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There is no such thing as a soul

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Started: 7/6/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There is no conclusive evidence that consciousness can exist outside of a materialistic medium such as a brain.

Personality and memory be can be completely altered if the brain is damaged, this suggests what makes you "you" is nothing more then your brain.


I guess a soul is something you can blame if you do something that could affect it, but a soul is a value of worth for the kind you have comitted in your life. Although soul is not a real thing that resides in your body, It is a thing that can be altered by your actions. Kind of like chi, or maybe even sins. Just because something has never been seen, or verified before, doesn't mean that it doesn't just simply exist. It exists because people believe that a soul is a value that is worth caring for.

and also, without it, we can't say stuff like "I CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR SOUL, MAGGOT"
Debate Round No. 1


If there is no evidence that something exists, then why should we care about it -_-

All you have done is used emotional appeals in place of logic.


If there's no evidence that it exists, why are there so many religions and daily activities that ties around soul? I believe that a soul isn't a state of matter, but more like an emphasis of emotion or an invisible power that tells you the rights and wrongs. It's like happiness or sadness, they aren't real things that you can sense. They only exist because we can feel them. Soul is like the same thing, but so powerful that we don't notice it; it's in our instincts.

Imagine that you lost your mother in a car crash. you live with depression of her death and you cam't go over her death. Just then, scientists have found a way to clone someone by memory, and put it in a humanoid robot, that way, the robot would act, talk, smell, and feel like your mom. That way, you can sit down in your living room, with your cloned mom, and have cheerful talks together, that way you can continue to feel like that fatal car crash never happened. Would you be able to cope with her death with this replica? I feel like the most righteous answer to this one is no. It's because the robot is missing something from it that nothing can recreate. It's missing the soul of the mother. the soul is what makes eachother different from eachother. It's a thing that goes beyond personality and appearance. It's more like your true self. It's what makes me different from you, or something that makes identical twins completely different. This replica isn't your mom because it has no soul. Nothing can can resemble the soul that you were accustomed to even without noticing
Debate Round No. 2


So populations of ignorant and emotional people prove that souls exists? -_- yea no.

I see what your getting at with your emotional appeal with the whole mother thing, however what you are referring to is a loss of original consciousness, this is similar to how when you make a copy of something on a computer it uses different storage and etc to store the same information, however this doesn't mean its because of a soul, or that a soul exists in the first place.

If you saying why do all religions have something like a soul, I give you this video that goes a bit more in depth about it.

although I have very little hope you will even bother watching it for the purpose of this debate.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago
A person's children = a persons' soul.
Posted by Ockham 3 years ago
You guys should be using sources. It would give the debate some content.

Think about it: If you use sources and the other guy doesn't, you get the sources points at the end for basically no effort.
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