to them that is ethically correct way of thinking, only through that can one achieve success, happiness, and especially respect of their family, peers, and others in the world.

Yes, there always will be conflict with ethics no matter what. Nobody or society will always agree with each other, it"s the fact that society grow up as new discoveries are made, and new knowledge are made on a daily basics. Values and norms change all the time as new ones are accepted and old ones thrown away. For example, the Greeks and Romans in their military, it was fine for the soldiers to wear skirts, and commit in homosexual behaviors. People today look down upon that as ethically all across different societies of the world.
Debate Round No. 3


It does not matter if it is fair or not. People will do things to achieve their goal. They don't care about the big picture, it only matters if they get to eat another day or live discreetly. As for the 2008 financial crisis, that is an anomaly, we can't say EVERYONE got hurt. What if there's the possibility that there's a group of people that don't have anything to do with government and live in the U.S.? I'm not talking about rich people, they got taxed proportionate to how the middle and lower class were taxed and still had to pay a good price. The homeless are an example since they don't possess housing that would be taxed. Many Americans are homeless due to the crisis but the ones that were already homeless just lived their life as they usually do, may it not be a long life.

And for the existence or criminals, if they are aware of what they do is not right, then why do they do it? Is it some sort of risk that they can overcome but in reality they know they can't? This goes to show that not everyone has the capacity to rationalize. It might be something they can't help and are thought to believe that this is the better way to execute for the goal that he or she has in mind. They should be held accountable, yes, but they shouldn't have to be told what they did was wrong. They 'know' what they did had consequences and they would suffer. They knew what they were getting themselves into. Society is too close minded and needs to open them to view each point with more care. The outcasts are automatically shoved off to the side as something that should not exist.

How society is now doesn't make me feel comfortable if they begin treating us with numbers and letter rather than someone who is breathing and can talk. Media has become so important in our lives almost every college student has a Android or iPhone. Only because it is convenient and we become reliant on its usefulness. You could say that its wrong and right to a degree but society just drags it towards one side in the end.

Concluding my argument, there cannot be right or wrong answers in ethics because somewhere out there there will be people who can't understand the difference between their ethics and another group's ethics. It may not harm each other to know but the two existences can't acknowledge each other. This is why war happens, over the stupid idea that the opposing side's belief is against the agitator and therefore they need to stop existing. The opposing side has one nothing wrong but has at the same time, which brings us back to why there isn't a wrong answer nor a right one. Is it right for humans to even claim lands because we have the ability to rationalize? We process many types of animals to our way of living yet they can not help but be told this way. Survival of the fittest is a very cruel way to be but that's how humans developed. Many animals have emotion, it has been proved, but we turn a cold shoulder for our own benefit. Who is the savage here? Who is right and who is wrong? It's a question that may never be solved.


So if social is all being survival of the fittest, there has to have a limit to that. Human beings are rational beings. That is why we are on top of the food chain, and have won survival of the fittest. It is what makes us different from all the other animals out in nature, along with opposable thumbs. Our voice on the inside of our hearts, the conscious, is what makes us stop and think and rationalize our action before we commit them. It"s the reason why you don"t see more people commit crime, and then they know the punishment that comes by committing the crime. As the old saying goes, "you do the crime, you do the time."

Also with the homeless, I think they are already in a way paying for their crimes by being homeless as the worst possible thing that could happen. By being homeless, they are not being the norm, and have to live on the street. Living on the street is harsh enough for anyone, and it can change one"s mental stableness as what is going to hurt them by committing a crime. It reminds me of an old pink panther short cartoon that I saw about 15 years ago, where the pink panther is homeless during Christmas, and he saw a criminal being treated nicer than he was. The criminal had the comfort of a roof over his head, and a nice warm meal to eat. So he decided to be become a criminal by putting his photo on a wanted poster, but that did not work. That has always stuck with me all this time in my mind.
But on the other hand, some people can know the different between what is ethically right and wrong, but they still chose to commit the crime, they don"t care about the result or who they hurt. With the end result, if society becomes open minded about the way criminals acts, as I have stated the before, society will fall into chaos and madness. For example, when everyone or many people are committing crimes at the same time like after hurricane Katrina back in 2005, others people will not understand them, and view them as insane.

I think today society is too controlled and dominated by the Media that people needs to be told what is right or wrong in
society. People don"t think for themselves anymore. They need should know if there is a right or wrong answers to ethics answers. What people thinking have been changed, especially when it comes to certain social issues like gay marriage or weed, which have been in the past been one viewed. Maybe the changing view is good, but there may have been a reason that for so long these issues had such a negative view.

In conclusion wither someone who can"t or cannot understand and realize what there action is wrong or right, the society at large has already did for them. I"m not saying it is right for society to judge or put people into a corner just because of their past, present, or future actions, but that is how society functions, and in a way has been since the beginning of time. Wither or not anyone likes it or not, it is not going to go away anytime soon. But who knows, what will happen if the process changes in the future. If it does it might have a negative impact and effect on society as a whole that people are afraid will come.
Debate Round No. 4
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