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There is more of a liberal bias than a conservative bias in the media

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Started: 5/4/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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For this debate, I will back the idea that there is more of a liberal bias in the media outlet than there is conservative bias. First round is acceptance only. Con will assume the idea that there is more conservative bias than liberal bias.


I accept, let's begin.
Debate Round No. 1


Through out the years, Fox News has never had enough scrutiny for acting as the conservative side of the news. Yes. I do agree that Fox News has a more Conservative mindset than any other news outlet in the US. However, Networks such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC and WBRE are either unbiased or bleeding heart liberal channels. Fox News is the only major conservative news outlet our there. Why is Fox News such a thorn to everybody's side? It's because it is the only news channel that does not agree with government in general. The other SIX networks act as the Liberal's mouthpiece so word by those channels travels fast. With 6 liberal channels and and only 1 conservative channel, its hard to say that there is a conservative media bias at all. Fox is a fly in the ointment for everybody else because no one likes anything, in this case a news network, going against the grain of media. When you have 6 stations saying Obamacare is good for the country while 1 station is saying the opposite, it is easy to refute what Fox News says.

The majority of Americans (60%) also continue to perceive bias, with 47% saying the media are too liberal and 13% saying they are too conservative. Republicans complain that the news has a liberal bias while Democrats think that the media is just about right. Why is it that the Democrats feel as though there is no bias, while Republicans think there is a liberal bias? This is because most of the networks, as I listed above, are liberal news outlets and they dominate the news; so what do Democrats have to complain about, other than Fox of course?

Thank you and I look forward to your points as well.


The Conservative Media practises both in-group bias and out-group bias

Of course, we are left with the usual position. Both media did succumb to political bias but the conservative media is more unique. As if out-group bias isn't enough, the media goes far to discriminating its own peers. Ron Paul ran for the 2012 election as the GOP candidate and the media intentionally showed bias. Fox News purposely ignored him even after tying with Michele bachmann(1), how does the media came to a conclusion that endorsing a women who believes that Obamacare literally kills women and children rather than an honest candidate is beyond reality.

Ron Paul's vote count was completely ignored by Fox News(2). Even a liberal such as Jon Steward acknowledged this. As such, aside from out-group bias, in-group bias was prevalent which makes the conservative media more prejudiced than its current state. Even more than its liberal counterpart.

The Overall Liberal media showed only out-group discrimination while the conservative showed both in and out. It is obvious the conservative wins this honourable title.

Pillowface's Quantity Argument
Let me put it to you,pillow, with all due respect, you made examples of liberal news channels and with 1 the magnificent fox, representing the Conservative Bias. This is just quantity, I can just refute this with tv channels that sought to intentionally show bias such as NewsMax, WorldNetDaily and Fox News.

His argument showed characteristics of oversimplification. One that showed trademarks without showing viewers. Viewers actually flocked more towards Fox news than any other news channel(3). Trademarks are irrelevant, I can show 150 liberal news channels, what's important is the amount of viewers which Fox news is currently top.

I also question the credibility of your argument pillow, as I recall, there was no such poll to ever forecast such results.

Debate Round No. 2


Pillowface forfeited this round.


There was a slight problem with the website( which also apply to arguments as well as I had problems posting mine in another debate. Although, I don't know exactly why he forfeited.

Debate Round No. 3


Yes, I forgot to credit the source where I found the poll. I will take the hit on that. Here it is: (

I apologize for the for the forfeit. I wasn't receiving emails about updates and the debate got lost in my other debates I had as well.

The reliability of liberal/conservative is not what I am trying to get at. I am trying to say that there is more Liberal bias in general, especially in colleges. How often do you have a conservative professor? Academics today are getting more liberal.

Please take a look at the two graphs.

I'm not concerned if Fox News or CNN, NBC. etc, are correct in what they report. The in-group and out-group bias, although a problem that should be addressed, is not part of my argument. The nature of the bias does nothing to the quantity of the bias that is available to and broadcasted to the public. All I am saying is that there is more of a liberal mindset in the giving of information in general. Conservatism is rarely seen in the displaying of information because Fox News is the only major conservative news outlet.

"what's important is the amount of viewers which Fox news is currently top." Yes but how many Fox News channels are out there? The amount of viewers watching conservative/liberal news is not what I am aiming at debating about. I want to address the fact that there is MORE liberal news than conservative news.

