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There is no True Religion

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Started: 10/12/2013 Category: Religion
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Having searched religions to find which is right for me. I have found that all have some measure of truth. My argument is that there is no one true religion as we will never have all the facts. The bible is supposed to be the word of the Christian god but it has been diluted and befouled that of human kind. I submit that there is a god but that which resides in him is both good and evil. This point I also submit to this debate. I also believe that good and evil is a matter of perspective but that one is no less necessary than the other. I support this with the simple argument of balance of one cannot exist without the other. The perspective portion I support with the 9/11 tragedy. The bombers that committed this act believe it was right and ordained by god. Another example would be the crusades the Christen god "supported the many pointless wars that were carried out by his supporters. Again the death of many to because god said so. Keep in this mind that this is supposed to be different aspects of the same god that these religions believe in. Because has it not been researched and found that they do have the same origins. I, however, digress; I only offer topics to help this and possibly other debates


What in this world really makes sense without the support of a religion and what in this world actually tells you the purpose of you being in this world? It is a religion that gives you the answers to your basic questions that are unanswered by Science that is suppose to give you all answers to all questions. A religion is not just a simple believe that you have a religion is an answer to your restless heart, it is a calmness to your calm-less brain, it is a proof to your existence and the reason of your existence and every answer to my restless heart is the religion i follow which is the religion of Islam. this website clearly indicate why our religion is the true religion. Try listening to Dr. Zakir Naik and he will give you every answer of why we are the only true religion. What ever the science has proved till today is what the Quran already tells and i what we muslims already believe. Islam gives the proof of Allah being the creator, would it make sense to you that a human created himself and then this world? that sound naive to me Quran and Islam clearly indicates how this world was formed and the purpose of human being here and all the sense of the existence of good or evil in this world. there is one true religion in this world and that religion is the religion of Islam that will make all the sense of the world.
Another website that tells some of the many reasons that Islam is the one true religion:
Debate Round No. 1


I too have read these texts along with Pagan, Christian (and many of the permutations there of) along with that of Wicca Buddhist, Taoist, and zen. I am well aware that there are many that I have not touched upon. The argument that you provide about humans having created god who created the worlds and us and came to that of my own accord without any help from any sacred texts. This being said what gives it the right to demand following and worship if it is essentially our creation being that it is us or not. If a random Joe on the street said worship me because I say so would you do it. This also being said each and every other belief system out there claim and in there own way back up that theirs is right. But as I have said that every thing we know is only a pieces to a puzzle some of which have been lost since before we recorded history and others have yet be found in the annals of time yet past. You claim that the Quran as proposed by this Dr. But, is it not only his perceptions that we see and not the whole thing. Also I have found many inconsistencies with this text in an of it self.
A margin of these can be found here:

Mirza, S. (n.d.). Samples of Quranic Contradictions, Inconsistencies and Errors.. Retrieved from


okay so i shall finish, i am not the most religious person living on earth and neither m i the best researcher or the most acknowledged person but now allow me to talk not just about my religion that is Islam instead lets talk on the basic believes of all religions. starting with that every religion has a god who has enlightened us through some way. in Islam we are enlightened by the Holy Prophets and the enlightens of almost all religions were the prophets, as time passed by it were the PEOPLE the MISGUIDED PEOPLE who changed the religions, if that would not have happened we all would have been in one religion today. except for Hinduism i think all religions believe in one God and that he had sent some one to the surface of earth to guide humans. I am a Muslim and i know what the whole concept of human formation is people here with other religions would simply not agree with me but that is natural because i don't agree with them either, talking of Christianity, there is only one difference between us that they think Jesus is the son of God which we completely disagree upon instead we believe that Jesus was taken up into heavens by Allah and he will return before the day of judgement, now people might say that how is it possible for someone to be taken up into heavens for those i say that when you do not believe in any religion you think as your creation to be worthless and there is no destination for anyone, unfortunately i cannot convince them to believe me in this extremely small debate because they think there is no reason for the creation of human but i know exactly what it is and one should search on the internet the point of view of every religion for the creation of men. we are all created by God and we worship Him, He requires no worship for angels are there to do this job but we need to worship Him because we will need that on the day of judgement. Does everyone not want a day of judgement where the good will be gifted and bad will be punished, if not so what is the purpose of the courts we have today? why we need justice? the world will need to be answerable to God and that is something that almost every righteous person living on the surface of earth wants. Every religion that is bought up by a Prophet who didn't claim himself as the God but the messenger of God was started as the religion of Islam that contains the Jew, Christianity and Islam, these religions have the same believes it though Jew-ism and Christianity were changed by humans but Islam is said to be protected by Allah and will never change, when the day of judgement will be near the verses of the Holy Quran will vanish from the surface of earth, people may think it as a myth or something but we i know that Allah is the one who has the power to do anything. every religion supports equality and praise an unseen God, the rest where the gods are plants and animals and stones and humans are created by men them selves and are not the religion of God. People are long trying to destroy Islam and that is the reason why they cut of verses from in between not stating the whole scenario and then stating Islam to be the religion of cruelty which it is not, it is the religion of peace, where does the word Islam comes from? it means peace, prosperity, wishing best for the other, brotherhood, praying for the forgiveness not just for yourself but for every one. Who do you think is responsible for the movement and maintenance of the universe? is it Aliens? No it is God, the one who has created it, the one thing that is known as NATURE is science, is what God has created and he not Created, the is the forever present. These thing wont make sense to anyone who does not believe that there is a religion in this world that is right, they will say they have no reason to be created then tell me why exactly are you created? i agree that people say that it is there religion the only true once but most of the religions that have many similarities with Islam were actually Islam when created but people changed them, we are promised by Allah that Islam will be protected and who is there who can keep promise better than God himself? He Himself says that he wont break promises so you cant say that He will do against His words. People want superiority due to which they change the religions completely, people say it is the Muslims that are the reason for all the bloodshed in the world but we are not even allowed to hurt our own selves how can we KILL someone else until and unless we have a solid reason to attack them? these are misconceptions made by the people trying the abolish Islam and bring about a hatred for us. we believe in the betterment of the whole mankind and not just us, we believe in science, we say that religion without science is blind, how come we be the one to deny Islam until it says something so wrong that we cant agree on it like the theory of human being formed from apes , the first human on earth was Hazrat Adam(A.S) and he was a HUMAN. we do not believe in the destruction of earth but to sustain it, we are misunderstood and nothing else, if people actually see what we are they wont blame is for everything bad in this world. we are driven away from religion that is the reason why we say that there is no true religion but believe me there is and all religions have the same basic believes changed by human which is not the fault of religion or God but that of human and the people doing so will have to pay on the day of judgement and trust me you all will see that, believing me or not is completely up to you i cant force you for anything but you ll see m not wrong and that Islam is a TRUE religion.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Juan_Pablo 5 years ago
By the way, the re-phrased statement below doesn't just apply to me but to everyone!
Posted by Juan_Pablo 5 years ago
Since I'm a philosopher, I'm going to re-state something from a previous comment I made on this board just minutes ago. I see no reason why I shouldn't state it at this point, considering that I'm already announcing that God is incompetent and in some ways a monumental failure.

