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There are worse things than cloppers in the Brony fandom

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Started: 8/12/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Today, I am going to be showing that Cloppers aren't the worst things in the Brony fandom.


I, as a brony, am here to tell you there is nothing worse than a clopper in the brony fandom.

As an opening statement, I would like to educate the voters on some general terms.

A brony, is a fan of the hit TV series: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The show was intended for an audience of roughly 12 year old girls, but has an extremely high popularity with all audiences. Female Bronies can also be refered to as Pegasisters, although this is not a widely used term.

A Clopper, is a person who, if you would pardon the term, Masturbates, to My Little Pony. Cloppers are often disguised as standard Bronies, however what they do is sick and twisted. Allow me to explain why.

My Little Pony (or MLP for short) is a perfectly (ok, maybe not perfectly, but close enough to it) innocent cartoon aimed at Childeren! Now I'm not talking teens or that, I'm talking 8-12 year olds. I'm talking "Eww touching the other sex is yucky" age. Cloppers take an innocent show and twist it around to strip it of its innocence like a rapist easily strips a woman of her virginity.

Then there are the artists! Skipsy, Slugbox, those people who draw formerly innocent characters and turn them into porn stars! It's horrid!

Then they go flaunt their stuff about (I'm still pissed off that Skipsy gets a panel at the conventions) and act like its normal!

So no. There is nothing worse in the fandom than a Clopper. They ruin the fandom. They ruin the community's public image, and they think its funny/normal.

I leave this to you Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank Con for accepting this debate and wish him luck.

Our work (we the Bronies) is to respect everyone in the world, why? Because it's part of our culture, we love and tolerate all the kinds of haters, even cloppers we are supposed to love and tolerate. But there's a problem, we don't really love and tolerate every hater in the world, Howard Stern for example, 60% of his hate mails must be from bronies, my point is that there are bronies who just can't love and tolerate haters or cloppers, there are bronies who doesn't, but make us look like cry babies that doesn't accept opinions towards us, the brony fandom would be better if we didn't get easily so mad at haters and cloppers, I think we should love and tolerate cloppers and haters. And not make the fandom look like there is only cry babies on the fandom, and not protect the fandom like this.

Sending hate mails to Howard Stern, etc.

Your move, Con. Good luck.



I must admit, there are some of us who do not adhere to the creed of Love and Tolerate. However, there are still those who try our patience in that aspect.

I am not saying haters aren't that bad. I have dealt with MORE than my fair share of haters in my 2-3 years of being a brony. And there will always be one or two immature bronies who will react to the trolls.

However, I feel that Bronies that do not Love and Tolerate are the least of our concerns in relation to Cloppers. Because Cloppers are never just Cloppers.

Let's take for instance one brony "friend" I made at the start of 2013. Seemed nice, up until I found out he was a hacker who had hacked me, and was a Clopper. Yes, before you say thats beside the point, let me explain.

He wouldn't stop flaunting it. Spamming me with Clop, detailing his precise feelings and thoughts while doing so, it was unbearable. Do we want that kind of person being a member of the Fandom? As opposed to some bronies who's jimmies get easily rustled... I'd say no we do not.

Forgive the half hearted response Pro, its 3 am right now and I'm dead on my feet. Looking forward to a crushing response in the morning to dig myself out from under.
Debate Round No. 2


Of course, I think cloppers are something dark in the fandom, but still, they deserve respect and at least a little bit of tolerance.

What your "friend" did to you was unacceptable I admit, but that could have been a "extreme clopper" just because one clopper did this to you, doesn't mean that all cloppers are like that.

Just like a Brony, just because one treats MLP ( My Little Pony ) as a religion, doesn't mean that all the bronies treats My Little Pony as a religion, I still consider cloppers as a brony, because he still watch the show and go for conventions.

I didn't make it so long too because I am kinda tired, sorry for that. I await for your response, Con, good luck.


Cloppers are mostly terrible for the age of content they are bringing to the fandom. Have you seen how /mlp/ turned out? It was a disaster. The cloppers hit that hard and the mods were like "Screw this." and left it a right mess. A mess of pony porn. I find it extremely distasteful what cloppers do, and so do many others.