Hollywood is liberal. There's no denying that.

During the Obama vs. Romney race, the positive stories about Obama (29%) outweighed the negative stories about Obama (19%). As for Romney, negative stories (33%) to positive stories (16%).

You see, even though Fox News has the most views, the majority of news is still liberal.


Don't worry it's fine, I enjoyed this debate overall.

The resolution is about the media as you stated in your previous rounds "There is more of a liberal bias than a conservative bias in the media". Academic professors barely hold any relevant arguments, because

They are not included in the media

B) They do not succumb to confirmation bias due to their knowledgeable status.

The resolution is about the media! that argument is irrelevant. Even it is so, I have denounced why it is so otherwise.

The Conservative Media practises both in-group bias and out-group bias

Entirely Dropped, my opponent resorted to resolution semantics as outline below.

Pillowface's quantity argument

Thanks for contesting my points, however it is surprising you came only with an re-assertion of previous points that were already brought down. Your argument revolves around "I want to address the fact that there is MORE liberal news than conservative news.". How many viewers do you think watch smaller liberal tv channels? You've essentially conceded my point, it is not about the quantity of the news station or trademarks of said channels, but a question of how many viewers flock most. Fox news is the major conservative outlet & has the most biggest amount of viewers! that's the most important point. You can have a million liberal channels, if there is no viewers, the question of bias is irrelevant.

We are talking about bias, not "how many liberal news vs conservative news" as per your resolution, why are you changing the resolution.

Pillowface's Hollywood & Obamney Argument

This is barely a contention, my opponent is making sweeping generalisations. Do not do this. He did not establish any causal correlation whatsoever, interpreting the evidence of Obamney to suit his case. Besides, How did you find hollywood to be liberal? This is just selective bias, the act of seeing things as perceived by oneself. Objectivity oozes out of this process,hence both these argument are nullified.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by bladerunner060 7 years ago
RFD 1/2:

I normally award conduct for forfeits. I'm not convinced that Pro's justification for his forfeit is sufficient to not award conduct, but Con seemed not to mind too much, so I'll give Pro a pass on the presumption that Con's okay with it.

S&G wasn't bad enough to award points, but I very much preferred Con's structure, for Pro's future reference. It made it easier to read and break down.

Sourcing was equal enough.

As to arguments:

Pro's case seemed to be the quantity of channels that exhibit liberal bias. Con claimed that there were also many conservatively biased media outlets, and that the overall quantity of viewers of the respective outlets should be the determining factor--if no one consumes the liberal media, but everyone consumes the conservative one, Con's argument goes, then there's more of a conservative bias than a liberal one for the purposes of this argument (though, obviously, Con didn't argue such absolute terms--it's not all-or-nothing). I found this to be reasonable and compelling as a view to judge the debate.

As Con notes, it appears that Pro concedes this, as well, when trying to argue a quantity argument that ignores that Fox has the largest viewership and is conceded to be conservative. This was damning to Pro's case as far as I'm concerned, and supported Con's in this presumptively shared BoP debate.

Pro introduced universities, which was wildly off-topic. Pro attempted to point out a disparity in positive vs. negative stories, and said that the veracity of the reporting was unimportant. This is clearly absurd, and Con rightly objects to the unsubstantiated Hollywood argument, as well as the Romney/Obama disparity argument. Merely reporting the relative number of stories says nothing about whether any bias, in either way, was present. Perhaps there should have been a GREATER disparity in the stories, and there wasn't, because of the bias.
Posted by bladerunner060 7 years ago
RFD 2/2:

We don't know, and Pro never makes a case to justify that they SHOULD be equal, in part because of his rejection of "truth" in reference to bias.

For Pro's benefit: If Romney had killed a hooker, it wouldn't be "liberal bias" to report that. It would be obviosuly newsworthy--it would, in fact, be conservative bias NOT to report it. Similarly, we can't look at your numbers without a context to understand WHY there was a disparity. You can't just assert bias.

Arguments to Con.

As always, happy to clarify this RFD.
Posted by Magistrate 7 years ago
I was quite aggressive, sorry pillow.
Posted by Pillowface 7 years ago
Wish there were more rounds...
Posted by A341 7 years ago
I would accept.
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