For humankind, there are some problems in life whose only solution is death.
Posted by Juan_Pablo 5 years ago
I agree with your statement that no religion today expresses the complete truth about a variety of things, including God. But I'm also going to go further and suggest that many of the problems intelligent life, like humankind, face in this universe have no real solution. We may be able to reduce pain, misery, poverty, disease in this world but we will never completely eliminate them. Problems and misery will always be encountered, God or not.

I have frequently mentioned on this website that I do believe in a God, but I also believe he has natural limitations, and that there are problems that neither God or man have the capacity to eliminate. Not every problem in this universe has a solution that will work out for everybody. There are dilemmas that cannot be completely erased.
Posted by LostWarrior 5 years ago
It would seem to me that angii has goootn off topic and illustrated ine if my point he claims his is best without refuting whst clsims I have made.
Posted by johnnyis 5 years ago
Saying "There is no true religion because terrible things have been done by organized religion" isn't really an argument against religions. For instance, the 20th century saw far greater atrocities committed by militantly atheistic regimes like Pol Pot and Stalin. When comparing worldviews, it is more important to question their substance than their practitioners behavior. Anyone can claim to be a Christian for political gains; that does not mean they are actually practicing Christianity.

Since we're all equally committed to fundamental beliefs in the first place, isn't it better to ask which worldview holds better resources for creating compassionate people? I would suggest that the Christian worldview, while it has been hijacked for evils such as the Crusades, has also accomplished much in the way of reforming society. It's hard to perpetuate enmity between people in the name of a man who died praying for the forgiveness of His murderers.
Posted by kasidyne2016 5 years ago
I believe that there is no specified, bona fide, all-powerful, the-only-one religion. Throughout World History and World Civilization, there have been, and still are, many religions, beliefs, and philosophies claiming that they are the only true one. I believe that Christianity and Greek Mythology are the most reliable religions or beliefs, because THEY MAKE SENSE. However, most religions tend to be what is known as sexist and pick the male as the dominant one of the household. Most religions are also not interpreted right. For example, Islamic religion is not a spawn of the Devil, but extremists take words from books like the Qur'an and other holy works and twist the words around to fit THEIR beliefs. As far as there being a true religion, we may never know, but we can always discover new things if we are willing to look for them.
Posted by KoreanDebater 5 years ago
I agree with LostWarrior. angii said "what else in the world tells you the purpose of you being in the world?" Well, I believe that there is no purpose of human existence.
Posted by dave6 5 years ago
I agree with you. After many years of understanding how religion has been used to justify so many wars, mass murders, I have an added view which I'll state in a moment. Another huge problem with religion is that has throughout most of history, and in many but not all cases today, been anti-science. Not to mention dictatorial. believe, get out or die.

My more recent mellowing is that for some, if religion gives them security, gives them hope, makes them less sad when loved ones die, and the believer has not used religion in a violent, discriminatory or harmful way, let them think how they wish. I just don't want anyone telling me how to believe or using religion as an excuse to pollute the world because "God will take care of everything" or "we have dominion over the earth, animals, plants and water."
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