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There is only two gender (male and female)

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Started: 5/20/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Dear debaters,
I believe that there are only 2 genders. The definition of gender on google is: "the state of being male or female" and defines gender as: "associated with natural distinctions of sex." and defines sex as: "either of the two main categories (male and female)" So off of and Google, both very reliable sources, say that there is only male or female. In addition, it is impossible to be transgender as you are born a certain gender and you can't do anything about it. It is all transparent and clear that there are only two genders which in all respect cannot be changed or modified in any way shape or form. In this debate, I would like to disclose that I am Christian and that will also take in a factor of my opinion. In addition, I have heard that definitions change, just like how laws change, however, I would like to point out the fact that gender is still defined the same and I hope would be defined the same way it currently is.


I have no problem with the LGBT community but I know there are only two genders no matter what you say or do you will always be what you were born as and its okay not to accept that however physically you will be the same even after trans surgery your body internally will always remain male or female no matter what you say or do and its not something to be ashamed of just because you were born male or female its not stopping you from being who you want to be but you should realize that you are what you are and unless we can change the entire human body from the inside and out you simply will always be a male or a female. Being gay bi trans or anything else is a choice be it emotionally or pressure I can attest to this as someone in my family went through this however being male or female is not so much of a choice it is not something you can just change and call it a day, sure there are surgeries, sure you can do hormone therapy, but you will still always be a female or a male on the inside no matter what you "Choose" to do, and if you don't think there are genders at all and there should be no label just stop and think how society would be if nothing had a label, it would be utter chaos, its like walking into a supermarket and all you saw were unmarked boxes, you could be getting bleach thinking it was fruit juice, labels are just that they are labels and we need them to function as a society. I'm not saying that because you are born a female or male you shouldn't be who you want to be but you should realize that its not really within your power to simply change your entire chemistry you are a female or a male its not state of mind its your body and its how you were made. To wrap this up I have no intention of causing emotional pain to any of you who read this I understand what you are going through and everyone who reads this no matter if you agree or or disagree I will always value all of you :-)
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So are you agreeing with the fact that there are not 72 genders and only 2?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jake-6 3 years ago
there are actually three genders
and confused
Posted by AverageAmericanTeenager 3 years ago
My thoughts on this is that there are only two genders in my eyes, but you can do whatever you may please. I am not going to play pretend and pretend that woman are guys and guys are women. People try and force their beliefs on people who think differently, and in this time and age peoples opinions are thought to be "wrong" which isnt even possible. So there are not more than 2 genders.
Posted by Murphy_The_Blobfish 3 years ago
Even if there are more than 2 genders people should still treat each other equally.
Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
There are many genders but the fact that there are only two sexes even in ambigenious genitalia. Those genders beside female and male was invented by people with dysphorsia, the true biological sexes should be understood and should not be confused about, people got no choices in the basis of true gender.
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