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There is no special meaning to life

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Started: 6/18/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Looking back at the history of the universe, the milky way, the solar system, the sun, and the earth, it reveals a couple things about life as we know it. Now, while the advent of life still remains fuzzy, there are a few theories that could lead to an ultimate answer of where life originated. These include situations like bacteria and the like were entrapped in a meteor that crashed into the earth billions of years ago, after the first appearance of water here. Another proposed origin draws from the basic chemical makeup of the earth at the time where we have found the most early forms of life, which were powered by either DNA or RNA, which could have been brought about by interactions between the elements of the earth that coincidentally have been reproduced in a lab with a sterile box that was made to have a very similar chemical makeup of the early earth. Another theory is derived from the bible, where all living things were created around 4,000 years ago in a few days by a divine entity known as God. I'm not even going to go too far into that unless I have to to prove that last one false in order to enlighten the voters and the debater. So now, looking at the first two theories of how life came about, it seems to me that rather than being created out of absolutely nothing, (besides Eve) which, by the way, violates the laws of conservation of matter and energy, it makes itself out to be really no more than a coincidence rather than a planned event that created life. When we think about this for a minute, it becomes abundantly clear that, just like the rest of the inanimate objects in the universe and possible extraterrestrial life, there was no point to life developing. And one more thought to be put on the table is that, out of all the species of life on earth and the near guaranteed presence of alien life outside of earth, that Homo sapiens sapiens would be the only species to have some sort of special meaning as is taught by multiple religions. Oh, also, just based on this one thing, it pretty much contradicts any theory of creationism:


Before I get into my argument I will provide some observations. First, I need to show that there is a reason as to why live lives, not why life was created. The resolution is "There is no special meaning to life." Not there is no special meaning as to why life was created. My second observation is that the resolution does not specify a religious or philosophical meaning. Now onto my argument. There is a reason that we live, to continue our species. "; So yes there may be no religious reason for our life, but there is a reason to live.
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