Especially given how they have managed to change the way the world views us bronies. When a person thinks of a brony, they think "EW, some old guy who jacks off to MLP." So horrible are these accusations I actually feel depressed every time i hear it.

But your concept of "everyone should stick to love and tolerate" just wont happen. Love and Tolerate was a bad joke started by /b/, and besides, I shall simply quote in my half-attentive frame of mind: Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. It's fine to be proud of it. But dont whip it out in public and start waving it around, and don't go shoving it down our children's throats! The same can be said about being a clopper.

But if you claim cloppers are not the worst thing in the community, tell me... what exactly is? Apart from bronies who don't love and tolerate?
Debate Round No. 3


Vladimir_Lenin forfeited this round.


Scorn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Johann_Christian_Bach 7 months ago
This was the most civil debate I've ever seen on rather "weird" issues to me. Good job to both sides!
Posted by GoldenRule 3 years ago
Screw you Con!

You have no respect towards those who are different.
Your the sh**head who makes the brony fandom look bad because of your offensive garbage against those who don't even hurt anyone.

And I don't give a crap where the "tolerate thing" came from. The fandom can accept that word, and it can change.. We need that word, and you should get over it. BIGOT.

Your the s****y reason why I left the fandom. For promoting hatred, immaturity, etc, etc..
And just because you won here, doesn't mean you really won, nor does it mean your right.

It doesn't make the fandom look bad. That's societies fault.

Get over it.
Posted by miska2100 3 years ago
Well, what do I have to say? I am a clopper. And, as opposing to your statement that "Cloppers are never just Cloppers", I have to admit, I never ever hacked someone's stuff to just showoff, or did anything bad to the fandom, or the people around me, and I only showed others these if they asked me for it. But, I must admit, I'm not just a clopper. I'm a brony aswell.
Besides all of I stated above, I see your point aswell. A lot of the cloppers do showoff, and that makes a bad reputation to the fandom, becouse people think all of us like that. So the question should be: Where do we draw the line of acceptance of these "outsiders" behaviour, opposing to "are there worst things in the fandom"? Becouse I think If I would show a 7 year old child the SmileHD video , or the Rainbow factory, or any grimdark fanart or fanfic, that would mess them up much more than cloppers. And my argument is not about pride aswell, so we can skip the ego criticism, it is just straight up harming the "intended" age group of the show. In fact, rainbow factory and SmileHd has subtle names compared to their content.
In conclusion, do not think I am debating who won this contest, I am only suggesting the bronies and cloppers as well to consider a debate about Where we should draw the line of acceptance of such bad behaviours? Becouse they are not gonna disappear as long as they have audience for it, and hating them will not gonna solve anything, becouse they are not going to cooperate as long as we are after their extinction, like with the brony studies of a psychologist who wanted a fair research, and almost had his studies ruined, becouse the fandom thaught he is just another anti brony, who wants to ruin us.
Thank you for reading this wall of text.
Posted by Vladimir_Lenin 5 years ago
Yeah, I am a Brony too, but I think there actually is worse things than cloppers in the Brony fandom. And no, I am not a clopper.
Posted by Scorn 5 years ago
Before you start saying that I have a personal opinion going into this: Yes. I am a Brony. No. I am not a Clopper.
Posted by Vladimir_Lenin 5 years ago
A clopper is someone who masturbates to MLP ( My Little Pony ) porn.
Posted by Khaos_Mage 5 years ago
1. What the hell is a clopper.
2. Aren't you already contradicting yourself by saying Cloppers are indeed giving Bronies a bad name? You should reword your resolution to something like, there are worse things than Cloppers.
Posted by sideDish 5 years ago
I'd argue it's a lack of understanding of brony culture. Curious to see how this turns out.
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Reasons for voting decision: So glad there were not pictures in this debate... Anyway pro failed to provide something actually worse; even if he did mannage to make a valid point that there are jerks within it, but con countered that point by making a decent case for cloppers being able to be jerks too (leaving both sides equally jerks, but only one sexually obsessing over tattooed cartoon horses).