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There is more than 2 gender

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Started: 5/21/2018 Category: Society
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Hello, right now in this debate I am struggling to see which facts are right. My sister said there is more than 2 gender while other say there is only 2. I am very confuse about this topic and like to learn more about it. First I like to say that 1500 out of 1 people is intersex. This affect 0.05 % of people yet it is still affect 5 million people and we can't simply say there a male or female. Intersex people is born with a different chromosome and therefore have a male and a female genitals. Genes also affect gender in someway. A 'male might have female and genes. (Other way around). I can't say there is 700 gender but maybe gender is just more complicated than 2.


Discussing gender itself may be very complicated indeed; we can see transgender people - whose gender not correlate with their biological sex. Whereas "gender" is defined as socially constructed; intersex itself is not a 3rd gender, but a mere birth defect. Biologically there do not exist any new sex chromosomes in any way that determine the formation of both male and female gonads and genitals, but there exists a mutation, in fact an autosomal recessive inheritance. It is either the problem of genitals forming, or hormone changes during the process. Yes, intersex may be available as a 3rd biological sex - the ambiguity makes them hard to determine.
The problem I would like to point out is this: people who are being selfish for their relationships with friends and family . People with genders such as non-binary, genderfluid, etc. claim to be "offended" by misusing pronouns that simply "assume" their gender when the person saying it has no intention of it. Why are they offended with mere words - mostly used in everyday conversation, that in any context except insulting, used simply as a pronoun, not a word to determine their gender.
There exist third gender roles based on intersex in other parts of the world - and they have a culture in which assists/condemns those roles - but the problem is this: people who are not intersex. Gender is heavily dependent on what one receives upon growth and the environment around oneself - but identifying as a new gender is a completely new concept. One's preferences and tendencies may differ greatly, and that possibly being a reason to change or stay with one's gender and whole lifestyle, the tendencies are irrelevant with creating a new third gender.
As human society progresses, we will reach the state where we do not care which gender we are, and these arguments will be probably pointless at that state, but I would like to argue that there are only 2 genders, i.e. 2 genders for now.
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I just would like to say wow that was an amazing debate. So bravo. Clap, Clap, Clap. However I like to say about the fact about intersexual people. Yes maybe it is not normal and maybe it's a defect yet it doesn't harm them in anyway. We can't call them a boy or a girl for sure. Yes I agree with your debate in some degree. People who are gender binary And gender fluid can be very selfish. Still there is people life in danger cause they are intersexual. Yes sometime a chromosome can change by a unnatural way but we can't just tell them they are a girl or a boy. People who say they like girl stuff and say they are girl when they are boy is just wrong. Problem like these block the real problem for gender. I believe we should find the real problem for gender other than someone who think they are born a other gender cause they feel like it. People who are in 3rd war country are getting killed because they are intersex, gay, or believe a different befief.
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